How to deal with depression


Depression has been attacking millions of people across the globe! Getting bombed by the waves of depression can lead to the road filled with sadness and emptiness with no sunshine! 

dealing with depression

Numerous options are available to deal with depression. These solutions might seem obvious and simple for us to practically implement it but - it might sound like walking 200 km barefoot to get the water for a thirsty person! 

Depressed people need to be handled differently. From the use of tone to the last treatment, they need special attention and acknowledgment to get better soon. 

With the help of this guide below, you will be able to get a good picture of how to get back to recovery from the none less than a depressing nightmare's vibes around you! 


  • More than 16 million Americans face depression every year.

  • For the folks between 18 to 44 years of age group in the United States, mood disorders like depression are the third largest cause of illnesses.

  • The average age of people undergoing depression all across the globe is '32' years.

  • Researchers say that due to fast hormonal changes, females are at a higher risk of depression than men almost by 70 times more.

  • Around the globe, depression is faced by almost 350 million people yearly.

Why coping up with depression seem tough? 

Depression eats you gradually from inside - leaving you hopeless and shattered into pieces! You feel like there isn't any escape from the nights and the horror dreams. When you are in such a situation, everything around you makes you frustrated and the only help you could probably think of for yourself is - Ending your life! But, isn't the solution as there are repercussions you need to face in your after-death life - Please read about it! 

Reasons why coping with depression seems difficult?

  • The mind stays out of our control
  • Poor diet makes the situation worse
  • Worthlessness and feeling of left out in the competition as if you are a loser who is born to lose
  • Feeling of Inferiority in comparison to your peers 
  • Inner soul saying that nothing good will ever happen to you
  • 1000's of thoughts going on and off in your mind hampering your road to positivity

I know it's so painful to get through this phase - but counselors, psychological and mental health experts are always there to help you out. Along with this, multiple ways are applicable to change your life in seconds. 

How to deal with depression?

Compilations of the below methods have been done beforehand to help you recover from the depression soon.

Method - 1: Connect with the things around you! 

While Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media are the best way to stay connected in the digital world, make time to see people in person! 


  • Get out and participate in the social activities
  • Take your pet for a walk outside
  • Be a participant in the depression relieving group activities 
  • Go for the stand-up comedian shows at least once a week
  • Go for a weekly movie, dinner, and another outing with your loved ones
  • Invite relatives at home and vice versa
  • Join a club teaching the subject of your interest like guitar, dance, etc and meet new people every day there 
  • Be a volunteer in supporting others 

Method - 2: Shine by taking SunBath daily! 

Sun rays at the natural body healers! Make sure to take the sunbathe for at least 20-25 minutes a day. It will help you in boosting serotonin which is the chemical responsible to elevate your mood. 


  • Do gardening while taking sunbath
  • Sit and have your after-lunch coffee in the sun
  • Play outdoor games in the sun rays
  • Use sunscreen and avoid looking directly into the sun rays
  • Make places at home to let the sunlight inside your home
  • Try a light therapy box in case you stay somewhere in a wintering area
  • Do mediation in the shelter of the sun
  • Do daily exercises and double its benefits by taking vitamin D

Method - 3: Healthy diet is the best way to fight! 

Food has a direct relationship with how you feel! The more healthy you eat from outside, the more good you will feel from inside. Avoid taking chemical preservatives-based foods or fried foods in excess, it's unhealthy and can cause a high level of mood swings. 

Researchers say, - 'The deficiency in your body of Vitamin D like folic acid and B-12 directly gives birth to depression.'

According to the researchers, 'High doses of alcohol can prove dangerous for your health leading to depression.'


  • Multiply the intake of omega-3 fatty acids as it is the best mood stabilizers
  • Eat fresh fruits and leafy veggies
  • Enhance the amount of vitamin D in your body using citrus foods, eggs, and beans
  • Lower down the intake of sugary snacks and 'Tasty Junk Foods' like pasta, Maggie, Macroni, Pizza, etc. The more they feel good, the more they smash your energy and mood.  
  • Eat on time - almost after every 3 hours is recommended

Method - 4: Keep your body in motion! 

Keeping your body in motion will help you release tiredness and dullness from within! Adopt new ways to move your body to stay fit in and out. 


  • Go out to buy some groceries instead of ordering online, it will help you enhance your mood
  • Go shopping and buy some good stuff for yourself instead of online shopping
  • Exercise daily in the fresh morning air in a clean open environment
  • Use Mindfulness tools to fight depression for example you can listen to the sound of rain, walking barefoot in the garden listening to the sound of your feet, etc
  • Go for outdoor games like volleyball, basketball, badminton, race with your friends - Half of your exercise work will be done via this! 

Method - 5: Tell your mind how powerful you are! 

Let your mind know that nothing can let you down! Take control of your mind before it takes control of you. 

As soon as some negative word gets popped up by the mind, - on the spot change it with its antonyms instead of enhancing the negative word's effect on you by multiplying its synonyms


  • Change every negative statement your mind tells you with the opposite of it
  • Observe your anger or frustration - tell them nice to meet you and let them go
  • Try listening to positive affirmations 
  • The mind will be stuck on the fact that you are depressed, you stay stuck on the fact that you are healthy and recovering 

Final Words

Dealing with depression can be tough many times - but understanding the fact that there is a positive side to everything, will help you come out of the dark zone! See the beauty in everything that happens to you & life will change miraculously for you. 

Once you inculcate all the healthy habits in your lifestyle, I'm assuring you that the results will not only be helpful to cope up with depression but with other physical and mental illnesses too. Train your mind to stay calm, & active along with the ability to fight against all the odds in life. With the right knowledge and guidance from the psychologists, you will be able to live happily ever after!  


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