How can I find my husband's Tinder account without making one of my own?

How can I find my husband's Tinder account without making one of my own? 

husband's tinder account

Gone are the days when most people used traditional ways for dating and it was really hard to catch if your partner is cheating on you. But currently with tinder dating is  much easier and that is why, you have the chance to check and find out if your husband is cheating on you through tinder. Yes, we understand that you may not be wanting to open your own tinder profile but you want to find out if your husband has a tinder profile or not. Even research shows that 37% of married men have used tinder at some point of their life post their marriage. So, if you are having a doubt over your partner regarding their loyalty and you want to catch them red handed by not using the tinder app by yourself you can find so by some of the ways which we have mentioned below. 

These following ways are going to help you for finding out if your husband actually has an active tinder profile.

  1. Using some other apps for getting hold of your partner:

There is no doubt that nowadays tinder is the most famous app that has brought up relationships and social media on a whole new level! So, if you have a gut feeling that your husband is cheating on you, then probably he has an account on tinder. What you need to know is that there are some apps named as Social catfish and CheaterBuster that are going to be helpful. These apps are very much useful for finding out if your husband is active on tinder or not. Install one of these apps, as they have  a power for moving across various profiles to find the one which you actually want. By using the apps you don't have to create a tinder profile or use the tinder app in reality. For the Cheaterbuster app you need to search the person whom you are looking for and you have to match the first name of your husband as exactly it is in their Facebook profile or some other linked social media profiles. Also you have to add some other details like the age and virtual location of the person from which location they frequently come online, as tinder works on the last location. After that you are going to have the results but if you are not satisfied with your results you can also use different locations to identify the same person. 

The other one, named as Social Catfish also acts in a similar way. At first you need to access the search bar and you can use it by entering the email address or uploading the photo of your husband for identifying their profiles. After searching through a very wide range of databases, the Social Catfish app tries to match the information provided by you with the profiles for guaranteeing the closest resemblance. Like this you can identify if your husband is using tinder or not.

  1. Finding out your husband by using the exact URL:

You would be surprised to know that tinder uses a unique format that can be helpful for you finding out your husband's profile. As the search through URL is a very direct way then that is why it does not come up with wrong details for maximum cases. Usually the URL of tinder appears in the format like in followed by your name. So, by using the website of tinder you can search through the URL in order to catch that person. As it is the ultimate footprint in a digital way, also you can use the URL feature to search the profile on some other social media accounts and through that you can also reach the URL of the tinder account you are looking for.

  1. Using the location:

The solution of checking the last location of your husband has some very simple yet obvious results. This is especially for those wife whose husbands were previously on tinder and have promised that they are going to stop using tinder at all and you want to ensure that whether they have been lying to you or have actually uninstalled the app. So, if tinder is often used or not can be understood as after installing the app phone, although it does not provide access to the location of a person but the location changes along with the movement of the person from one place to another. 

So if you by chance come across the tinder account of your partner then don't forget to look for the changes that he has made in the past few active locations rather than going and stalking through the messages since the beginning, as it is a much simpler way to identify

  1. Using the age old method of sneaking into his phone:

If you have some real evidence to support your suspicion of your partner using the tinder account, one of the best ways is to sneak into his phone when he is not around. For this you have to know the password of your husband's phone. Let's come to the point that if you are unable to find the app in the app list of your husband's phone then what you can do is check if there is any hidden menu for hiding the apps from the app page or not.  If that does not work then go to the Play store and if tinder is installed in the phone there would be no Download option and it would show the Open option. Through it you would be able to know if your husband is using tinder or not. 

  1. Asking your friends using tinder to have a look over your husband:

Not necessarily it should be the first step of yours to find out if your husband is using tinder or not since it is a bit of an extreme step. So, if you have already tried out several ways and you are not finding the exact profile of your husband and still you have some doubt that your husband is cheating on you, and you want to catch him, then you should be asking one of your closest friends who actually uses tinder in order to search your husband. It is always best to find the profile through the app itself since tinder's algorithms are easier in finding out accounts through this way.

Finally, there is a little bit of suggestion from out's end, that always don't run after a conclusion or after a divorce just as soon as you see the tinder app or find the tinder profile of your husband. If his account is there, then just first try to make sure through the location feature that whether your husband used it before meeting you or uses it regularly. Obviously the active locations are going to help you to find out what the actual case is.

 It might also be that he is using the account for helping any of his friends so just don't draw out conclusions as soon as you see that your husband is on the app. Try to know the reason first and act accordingly. Hopefully, this article is going to be helpful for you and don't forget to go through our other articles for finding out some special tips and tricks of tinder. 





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