How to prepare your daughter for college away from home?

Every child is flower nourished with love by parents. But when the time comes that the same child had to bloom in this world and to face what is on the other side of the world parents tend to feel upset. That feeling to let their child to move away from home let them pursue their dreams and let explore their life it haunts many a times. Because it is emotionally challenging for a child to leave home and to start living individually. Approximately ten lakhs students appears for college every year as per different courses. Most of the students have to move away from home and start living in hostels, paying guests on rent. Then how do you prepare your child for college away from home? How do you maintain the long distance relationship between you and your daughter? How do you train your child for the coming challenges living as an independent?

Here the parameters on which parents can prepare their daughter to start living independently.

1: Financial Management: For any child the biggest valuable lesson can be is to learn the financial management. To learn how to manage a living in a budget is a need in today’s world. Parents can train their child to live in a certain budget starting this from the pocket money they usually provide for their children. One can teach their child to manage all their expenses within the frame of pocket money given to them.

It’s not only about maintaining the budget expenses but also to know how to do savings. It’s a necessity to teach your daughter how to save because it will definitely help her in crisis. Ten percent of the pocket money or monthly allowance given to the child should be deducted and must be saved as a savings for the better future and it helps in emergency.

2:Self-care: Children tend to lose a grip on their daily routine as soon as they start living away from parents. No wonder children are nourished and pampered by the parents but to teach them what self-care is must. Self-care doesn’t only mean following a routine it also include to love yourself , to do some exercise which enhance your health , to do reading which helps your mind feel active. Teaching your daughter from the start itself how to self-care is a beautiful thing from the beginning itself it helps not only when they move out to another city but also in their individual life as well. 

One can train their child by giving some personal space so that the child has can nourished themselves in activities alone such as painting, sketching, trekking. Self-care does a lot of benefit for a college students. As the students doesn’t get time to look after themselves they tend to lose a grip on themselves for to have bliss and calmful mind self-care is the best exercise.

3: Interaction with others: It’s okay if your child is introvert it happens many a time that child is nourished like flower in one place so it becomes difficult to move and start flourishing. When you move into a new college and start interacting with others sometimes it becomes difficult for them to open about themselves. So parents should include this parameter to train their child how to interact with others. It will help them to make connections as well as it will boost their confidence. The more your child talks the more it becomes for them to make friends. And in college life friends are important assets.

4: Time management: Time is the most efficient thing to have and to master how to manage the time no one has done so far. But still teaching your child how to manage time , classes , lectures , and extre currilcullum prior before moving away from home becomes a guiding parameter for freshers.This teaching can be done from the home itself, by teaching your daughter how to manage her tuition classes and other hobbies session it will be a helpful guideline.

It’s not about managing the lectures and classes but also  selftime it’s very important to have time for yourself. Teach them to take a time out of their busy lectures and classes. Let them explore their hobbies and nourished their mind. As we all know breaks are necessity.

5: Difference between necessity and luxury: When you move out and start living independently it happens that we spend more than we need, might be it is the peer pressure, might be our friends are spending on expensive things that’s why we need to maintain our pride we tend to spend beyond the allowance. So it is important to teach your child the difference between necessity and luxury. The needs which are food, shelter and cloths and for a student the books and study materials. For food it’s not important that you have to go to big restaurants. For clothing it’s not important to have branded attires.

The difference between both must be clarified such that the child itself know what is important what just showcase is.

6: Cleaning and Hygiene: We live under parents shadows not matter what age we are always pampered by them. Right from our laundry to cleaning parents take care of everything. So our child is going to manage all this. Hence we need to start training our flower how to water herself. It can start from home itself by teaching your daughter to clean her own dishes, to let her do the laundry at the weekend, to let her take little –little responsibilities day to day.

7: Personal safety: No place is safe in today’s world as well as no place is as dangerous as it seems. Letting your daughter live move to another city for her studies can be a little burden on your heart as a parent. Worry not because prevention is better than cure. Training your daughter with some self-defense techniques can do a lot blessing than just keep worrying about her safety. Personal safety in college doesn’t really mean protecting yourself some violence it can also be considered that we need to protect from people virtually, physically, verbally. Teaching your child how to defend herself in a situations can do a lot of blessing.

One must start training their child from early age itself because as the competition is increasing amongst the students it creates many imaginary circumstance that students start creating unnecessary competition, hence to protect yourself mentally parents must add this parameter.

8: Raising your voice: Where there is good there is bad as well, when colleges are known for study and fun sometimes the fun takes another face i.e. ragging. Interaction between college students is needed but when this interaction crosses the line it takes another turn. Hence parents need to teach their child how to defend themselves, how to protect when it’s needed, how to raise their voice and most important how to find help when it’s needed.

Ragging is increasing with the coming age of time. Though there are many parameters provided to prevent against ragging one must provide their children anti-ragging committee contacts, parents must provide an environment so that their child should feel free to discuss anything with them. In the case of the harassment talking with the closed and trustful person is needed, parents should provide this environment to the child.

9: Nourish the relationship: When we move to different place we tend to lose the grip on relations, we try to fill that empty space with others. College life also includes regarding love, friendship, parents need to have an open talk about relationships what is more important studies or relations? What should be the priority in college life? How to nourish (relations) with gentleness?

It’s ok to tell your child that study is more important as well as it’s also fine to tell your child that relations are also beautiful to have ( it might be any friendship , love ). The most important thing to teach here is progressive and matured mindset.

10: Be a friend not parent: When we nourished our child most of the time we forget that at every stage of life the child demands different versions of us as a parent. Remember when your child is growing in entire world you can be called as best friend rather than any one. Because you know your child from beginning itself as you are the creator of her life. Whenever your daughter is going to move out for her dreams be there as a friend as well as a parents. Whenever any crisis happens and your daughter looks back she must find you as her that friend, that she can share every problems with you. Prepare your child such that she solves her problem herself even before telling you.

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