When and how is cosmetic gynecology performed?

When and how is cosmetic gynecology performed?

The ever-increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery has left all of us surprised! Women nowadays are becoming more careful & particular about the way their body seems & noticed by others. She is more worried about looking good physically than other things.  Cosmetic gynecology is an umbrella term for various surgeries that intends to improve the overall way your vagina functions or looks. It rectifies the entire vagina that might have become old, with sagging skin due to childbirth, age factor, etc. Our quality of life depends a lot on how we feel, how we look & what action we take to improve the loopholes. A cosmetic gynecologist performs cosmetic surgery & changes the entire way your vagina looks, feels & operates while having sexual intercourse in case you are not satisfied or happy with the way it looks functions, or operates then it is the right time to go ahead & get consulted with the doctor and he will let you know about the right type of surgery meant for you. 

Although there is no hard and fast rule made that people from a certain age group or ethics can go with Cosmetic Gynecology surgery. It is just that you need to start making some improvements to your lifestyle & these changes will help you for the better. You need to throw away your addictions like smoking, taking drugs,  alcohol consumption, etc. Also, note that you can completely get the benefit out of cosmetic surgery by adhering to the guidelines provided by the doctor. In this article you are going to get well-versed in the subject of when and how is cosmetic surgery performed on patients. 

Cosmetic Gynecology: When is it performed? 

There are many reasons that women go ahead with cosmetic gynecology surgeries. These reasons can vary because of herself or because of other things as well. We have listed some reasons that are vital for most women for opting for Cosmetic Gynecology surgeries -

  • Due to childbirth or excessive sexual intercourse, she might want to improve the vaginal condition or the overall appearance of her labia or lips. 

  • The patient might be a religious person that might force her mind to go ahead with such surgeries to bring her body parts back to normal. 

  • Due to the aging process or due to excessive vaginal tears or might be due to excessive looseness or hanging skin around that region, women might least feel having sexual desires for a partner. To improve the relationship and other critical conditions you might undertake the surgery that would make you respond to a stimulus and improve the overall relationship with your partner by driving good sex. 

  • Many women get conscious of their physical appearance and how their body functions. So to overcome all such insecurities women might take up cosmetic gynecology surgeries. 

  • Overall to enhance the love between you and your partner, you might want to do something spicy. This might make you gift your partner by getting your vaginal region corrected using cosmetic gynecology surgeries. A partner might benefit by having a good time having sex with you.

How is Cosmetic Gynecology done?

Cosmetic gynecology is conducted through various steps and there are various treatment options available for you. Although initially, you need to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically for the treatment. You need to have a proper body weight in correspondence to your height which means your BMI value should be in the proper and appropriate

condition. The doctor will give certain guidelines on getting rid of addictions for example smoking, drinking, taking too many drugs, etc. You need to get rid of that for a specific period as well as you need to also take care of your health, hygiene, the food you take & your sleeping time as well. 

Cosmetic gynecology can be done through various treatment options as mentioned below -

  • Labiaplasty

  • Monsplasty 

  • Hoodectomy

  • Vaginoplasty 

  • Hymenoplasty

Whatever treatment of cosmetic gynecology you are going through, the doctor is going to put you under anesthesia state in the beginning and then is going to start with all the incision, cut, stitches, and another surgical process so that your internal parts like the vagina gets a proper shape, tightening & getting rid of urination leakage problems. You need to start living a good lifestyle where you're waking up early, doing proper exercise, meditating, doing yoga, etc. Assure that you are not suffering from any sort of chronic illnesses like thyroid issues, heart disease, or cancer because that can disrupt your surgery and it might not be possible for you to have it done even in the future. Apart from this, taking care of mental health is very crucial at this point before you start the surgery because if you are on medications for antidepressants, then surgery cannot be done.

Key Takeaways 

Cosmetic gynecology is one of the most important studies to correct and improve the overall structure of a vagina. It not only improves your vagina physically but also apart from giving a good appearance, it also helps in improving the entire sexual performance. Moreover, it helps to rejuvenate the genitals of women. As a result of the cosmetic gynecology of women, she looks younger, more pleasing, and more attractive as well as her entire confidence and self-belief pattern is brought back in a matter of seconds. Cosmetic gynecology surgery is not only going to make you happy but also going to improve the overall quality of the life that you are living right now. 

So a good point to consider is that the relationship with your partner is going to eventually improve after the completion of the surgery. Although it might take some time to completely heal from the surgery. You might experience swelling & bruising in certain parts of your body. But it eventually goes away or fades out with time. The doctor is going to provide you with proper gels, and medications and is going to recommend a few things that will help you in your healing process.

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