What organs of the body can COVID-19 affect?

Corona Virus has left the world-shaking! India is one of the most affected countries witnessing more than 2.7 crores of cases. Covid-19 is a more deadly virus than any other seasonal flu. 

According to the reports, - 'The Corona virus in 2020 was thought to be only affecting the respiratory system along with gradually leading to throat, nose and lungs issues. But soon, it was revealed by scientists and medical health researchers that this is not like a normal virus. It is harmful beyond your imagination. It can affect the different parts or systems of your body by invading into the personal space like your heart, liver, brain, kidneys, lungs, entire circulatory system, and pancreas as well!'

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We will take you through the different ways to let you know how the covid-19 can prove harmful for your entire body through this article. 

What Organs of the body can COVID-19 affect?

The various sections of the body are mentioned below that can get affected due to the coronavirus -

1.How does the corona Virus affect the Heart?

Corona virus can lead to inflammation of the muscles of the heart. We generally call this condition by the name 'Myocardium.' When a  person suffers from this problem, he may have various other viral infections too in his body. But, this infection goes away as soon as the person gets relief from the other viral conditions. 

According to the researchers, - 'Almost 7 to 25% of the cover-19 positive patients who were having the severe symptoms developed the Myocarditis issue in them.' 

The point of concern here is that - Myocarditis disease might lead to some short-term or prolonged heart-related unseen problems. It includes-

  • Progressive Heart Failure problem
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Abnormal Heart Rhythms  

A patient who has recovered from the coronavirus is at a higher risk of developing blood clots. It may further block the arteries of the heart which can prove to be dangerous. The blockage of the heart arteries might lead to sudden cardiac arrest or abnormal heartbeat problems. 

2. How does the corona Virus affect our Liver?

Research is still going on 'how the Coronavirus can affect the liver' such that they can come up with the precise answer to this question. 

But, as per the research done to date, Covid-19 can lead to increased levels of liver enzymes. It might lead to short-term liver problems or may cause liver damage. If not treated on time, it may completely lead to liver failure. 

As stated by the U.S Centers meant for the disease control and prevention, - "It isn't predicted yet that the liver enzymes level upswing is due to the covid-19 disease or is caused because of the other factors." 

It was also said by the CDC, that the patients suffering from Hepatitis B or Cirrhosis are at a higher risk of getting infected due to Corona!

3. How does the corona Virus affect our Circulatory System?

As per a few scientists, "The coronavirus is not to be misunderstood as the respiratory problem because it is a vascular disease!" Still, the debate on this statement will keep on going.

The reason behind the coronavirus to be considered primarily as the circulatory system disease is because of making the judgment on the following reasons -

  • Why diabetic patients or anybody facing chronic illnesses are at a higher risk of catching the covid-19 disease?
  • Why covid-19 is leading to blood clotting which as an outcome is causing limb tissue problems, strokes, and heart attacks?
  • Why does the coronavirus lead to the reddish-purple color rashes in the toes?
  • Why hypertension led to the risk of coronavirus?

4.How does the corona Virus affect our Central Nervous System & our Brain?

Blood clotting caused due to the coronavirus might lead to damaging the brain cells. It is also known as Stroke. As a result, you can get affected because of this and it could lead to the following outcomes - 

  • Might hamper your thinking power
  • Faint 
  • Missing consciousness
  • Blurry vision
  • Difficulty in communication
  • Brain stroke
  • Unable to taste or smell 
  • Seizures
  • Access headache 

Covid-19 can severely lead to provoking problems in the nervous system as stated above. Researchers concluded the main reason behind this is the nervous system inflammation or the swelling in your brain. 

5. How does the corona Virus affect our Gastrointestinal System?

Unusual symptoms of the Coronavirus like diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting can also be major alertness of this disease. 

Although, as per one of the important decision-makers of the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in Scranton named Mark M. Aloysius, - 'Corona Virus can lead to digestive system issues although the right conclusion can only be made with the time.' 

The certainty of having the real-time proof is there to indicate that Coronavirus can directly or indirectly, affect the Gastrointestinal System or digestive system especially the pancreas. All of them are mentioned below -

  • Almost 7 to 25% of the folks were the patients of the pancreatic injury according to one of the reviews of COVID-19 positive cases among 52 people 
  • Human Feces faced the Viral RNA
  • Bowel Abnormalities revealed by the Imaging Scans
  • Pancreatitis is found in one of the Women which further led to her COVID-19 report as positive, according to the case research reports.
  • Digestive system issue's symptoms and a positive stool test us found to correlate with each other 

6.How does the corona Virus affect our Respiratory System?

Your upper respiratory tract gets most affected by the coronavirus leading to throat issues, loss of smell, and taste. Afterward, it leads to the symptoms like cold, and fever. 

Lung tissues getting filled with pus and fluids can cause Pneumonia. It furthermore disables the potential of the air sacs to pass on a sufficient amount of oxygen to the blood cells. 

Other reasons for lung damage due to the coronavirus are -

  • Cytokine storm
  • Blood Clotting
  • Weak immune system 

7.How does the Corona Virus affect the Renal System?

You are least likely to get your kidney damaged due to the coronavirus until and unless you are a patient of any chronic illnesses. 

According to the researchers from China, - 'If you are a diabetic patient, thyroid patient or undergoing any other chronic illness, then you are most likely to suffer from the kidney damage caused due to the coronavirus else it's fine.'   

As per the Nephrologist named C. John Sperati from the Johns Hopkins University said that the following things might happen to your kidney if you are a patient of covid-19 disease -

  • Kidneys can get damaged due to the low oxygen levels
  • Kidney failure might be the result of the cytokine storm
  • Kidney cells can get under the trap of the coronavirus
  • Kidneys can get clogged due to the clots generated by the virus 

There is hardly any part of the body left that can not be affected by the coronavirus. If this isn't scary, then I do not have any idea of what will! Detect all the symptoms in your body that can be a hint to this virus and get it checked by the doctor as soon as possible to tackle the situation on time. A timely checkup of the full body and its treatment can save you from a lot of hurdles further! 



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