Mental Health in Kids : ANXIETY AMONG CHILDREN DUE TO CORONA- Message for Moms


While Coronavirus has affected all age gatherings and sections in society, kids are likely the most noticeably terrible affected and maximally overlooked. Most observations and researchers has zeroed in on health impact mortality, morbidity, financial and geopolitical impact of the pandemic. During this while, kids are caught in the limits of their homes, encircled by pitiful and unnerving information on ailment and passing, many lost their folks, grandparents, uncles and aunties or knew about the misfortune in their colleagues homes.

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Being restricted to restricted space, unfit to meet friends and family, incapable to enjoy sports and proactive tasks, seeking after instruction by means of the social media on versatile and computer screens or now and again being avoided with regards to classes on the grounds that the office isn’t accessible, it is a difficult world to adapt to. And while everyone gets a say, they are asked to shut up and study, they are expected to be grateful that they are not getting infected!

This causes immense stress on a kid still not mature enough to oversee it, leading to an increase in fear, anxiety, sleep disturbance, mood disturbance and behavioural issue. Numerous children who  were already vulnerable have developed panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and anxiety and mood related disorders. The impact on self esteem and confidence is significant. Some have witnesses higher levels of family conflicts and domestic violence. The uncertainty associated with exams, future, career have further confused high school children. Internet and gaming addiction is on the rise and psychos-somatic problems are widespread. 

The problem statement is huge however it should be characterized to make viable strides. As a psychiatrist we regularly see children being alluded for social issues yet parents are hesitant because of disgrace related with the word psychiatry. Yet, shutting one’s eyes does not  make the issue disappear. We as grown-ups need to expect the issue and take preventive measure. Taking into cognisance that kids are powerless is the initial step. Conversing with them about their sentiments, allowing them to communicate their feelings, taking direction and guiding to oversee pressure are for the most part estimates which can help in staying away from adverse results. We as a whole need a legitimate daily schedule, a commonly steady friendly climate and discipline to participate in day by day exercises gainfully. The accentuation must be on discovering an offset with better approach forever, aside from Coronavirus suitable conduct to keep away from contamination, there should be a system to guarantee balance physical, enthusiastic and social parts of life. Communicating routinely with loved ones in little gatherings, getting some down time to play, getting of the screen to partake in the magnificence of nature encompassing us, cooking and eating together, music, dance, expressions and specialties are all approaches to add imaginative interest in day by day life and distress consistently. 

The individuals who have lost close relatives and parents need professional intervention to manage the trauma associated with sudden loss. 

Dear Mom's - With prescience and empathy we can figure out how to adjust to the post Coronavirus world and hopefully make it stunningly better.

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