iChhori represents all those females who do NOT believe in stereotypes.

iChhori is the voice of the women of substance who are out there in the world dominated by men, to create their own path, their own journey and their own destination.

We are modern yet traditional, we are fearless yet emotional, we are very sensitive yet strong, we got tears yet can handle break-ups, we are progressive yet family oriented, we wear short skirts yet love burqua, we do not need reserved train seats, we do not depend on men to fix the door handle for us. We design fashionable dresses yet fix problems in NASA.

We have the vagina and we have the womb. We create life, we create MEN. We are confident, progressive and independent Chhori of India!



  1. Writing says so much and your content of about us is so creative.

  2. In this society we are celebrating the modernity of human civilization ,The society celebrate it in different different ceremony and functions ,.
    Yet if you go deep you will see how mean and narrow minded this society became
    Till date the woman personality is judged by her dressing..
    Her age
    Her face

    And sometime colour of her lipstick easily explain her character
    Either urban or common every women is facing this..
    We should come forward and aware the women to stop receiving compliments regarding her face is her full perdonality..
    I love to contribute my part for such awareness

  3. Women's era ...

    She is mother ,
    Daughter ,
    Daughter in law
    Sister .

    To become kind daughter and obedient daughter in law she lost herself
    And this is very bad for the future of our society.
    Everyone is talking about women improvement but they have greed for dowry .
    When a daughter born in this women's era her parents started collecting jewels for her marriage.
    Why don't we teach our daughters to live life without fear why don't we tell them we are with you whatever decision you take we are here behind your back ?
    Many people out there have problems with feminism.
    Feminism means equality not revenge.
    Thank you


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