Tinder vs Gleeden for Married Women which One is Better?

Tinder dating app, home to millions of users including married women. It is a place for a one-night stand or a casual date. And it may sound weird and not many people using tinder are either in a relationship (42%) or already married (30%). Tinder app is not only famous for people who are looking for romantic, intimate relationships but Tinder also has people who come on the app searching for friendships. 

Tinder serves as a site that connects people irrespective of the reason because of which they chose to join the community. The most important thing is the reason because of which you chose to join Tinder, and if you know you know your reason is correct then it is. And some of the common reasons because of which married people use tinder and some of them are as follows:

  • According to the data mentioned on www.affairs.com, 38% of men and 44% of women are looking for serious relationships, while 23% of men and 15% of women are looking for casual relationships. And these numbers show that women out there are looking for more of a serious relationship than a causal one. While it is not exactly the opposite for men but they sort of come out in between casual and serious relationships. And because there some many married people out there seeking another relationship, tinder has become a valid and safe site for such people as they come to think of it that it ain’t a crime. 
  • Social life- It often happens that people tend to not have any social life when they get married as they are busy working and taking of the family and when they get some free time, they wish to spend it with someone outside the family and that is when they come to Tinder to look for people/friends who are ready to hang out with married men or women like them.
  • Threesome- There are many couples out there looking for threesomes that more of a bisexual female who is both interested in men and women. Some married couples on tinder are busy finding the ‘Unicorn’ which the urban dictionary defines as a single female interesting in meeting other couples.
  • Non-monogamous relationships – Married people who are in an ethical non-monogamous relationship, have a different kind of setup. They are allowed to have various relationships outside their marriage, in short, they are allowed to date. And people belonging to the LBTQ community prefer such relationships and Tinder app makes it easier for them to find partners exactly according to their needs. 

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Why do married people love using Tinder?

Well the answer to this question is that the app is mostly free and secondly it is very easy to create a profile on Tinder and as well as it very user-friendly too. Also, it is easy for them to create a fake profile and use a picture that doesn’t show their face. And not only that it is also easier to unmatch on tinder and delete your account permanently without anyone knowing that you ever had a Tinder account.

Tinder also gives married people a chance to meet other people spread over 190 nations that is equal to around 57 million Tinder users while they are traveling abroad. 

Now while we see that Tinder is a dating app used by both males and females and is for both single and married women, Gleeden comes out as a bit different from Tinder.

What is Gleeden?

Gleeden app is considered to be the first extra-marital dating site created and run by women. 

People who are looking for extramarital affairs often end up on Gleeden but this site has been proved to be a boon for some couples who joined Gleeden to save their marriage. Although the number of users for this site is not as huge as Tinder but it still has got quite some numbers of subscribers (5,915,837). 

And because Gleeden dating app is created by women, the women subscribers can use the site for free whereas the men use it on a credit-based system.

Gleeden does have some amazing features and they are as follows:

  • For starters, you can’t create an account with your real name, instead, you have to use a fake name.
  • You are encouraged to not give away your personal details, including your name on the site.
  • Women can use all its features like messaging, email, sending virtual gifts, crush alert, and stuff for free but men can’t and thus proves to be an amazing site created for women by women.
  • The panic button – you can click on the panic button when you are at the risk of being found and this button helps you escape the site and redirects you to your desired site.
  • Virtual Gifts will increase your chances of finding a suitable partner by 30%.
  • Even though it is a dating site, Gleeden dating has a place preserved for people to share news and various contents and keep each other updated. 
  • You can evaluate other members. Yes, you can give positive or negative comments and reviews about the person with whom you have interacted, although this privilege is only given to women. 

Safety on Gleeden:

Gleeden app is a safe dating site just like Tinder, it takes seriously the safety of its customers. Gleeden gives you chance to choose with whom would like to share your personal photos. It also allows you to report an abusive user and then necessary steps would be undertaken.

Gleeden for Men:

Gleeden proves to be an amazing dating site for women but for men, gleeden dating comes with a few negative aspects like they need to use the site on credit system and they have to pay in order to earn certain credits, Like, 25 credits they have to pay £9.99, while for 100 credits £29.99 and for 400 credits they have to pay £79.99.

It also restricts men from using certain features of it’s like the giving reviews about the one with whom you had a chat, so forth and so on. Plus, it does not have a variety of features and options to choose from thus can become stagnant at one point. 

Tinder or Gleeden?

Thus, when compared between the two (Gleeden and Tinder) for married women Tinder seems to have a more friendly approach as it allows you to not only find a date for yourself but also gives you a chance to find a friend.

Whereas Gleeden app is a site prepared especially for extramarital affairs and flings, although the customers of both the sites look more for casual relationships rather than serious ones as they either are married or don’t want commitment so soon. This article provides a guide to use the gleeden app.

But if we come to the conclusion that which is a better site for married women, it would be difficult to choose as both Tinder and Gleeden have their own pros and cons and thus, it depends on the person using it. However, Gleeden dating appears to be a more women-focused than Tinder and thus might come out as the number one site for women. 






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