Sexually Transmitted Disease - Reasons, Symptoms, Preventions

What is Sexually transmitted Disease?

A sexually transmitted disease can be defined as a state wherein it is passed from one person to another through sexual intercourse. This disease can occur when two persons go for sexual intercourse without any safety. For example, having unprotected anal sex, vaginal sex or oral sex is the cause of transmitting STD. Not just sex is the main cause of STD but breastfeeding, sharing needles can also be the cause of occurrence of this disease. 

How common is the occurrence of STD in women?

Some of the most common STDs in women include- 

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)- As per the research, HPV is considered to be one of the most common types of STD amongst women as well as infants too in the United States. This type of infection can also lead to changes that are not natural and also leads to the change in the color of the urine. This type of STD is considered to be so dangerous that if this is not detected in the early stage of its occurrence then it may also be a cause of cervical cancer which can also be found later in the last stage. This not only leads to the diseases like cancer but also leads to the damage of respiratory diseases as well. Earlier vaccinations were also available for women from the age of 11 years in the United States but the proper treatment of the same regular check-ups and routine visits are also important. 
  • Gonorrhea- Like Human papillomavirus gonorrhea is considered to be one of the types of STDs which are usually not detected very easily. Therefore, for women who are sexually active through any means regular check-ups for them and screening for them is equally important for the treatment of the same. Initially, there was a lot of screening for the detection and the cases reported both in Men and women decreases gradually but eventually, it tends to increase as time passes. As per the research out of 1 Lacs females worldwide, almost 100 females were detected Gonorrhea in the year 2011. But as time passed, in 2018 the increased percentage was about 37% which was about 150 cases out of 1 Lacs women. 
  • Chlamydia- Like the above two mentioned STDs chlamydia is also considered to be one of the types which are also not detected easily. Amongst all the STDs mentioned this one is considered to be highest amongst women, especially women who are young. During the year 2017-18, this spread of disease increased to 1.3% amongst which 0.8% of women were of the age 18-24 years of age. 
  • Genital Herpes- This can be described as a type of STDs that can be caused by two types of Viruses. These viruses can be named herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex virus type 2. Like HPV genital herpes is also a very common type of disease in the United States. Almost 1 out of 6 women age 14-49 are affected by this disease. This can also spread through vaginal sex, anal sex, or oral sex. If an opposite partner has oral herpes then also a woman can be infected by genital herpes. Anyone will not be a target of genital herpes by touching toilet seats or using the same swimming pool or even by touching each other objects like towels or soaps. 

Symptoms of STDs-

Any girl/woman must know the symptoms of STDs and seek a doctor’s advice if required. Some of the most common symptoms are- 

  • Change in Urine color- An STD can be felt by a woman if there is a burn in an internal area during urination, most of the women feel like going for a pee more frequently. Sometimes blood can also be seen while going for a pee. 
  • The vaginal discharge does not seem to be normal- The vaginal discharge of an infected woman does not seem normal. Even if the mensuration cycle is not active, the thick flow of vaginal discharge is a sign of STI. Also flow of yellowish vaginal discharge means a woman might be suffering from STD. 
  • Itching in Private areas- Itching in private areas may or may not be a symptom of causing STD. Sometimes itching may occur due to any allergy or due to excess heat in the temperature. 
  • Painful sex- This symptom is often ignored by women reason being any lady going for a physical interaction will be painful for her. But regular pain may lead to a pelvic inflammatory disease which is the first stage for the cause of chlamydia or gonorrhea. 
  • Unnecessarily bleeding- Another common symptom of STD is the bleeding apart from the mensuration days in private parts. 
  • Rashes- Small pimples around the mouth or the vagina is the cause of HPV or herpes. 


Why Women are more at risk in case of STDs?

For the very first time worldwide sexually transmitted diseases are always at the peak especially amongst the group of young people. But amongst all the categories of people, this is highly common when it comes to women. But what are the reasons that women are more prone to these diseases? According to the experts, some of the reasons are as follows-

  • A woman’s private area is more prone to STDs as a skin covering the male private area helps them to be protected against STDs. 
  • Some women may not be comfortable using protection while having physical relation with the partner. 
  • Operation of private parts for not conceiving a child is very common nowadays but it does not protect women from STDs at all. 

Reasons for women being more ignorant towards their health is because of the following reasons- 

  • Having casual nature of physical relations with your partner. 
  • Ignorant towards regular health check-ups and getting tests done as well. 
  • Not having proper knowledge regarding the symptoms of different sexually transmitted diseases.   

Prevention Methods- 

There is always a way out to get rid of these diseases. Some of the prevention methods are listed below-

  1. Regular Doctor’s consultation- As mentioned earlier as well, women who are more sexually active should go for regular check-ups and take vaccinations as well if suggested. 
  2. Using protection- Using protection while having any type of sex be it vaginal, anal, or oral, being safe is very important for your health. Taking pills might save you from being pregnant but not from these dangerous diseases. 
  3. Being truthful to your Doctor- As famously said one should never hide anything from a doctor and lawyer. So, if someone is not being genuine to his or her doctor then they are playing with their lives themselves therefore if any women comes across any type of symptom which can lead to this disease must inform the doctor immediately as early treatment might give you a solution but more the time passes it becomes very painful for the women especially. 



As we all know that a Women plays different types of role in this society and world is not as easy it seems especially for them. So, like always a woman needs to stand for herself and for her healthy life too. 

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