Monsoon: Tips for Hair Care

Tip-tip barsaa paani paani ne aag lagaayi, don’t tell me that you have not acted Raveena in your fantasies? Making seductive moves and throwing hair in style while dancing in the rain. I am sure you might even have bought yellow sari to live your fantasy. But the reality stinks and the frizzy hair alarm rings loud.  The monsoon has just started and hair have started creating trouble. Frizzy, rough, too dry, too wet and other hell lot of problems start popping the head up in monsoon. Monsoon seem romantic and sets your mood to dance like Raveena but hair problems play spoilsport. But as they say every problem comes with its solution. We have got some useful tips for you to take care of your hair this monsoon-

Dry – dry:

You love to get wet in monsoon and so do your hair. But too much wetness is not good is it? Getting wet is good but you got to keep it dry as well (please focus on hair only). You can use a nice towel to keep your hair dry. If hair are left wet for a while, hair frizzing is the problem which will arise first. And it can get dandruff as well.

Wash – wash:


How often do you wash your hair in monsoon season? Is it usual 3-4 times a month only? wIf yes, please wash your hair more frequently.even washing on every 2nd day is not a bad idea. This will remove all the frizz from your hair and will help keep them healthy. For a good hair wash its advisable to use frizz control shampoo of your favourite brand.

Hot oil care:


Grandmother’s or mother’s hot oil champi will always be the top hair care tip. It is strongly recommended, that a night before you wash your hair, apply hot oil and massage it gently on the scalp. When you wash your hair the next morning, your hair will look very attractive and romantically seductive just like any romantic line of Gulzar. Hot Oil massage will help your hair get the much needed nutrients.

Let them loose:

Let the hair loose and let them enjoy the monsoon as much as you want to enjoy yourself. If you tie them, you lock all the wetness in them which will spoil the quality. If you are not an open hair person you can go with a very loose pony. But never a tight one.

Right pick:

You should always  be careful about the kind of comb you pick. The best kind of comb can be big tooth comb. That helps you remove the tangles easily, and not break them in monsoon season.

Chop chop:


After hot summer if monsoon brings that romantic change, shouldn’t your hair also change? If you wanna change your look, you can defiantly chop them off and give them a trendy look. Shorthair have their own carefree style. During monsoon season short hair are easy to handle and easy to take care of. So go chop chop baby!


Using a right kind of conditioner can help you get that smooth touch that your hair might have lost. Try using good conditioner or even homemade masks for fizzy and rough hair. Good conditioner will not only nourish your hair but also will bring that lusty look in the monsoon.

Follow any of or all of the above mentioned tips and let your hair kiss the monsoon breeze. Don’t don’t hold back, let your hair loose and show your curvy moves in the rain like a gorgeous Indian diva!

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