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Last Updated 25th March 2021,

Covid 19 needs no special overture! It has made each day of our life inauspicious. It seems like karma has given a big slap on the face of people without any special warnings. Out of all, our frontline workers have been working day and night to treat people with care with their fullest potential. Getting the right vaccine leaving no side effects has been a motto of researchers nowadays. Well after some of the temporary vaccines, the women have suffered the most when it comes to its side effects. It's creating a sudden sense of uneasiness in women to save themselves by taking this vaccine. 

Corona Virus is nothing but an amalgamation of multiple viruses. The first country to face and fight this virus is Wuhan, China in the late 2019's.  The origin of this virus was initially victimized by the china people because of the intake of bats which led to SARS - Severe acute respiratory syndrome and MERS - Middle East respiratory syndrome. It then got transmitted to multiple humans via the Wuhan market where Cobra, dogs, snakes, etc were sold openly.

Well, let us illustrate this via some researched facts to understand what the reality is. 

Unheard Supporting Facts -

  • Women are most prone to side effects of the vaccine as compared to men, reported by IMA - Kochi.

  • As per the CDC, women are bound to have more tendencies of getting toxic after-effects of Vaccines in comparison to men.

  • Female bodies consist of estrogen, this helps them to get a higher immune system. As per researchers, this fact contradicts the unexpected reality where women are getting more side effects compared to men.

  • As suggested by the CDC Research Department, women even after knowing the fact of getting more prone to the 'After Vaccination' effects, must go-ahead with the covid 19 vaccine treatment. It is said so because the mild symptoms & side effects of the covid 19 vaccines are much better than the harmful and life-taking effects of covid 19 itself.
  • India undoubtedly has become one of the biggest manufacturers of vaccines and research hubs. As per the analysts, India can feed its people with vaccines as well other countries too. The number one leading vaccines in which people can easily rely upon are BioNTech, Moderna, Pfizer. They make use of the mRNA - Messenger RNA Technology. It invokes infecting fighting process using some genetic material within the body.

  • University of Oxford & Astrazeneca's result - Covishield has got the emergency approval to serve Indians. Locally, it's been produced by the Serum Institute of India. Currently, it produces 50 million doses monthly wise. This number is expected to get a hike by 50% I.e., the manufacturing of 100 million doses by the end of March 2021.
  • Covaxin produced by Bharat biotech along with ICMR has got emergency approval in India. They are planning to deliver 700 million doses annually.

As per the covid 19 current stats, 

1. In India, the total number of doses given is 46.6 million. Out of this number, 7.48 million people have been fully vaccinated which comes to around 0.55%.

2. If we take the data worldwide, the total number of sides given is 436 million which currently showed a hike of 13.2 million. Also, overall 99.9 million people have been fully vaccinated with the current hike of 2.01 million more. The total percent of the population which has been fully vaccinated stands at 1.31%.

Side Effects of Covid-19 - Women vs Men - 

The Bangalore Baptist hospital conducted a survey of a total of 218  workers with them. These 218 frontline workers have taken a dose of covid 19 vaccines, the results showed that almost 75.5% of females and 45% of men showed side effects after the intake of this vaccine, added the BB Hospital Reporter. 

The total count of the women who got affected via this was 172 in number. These affected number showed the varied kind of symptoms like -

Swelling & Pain in the area where they got vaccinated.

  • Headaches and Vomiting.
  • Full body pain and restlessness.
  • Low Blood pressure and fainting.

Despite the above issues, none of the women has yet faced drastic symptoms after getting vaccinated. 

Why are Females more prone to the side effects of Covid Vaccines as compared to Males?

As suggested by the CDC - Centers for disease control and prevention, women need to be extra careful while taking in the covid 19 vaccines. It is because they are more prone to hazardous side effects in comparison to men. Read below to understand those reasons - 

1. Higher level of Anxiety issues in women as compared to men -

2. Women Hormonal Imbalance - 

3. Highly Reactive Women Immune System -

Does Covid 19 vaccine affect fertility?

There isn't any strong announcement or research or any written proof that the covid 19 vaccine affects fertility in the case of either men or women. 

As per the  "American Society for Reproductive Medicine - ASRM", patients who are pregnant or are having certain ongoing treatments related to fertility can now take the dose of the covid 19 vaccine only if they meet the eligibility criteria set for taking the covid 19 vaccines. As per the "Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists - RCOG," any women should undergo the routine wise vaccination treatment if and only the resultant advantages are in surplus as compared or to its disadvantages. 

Women planning to conceive a baby don't need to procrastinate their fertility process after taking the covid 19 vaccine, as there isn't any solid proof or research done yet on the covid 19 vaccine side effect on fertility. 

As stated by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation - JCVI, all pregnant women who are at a high risk of getting prone to covid 19 or currently witnessing the symptoms of the covid 19, must take the vaccine at the earliest to avoid any later aspects of the virus.

Women Victims - Covid 19 Vaccine

There are a lot of women out there who suffered after taking the Covid 19 Vaccine injection. Well, let us understand the real-time experience of women who went through this phase and what they recommend to others in the below section -

At the Kauvery Hospital, Chennai, the three women were vaccinated namely -

  • C.R. Kamalammal aged 102
  • The daughter of C.R. Kamalammal named Rama Sridharan aged 74
  • Their granddaughter Sumana Premkumar.

As per their responses, women must take vaccines as soon as possible because they feel that the vaccine is safe for everybody.

Key takeaways -

Women can take care of themselves and go-ahead with getting vaccinated if they are willing to take the risk of getting some mild side effects that would not end up in the long term. Moreover, working on building a higher immune system will help all the women in fighting the vaccine side effects with less worry.  India in the future might feel a complete shortage of exports. Even SII reports that they are lacking in the raw materials to make enough vaccines for exporting outside India. Even, other manufacturers like Biological E producing the Johnson and Johnson vaccines might face global shortages of exporting due to limited raw materials in India. 

References -

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