10 Tips for Preventing Divorce , Save your Marriage

What is a Divorce?

Divorce can be defined as an ending of an existing marriage with the help of legal proceedings. During this legal process, the court might also resolve issues related to child custody, distribution of assets, how much alimony a woman will receive and it will declare all the support a woman will get from the spouse. After a divorce becomes legal both the individual is free to legally marry another person of their choice and they are also not bound to stay with each other. 

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What happens when you get divorced?

Although the process to get divorced is similar across the world but with the changing times, the process to file a divorce case also changes. Some of the steps to file a divorce case are as follows-

1.Filing the divorce petition- Even if any of the parties do not agree to divorce but still if any one of them also chooses to separate from each other they need to file a legal petition in the court. However, the reason for divorce may vary from state to state but the majority of the file the case based on no-fault divorce. 

2.Asking for temporary orders- A couple filing a divorce petition in the court is dependent on each other for financial independence or if a child is being raised then the parties are allowed to take temporary orders from the court so that they can decide the same. 

3.Serving the legal notice to the opposite parties- Once the petition is filed, both the parties have equal responsibility of sending the legal notice to each other giving consent on the same on the legal notice to go ahead with the proceedings. 

4.Settlement process- Any couple filing a divorce petition, need to settle amongst each other the final proceedings that need to be exchanged amongst each other before the court moves to the next level of the divorce. 

5.Trial process- Before the process is final and completed, a second chance to live with each other and also trying to sort it out with each other outside the court is given in case giving more time may resolve the issues. 

6,Final decision- After all the negotiations are done amongst the parties, then the final judgment is given by the court. But after the final judgment is given by the court then nothing can’t be changed by the parties.

10 Tips for preventing divorce 

After thorough research about the best and worst ways of handling the divorce, some of the best ways to handle divorce are as follows- 

  • Taking out quality time to spend with your life partner. - A couple can choose to spend more time. At least spending 15minutes a day would also be sufficient. In the case of a working couple, they can either get up early or cuddle and spend some time in the night with their partner. 
  • Praising your life partner both in private and public. - This is something that is loved by every individual especially women. So, praising them in public as well as in private shows more amount of love and affection.
  • Love your partner in such a way that they are loved. – One of the biggest mistakes people usually make is by assuming things like what gifts a spouse would want. So, one should remember that we should gift something that they want and not what they need. 
  • Taking care of your physical appearance- As we all know that how we present ourselves is very important so looking good for your partner is also very important as they might not like sweaty or dirty looks every time. So, one should always stay neat and presentable.
  • Remaining faithful- As per the research, the reason for 95% of successful marriages is being faithful. If you are true to your partner then handling every hurdle becomes easy. 
  • Doing every work together- This is something which makes someone’s life very interesting. Sharing work not only reduces the burden but also gives quality time with each other too as a result it reduces the challenge for divorce. 
  • Spending time differently- Spending time with each other differently like doing things together apart from doing usual things every day improves relationships in a big way. For example, going for a long holiday. 
  • Spending time with your partner as a friend- If a couple starts spending time with each other as friends but not as a life partner it solves 50% of their problems. As we all know that with friends everything becomes easier.
  • Exchanging gifts with each other- Exchanging gifts with the spouse without any special occasion also shows how much we love our life partner in a big way
  • Confessing love to each other- Research has shown that many years of marriage pass by but couples generally don’t confess their feeling for a very long period. So, sometimes confessing your feeling in the middle of the conversation too helps a lot. 

Five Stages of Divorce

Five stages of divorce are equal to the common stages of affliction which include- Contradiction, Outrage, negotiation, sorrow, and embracing. 

Sorrow is different and unique for every individual-   When a couple goes through a divorce process, they go through different stages of it. Every individual reaction to this process is different. And every person’s sorrow and healing process must be considered different. However, all the stages of divorce are performed in an orderly but an individual can choose to skip the process and move forward. But major of the couple follow these detailed processes. Let us study about them in detail- 

Contradiction- Under this stage, an individual amongst the couple who is been left might not be in a state of mind to accept this divorce. The reason for not accepting might be anything like either he or she is not financially stable or some other personal reasons as well or they are just upset. Therefore, they try to justify to their partner. Denying that an individual is facing a divorce and it is their end of a marriage might leave an individual numb and they might lose control. 

Outrage-   As the sorrow of the contradiction continues an individual amongst the couple who is being left outrage is an emotion that usually overcomes all the feelings that come. Unlike the previous stage, the person who is been left goes through a lot of emotions. They feel that they are the most unwanted person on the earth. But a couple who also plays the role of a parent should also remember that all these things should not affect the child anymore. 


Negotiation- Under the process of divorce this step usually includes negotiating on the point of what exactly went wrong. In an attempt of stopping this process a person who is been left makes a lot of effort by giving the option to the opposite person like making promises or trying to change things about themselves which could save their marriage. This stage can be very helpful as it can also change the mind of the person who filed a divorce case. 


SorrowThe heavyweight of all the stages sometimes creates a situation that is not under their control and they tend to feel so much pain and as a result, they go into depression. They start cursing themselves and start saying bad things about themselves. And as a result, they end up losing confidence and belief in themselves. They start thinking like no one will ever love them or they will never find anyone else in their life. 


Embracing-   A couple going through a divorce when reaches this stage of acceptance they start feeling a sense of relief. But even after reaching this last stage some people still go through this feeling of sorrow. But one should always remember that accepting and moving forward is always the best way to restart their life again. 

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