What is Stress ? What are Effects of Stress?

Are you stressed? Well, who isn’t?

We all have a bit of stress in our lives. From a kindergarten kid to the grandfather of the family, all have stress in their lives. This lifestyle stress is causing a hell lot of problems for our happiness and health. Do you remember your last visit to a gyno or any specialized doctor? Did he spell the word stress out? He would have, because, stress has a clear impact on our body and invites various lifestyle diseases. Do you know stress can result in the change of serum in many hormones?  And for a female, stress can be a life changing disaster. Let’s get to know the main problems that you can face if you deal with a lot of stress.



This is the most common yet very frustrating problem found in women nowadays. The main reason for this problem is the stress.  It is a hormonal default and occurs in the reproductive age. This causes pain, frustration, irritation, mood swings etc. to the women and at times, leaves them without the happiness of conceiving. The doctors have still not found out the exact treatment for it and are struggling to permanently cure it.

Heart disease:

Stress interrupts with the flow of blood and this can cause blockage in the heart. This causes heart attacks and other heart diseases. Stress has a great impact on the flow of blood. So manage your stress level before it starts managing your blood flow!



Obesity is the most common problem of modern day society. From kids to older age groups, no one is missing out on this disease (yes, it is a disease!). It is not only a physical problem but also an emotional one. It ruins the mental peace of a human life and takes away all the fun from it. With the increase in the stress levels, the person starts gaining weight, which leads to obesity.  So stress can reduce your happiness while increasing your mass!


Stress brings with it a hangover like headache which is constant throughout the day. The most common problem with the stress is the head ache. Head feels heavy and it seems to stay forever. When stress level is high, head ache becomes a daily problem to deal with. Bigger problem is that the regular headache can turn into the migraine.



Have you realized that when you are stressed, your power of thinking positive goes down the drain. You just can’t come out with a good thought or a plan. Stress kills your thinking power, and that blocks your mind from any kind of positivity. That is when you get stuck at a particular thought, this generally happens when something not so good comes across. Stress develops depression and kills the human mind. This at times, forces people even to take their own lives.

These are some problems that can turn your life upside down. Just a six letter word stress can make your whole life hell. You need to avoid doing all those activities which give you stress and you should move to the things which give you happiness. Leave the work-load in your school/college/office/business premises and go out there to have some ‘me’ time. Relax, have fun and add a bit of life to your life. Stress can make your life hell; you need to kill the stress before it kills your life!

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