7 things What Women look for in a Relationship , 3 Bonus Tips

“So many men think women want money, cars, and gifts. But the right woman want’s a man’s time, effort, passion, honesty, loyalty, smile, and him choosing to put her as his priority.’ – Charles Orlando.

The relationship is not only a large 12-word letter but not only that it is also a word with a lot of responsibilities attached to it. We always tend to hear that women are complicated and don’t know what they actually want and that is why it is very difficult to understand what a woman wants. But it is not as complicated as men think, instead it is very simple and easy to know what a woman looks for in a relationship. 

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According to the dictionary of Cambridge University, a relationship is something, ‘a way in which two things are connected.’ And thus when someone gets into a relationship they would want to be with someone with whom they feel connected and complete. It is like a missing part of you is back and now you feel complete as an individual.

And thus some of the most common things that a woman looks for in a relationship are:

  • An understanding partner- Women always have to face more criticism than men, they are the ones who are easily misunderstood most of the time, and thus they need an understanding partner who will listen to what they have to say and understand their perspectives.
  • Communication is the key to a successful relationship- It is not always necessary to fight with each other over everything, some issues can be solved easily with communication. And also constant communication with your partner will help you strengthen the bond.
  • A best friend- Yes, a best friend because friendship is the cue to any good relationship. Friendships can dissolve battles within minutes and if you have a best friend who is your partner life becomes easier because it is easy to share things whether be it good or bad.
  • Space- Every person in a relationship is still an independent individual who still has their own personal needs, despite being in a relationship, and this is exactly where women need a partner who knows how to give space and let the other party breathe.
  • Believes in her and supports her- A person who can let the woman pursue her career, believes in her that she can do it, and supports her in every decision she makes.
  • Certainty and maturity- A woman looks for a person who is mature and is certain about what he wants in life. Women love taking care of their family members and their partners but they also want someone who is mature enough to understand them and share responsibilities together and also who is certain about what they want in life.
  • Education and Job – ‘Love is blind’ and you can’t decide whom you fall for but these sentences look good only in books and dramas. However, in reality, a woman looks for a man with good background and a stable job because even if the woman is independent and financially stable they would want a man who can take care of them financially and emotionally at times of need.
  • Accept her the way she is- Every individual is born with innate qualities which do not match each other and they have their own uniqueness. All other things become secondary as compared to this point because it is a woman’s ultimate wish that their partner accepts them the way they are and try and not to change them to someone else where they eventually lose their sense of individuality.
  • Handsome face and a well-built body- Yes! Women also crave a handsome hunk as their partner, just like men they also wish to have a handsome and fit guy as their beloved. 
  • Generous, Chivalrous, and respect- In today’s world where more than half of the women population are independent and can take care of themselves, they still search for a guy who is generous, chivalrous, and knows how to respect a woman.
  • Not very demanding- In any relationship if the other person becomes demanding and doesn’t let the other person off the hook, then the relationship is bound to break or have cracks in it. Expectations are a part of any relationship but overflowing expectations can kill the person and the bond.
  • Not taken for granted- Women fear that if given too much love and care to a guy, after some point in time they might start taking them for granted, knowing that no matter what they will come back to them and continue to love them as they always did.
  • Forgiving and doesn’t hold grudges- Forgiveness is the ultimate act of kindness and when you forgive someone it not only let’s heart be peace but also makes you a kind and forgiving human being and holding grudges against your partner makes you like an outsider who is not ready to understand their beloved. And from a personal experience that I had seen with one of my friends happen was that the only reason why she chose to break up was that her guy did not know how to let go of the past and not hold grudges.

The above-mentioned points are the most common things that one woman looks for in a relationship, irrespective of race, caste, nationality, or ethnicity. Women, in general, do like to have a boyfriend/partner who is caring, understanding, intelligent, loving, mature, and handsome and who can take good care of them. 

And although we may have a huge list of the things that a woman looks for in a relationship but the most important thing to know is that ‘Every individual is unique and different thus will also have different preferences while dating and expectations in a relationship.’ Some might want a friendly guy, whereas the person might look for a sense of understanding in a relationship, and yet another woman might develop her relationships based on totally monetary issues and no one can be blamed. Thus what do women look for in a relationship might vary from person to person. 

Like for example, one  would want their partner to be handsome, intelligent, caring, and not very dominant but at the same time, a friend of her would want a man who is caring, generous, and financially stable. And all these lists of things that we as women look for in a relationship come from where we belong and in what environment we have grown up and what are my needs to survive as an individual as well as a couple.

And being said that the wants of every woman may vary, it is also important to note down that each of their expectations and wants depends on the situation they belong to, although every relationship is beautiful and have their own essence. When a woman and man come together to start a relationship, both of them have to be understanding and accept the other person the way they are instead of trying to change them and love and only love and respect for one another should be the foundation of a relationship because if you have too many do’s and don’ts and wants in a relationship then my dear friend it is not a relationship but an arrangement.


RELATIONSHIP | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary





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