8 Tips and Tricks to write bio for Tinder for girls

 How to write for tinder bio for girls?

If you are going through this article, that means you are staring at your Tinder profile tiny about me box and thinking what to write in the Tinder bio section. It should be something very attractive and at the same time it should be within 500 characters. Tinder bio is very elusive. It is quite a daunting task to write something about you. But if you know yourself, then it could be easy to write tinder bio for girls.

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What is tinder?

In the year 2012, Tinder app was launched on a college campus for meeting new people. Now, it has become world’s most popular app. It is available in 40+ languages, 190 countries and downloaded by more than 340 million times. Tinder is all about possibilities. Forming connections possibly, meeting new people, expanding social network, meeting local people while travelling and many more.  

Simply tinder is exciting and fun. The features of the Tinder app are simple. If you like somebody swipe right, if you do not like someone swipe left, and if someone likes you back then it is a match. 

To help you come up with your attractive Tinder bio for girls some tips and tricks are given below. You can read this and make something of your own for your tinder bio. 

Tips and Tricks to write Tinder bio for girls:

1.Tip: Something that can be talked about

While you are writing your Tinder bio, give the person an opportunity to talk about you or start a conversation. We all know that starting a conversation with somebody who is unknown can be really difficult. By giving the person a chance to talk, can help in starting a conversation with ease. For example, you can put up a topic that is up for debate or put up a question in your profile or it could be even an icebreaker on your Tinder bio. It is not necessary that it is about you, it can be anything in general which you like to talk about. It reveals a lot about your personality and is one of the most powerful ways to begin a conversation through your tinder bio. 

2.Trick: Greater than/less than:

Another very easy trick that can get people talking about your profile is when you utilize the trick greater than or less than. As mentioned above it could be an opinion about something or a topic for debate or a topic which you are best at. It would be better if it is seemingly trivia or more absurd. You should not keep boasting about yourself on your tinder bio. Talk about your job or what you like, where you would like to travel. Take for example:

  • American League < National League
  • Thursday night outs < Friday night outs
  • Burritos < Tacos
  • Serial < Radio lab etc. 

3.Tip: Make lists on your tinder bio: 

Your tinder bio should be easy to read, scannable and short. In simple words, make a list. It should be quick to read, catchy and more approachable. Try and use bigger texts. To begin with the tinder bio can be a small headline, and then elaborate about it. Add details that are small but can ignite the conversation.  

4.Trick: No fuss and a lot of fun 

Another way to quickly create a fun tinder bio without any fuss is to jot down a list with important points about the first and the last. For example make a list of firsts like first book you loved, first place you live, first pet, first crush etc. you can also make list of lasts like last place you visited, last person you called, last concert you attended, etc. Get nostalgic and make a mixed list of the firsts and the lasts. 

5.Tip: Set yourself free

Many people do not know how to make an attractive tinder profile that is why all of them sound boring and same. For example spending time with friends, family, working, travelling, hiking and things like this are common and boring. These things are not bad but are universal and people on tinder want to know something else about you from your tinder bio. It’s for dating not for match making. Be a little weird and show some optimistic behavior, or something like a secret desire to make your profile interesting. 

6.Trick: About Me / About You

 One of the best templates for tinder bio which you can take a look at:

About You: You have a dog, know how to give as good as you get, and don’t mind crashing my (lack of a) birthday party. Try it!

About Me: I love stinky cheese, the smell of dog paws, and going camping by myself for my birthday every year.

This can be an interesting way to showcase your profile. 

7.Tip: Do not over exaggerate about yourself in your tinder bio

Since we post pictures on the tinder profile, to catch someone’s attention, you do not have to exaggerate. Don’t write novels. Make short, sweet and simple sentences. Mainly, people look at the pictures and swipe right or left. There are fewer chances of people reading your tinder bio (it depends on their mood). 

8.Trick: References can be obscured

For making your tinder bio interesting, you can put up quotes or lines from your favorite movies or novel. You can write down interesting jokes. Many people may understand it while many may not. So relax and enjoy. 

Tinder Facts

Now let’s take a look at some interesting tinder facts. 

  • Swiping is one of the most important things on tinder. Do you know there is a time for swiping? Yes, you heard it right. Swiping in the evening time around 9 PM more likely gives you a match compared to other timings. 
  • Tinder is almost everywhere. It is an online dating app that is used in 190 countries which is quite a lot.
  • To get more matches, smiling is more than enough. It is obvious. As per a research, People with smiling picture are 14% more likely to get matches. 
  • Rejections on Tinder are common. Millions and hundreds of people get rejected on tinder. It is not necessary that you will get a perfect match on your first go. 
  • Swiping takes more time than you think. An average user spends around 35 minutes on tinder only swiping. Like any other social media platform. Tinder is also addictive. 
  • People login on their tinder app 11 times in a day. We constantly keep checking Facebook and Instagram profile, but average tinder users check in around 11 times in a day. 
  • Its international swiping. Do you know tinder app is mostly used by countries like United Kingdom, Brazil and United States? 
  • There are around 1.6 billion swipes that take place every day on Tinder. Isn’t it a lot of thumb motion?

Wrap up

When you make your account on tinder, initially you will feel that writing tinder bio is very difficult. But slowly and gradually, by using the above mentioned tricks, you will be easily able to write your tinder bio. You can keep on altering your profile and see what works for you and then eventually you will find a perfect tinder bio for girls. You never know which profile works for you and which doesn’t. Dating can be fun till the time you keep on attracting various people. Keep dating until and unless you find a right match for yourself. 

Image Source: Digital Spy

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