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Words Are More Powerful Than The Weapons!

We have continuously been getting enquiries about 'How to write articles for'. After getting inundated with requests from our readers, female influencers, freelancers and other female experts, we have decided to accept articles from the interested ones and publish those articles here on our website on a periodic basis.


Who Can Write Articles for

Anyone who has developed an expertise over a certain issue or topics related to women, topics could be related to Health, Lifestyle, Career Development, Relationships etc. If you are a freelancer, Doctor, Dietician, Counsellor, Corporate Trainer, you can share the power of your words with our audience through an article which can contribute to their life.

What Should Be The Topic of the Articles?

Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Career Development, Relationships etc. are the key areas we are interested in. You could suggest other topics also if you believe those will add value to the lives of our female readers around the world. Our editorial team will look into the suggestion and help you finalize the article.

How To Submit Your Articles?

All the articles must be shared in a word doc format at A separate note containing the brief profile of the writer can also be shared.

Where Will The Articles Be Published?

The articles will be screened and examined by the editorial team and upon getting shortlisted, selected articles will be published on and will also be disseminated through our social media and other platforms such as,,,, etc.

What Are The Guidelines To Write Online Articles?

Following guidelines MUST be followed while writing the articles for us-

  • The topic of the Article must be clear and easy to understand
  • Word length of the article should be around 1000-1400 words
  • The content of the article must be original and MUST NOT be copied from any other source
  • will not be liable for any objection/claim/issue etc raised against your articles by any reader
  • The content of the article must  be fact based not just opinion based.

Who Reads Articles?

We have readers from more than 20 countries and USA, India, UK, Australia etc bring the highest no. of readers for the largest segment of our readers fall under the age of 40 yrs. Our readers appreciate our knowledge based, latest and highly researched articles.

Hope you understand very well now, in case of any queries please drop a comment for this article and our team will be pleased to reach out to you. Let's use use your expertise and words to change the lives of females who represent nearly half population of this world, Good Luck!

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