How to deal with Anger Issues in Teens ? Apps to be used

Anger issues in teens are an endless topic to discuss! All past traumas, current challenges, loneliness, pressure, and toxicity around them can give birth to Anger Issues in teenagers.

Almost 1 out of the 5 teenagers has got anger problems in them, said Mental Health Experts. 

Teenagers are programmed to get triggered easily if things aren't going their way. Patience takes time to be inculcated within them.

As per the researchers, - 'Teenage boys are more likely to express their anger with the help of violation and physical fighting. On the other hand, the teenage girls in 90% of the cases will use verbal aggression to depict their anger.'

Lots of researches have been done over some time to understand the main reasons and roots of the anger generation among teenagers. 

How to deal with Anger Issues in Teens ? Apps to be used

What do Anger Issues can lead to if not taken care of on time?

The anger issues in teenagers can lead to multiple things all at once if not treated within the time frame. These are mentioned below -

  • Getting permanently addicted to the high consumption of alcohol, drugs, and smoking.
  • Abusive all time.
  • Threatening others of deaths.
  • Property Damages.
  • Getting into long-term anxiety.
  • Developing the incurable lifetime depression.
  • Spoiling your relationships with others.
  • Poor productivity and decision-making.
  • Becoming extremely defensive and violent for every action.

2 Year NIMHANS Study, India - 2014

A study conducted for 2 years among 5 several Indian cities for 3600 teenagers on 'The teenagers/Zen Y having anger issues' revealed the following facts -

  • There is a direct connection between academic accomplishments and aggressive behavior among teenagers.
  • Almost 8 out of the 10 teenagers amongst the age group of 13 to 23 are angry. 
  • Almost 80% of teenagers are having serious anger issues.
  • Almost 79.45% of teenagers of Bangalore city are suffering from anger issues.
  • Almost 91.67% of the Indore teenagers stand at number 1 position having the boiled blood with a high level of anger issues in comparison to other Indian cities. 
  • The second place is grabbed by the Jammu city with having overall 83.08% of the angry youth. 
  • Almost 95.3% of the North Female Teenagers have verbal aggression as compared to 92.8% in the South. This is because of different cultures and upbringings.
  • As per the study, female teens attacked their partners due to anger by 22.4% in North and 13.9% in South.
  • The third place is occupied by Kochi city with the exact percentage of 79.96% of aggressive youth. 

Best Apps for Managing Anger Issues in Teens


It is one of the most liked apps among teenagers. You can use it by yourself or if you want you can take help from the healthcare specialist to monitor your anger issues. It controls the high temperament issues among teenagers.

App Highlights

  • Free and simple to use.
  • Controls your anger in the best way possible.
  • Helps to monitor your Traumatic events.
  • Easy to use and customize according to your wish like music, photos, etc.
  • A self-assessment mechanism to analyze one's anger.
  • Let's you know the symptoms of Anger.
  • Also, provide health-related tips.


This application is focused on keeping a tab on the arousal and management of anxiety disorders, stress management, and wild anger issues among teenagers. 

App Highlights

  • Consist of mindfulness meditations which helps your focus to dwell in the present moment.
  • The artificial intelligence used in this application helps you to embrace positivity from all four corners. 
  • Helps you to experience a peaceful and timely sleep at night so that you can wake up fresh the next day.
  • Comprises relaxing music, interesting mind-blowing stories, and coaching on life to divert your mind from the negativity creating anger issues in you.


As the name says, it is an application that works from the heart! With all the hard efforts from the developers of the Heartfulness Institute, this application has been a great success among teenagers by helping them manage their anger issues.

With its variety of features like Gifs, motivational quotes, funny voices, and funny pictures, it all helps teenagers to keep intact with this app. 

As soon as you feel angry, just open the app and start reading the quotes provided over it to relax.

App Highlights

  • Best to be used as a day planner app. It enables you to set your daily, weekly, and monthly targets and evaluate the results further.
  • Suitable for IOS & Android users.
  • Free of cost.
  • Encourages you to eradicate the anger issues from the bottom of your heart and soul.
  • Spreads positivity and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Consists of numerous tasks which help you to stay busy by deviating your mind from the anger issues.

Simple Habit

This app nurtures you from within! By listening to the meditation just for 5 minutes, you can expect to see the results within yourself. As the name suggests, it soothes you to that level where you end up making the positive transitions in your life by changing the simple toxic habits. 

App Highlights

  • Best meditation application is meant to control your anger by calming your soul.
  • Allows the body, mind, and soul to show results with an immediate effect.
  • Helps to monitor anger by improving your focus, minimizing body stress, and relaxing you faster.
  • Helps you to have a dreamy and peaceful sleep.


The application has various soundscapes to soothe your soul from within! The techniques used here let you question yourself if it is necessary to show anger in a wild manner when its waves pass through you. 

App Highlights

  • Apart from curing anxiety and stress issues, it also helps to work well for teenagers suffering from depression.
  • Can be used as a health coach application to keep an eye on the progress of your daily health goals to minimize anger issues. 
  • The application consists of more than 30 audio exercises like muscle exercise, breathing techniques, mindful meditations, etc.
  • Though its features are free to use in general but to avail the modified and advanced features of this application, you need to purchase the app. 


One of the most popular apps to manage anger in teens. It helps you back and forth to keep the core of your soul in harmony and peace.

App Highlights 

  • Available for IOS & Android users
  • Helps to control your anger issues.
  • Allows you to learn free meditation techniques.
  • Consists of peaceful guided meditations to allow you to control anger.
  • Enhances peace of mind, calmness, and patience.
  • Make you more mindful of your actions.
  • Featured with an inbuilt Bedtime Readings for a sound sleep.
  • Sessions on Hypnotherapy make the core of you feel at peace.

Never deny or give power to your anger! Let it come, embrace it, and speak with it. Well, it may take some time to act accordingly with patience and calmness but all you can do is try the ways to keep your anger in control by adopting constructive habits like practicing yoga, gratitude, meditation, and various exercises. 

Anger will come,its a feeling - that gets triggered over multiple instances we face every day. But, by proper awareness, knowledge, and effective measures, you will be able to manage this risk well without getting it worse to the next level by exploiting everything around you! 





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