What Causes Your Husband to Lookout? What Are The Main Causes of Extra Marital Affairs?

 What causes extra marital affairs?

Extramarital affairs can be defined as any relationship one has outside their marriage. That is why the word Marital is used and affair indicates a term which is more like a fling than anything else. Many people use the word affair to indicate something not natural. It can also be in sexual terms as well. Many couples are in extra marital relationships these days. 

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What makes them go for extra marital affairs?

 It can be really because of loss of connection from the present relationship or it can also be a result of a random affection towards a person. If married couples have loopholes in their lives in terms of emotional connection, lack of spending quality time with each other or just not having proper and passionate love making, then the partners can opt for extra marital relationships. In many cases both husband and wife are in an extra marital relationship and both of them know about it. That is kind of an open relationship concept. In some cases one person cheats on the other person with someone else just to fulfil their emotional and physical needs. In some cases people just casually sleep with other people as well. There are many types of extra marital relationships. Is it good or bad? It is completely their choice. An ideal situation would be to give their marriage a chance and look for the missing traits in them only instead of looking for other people outside. These days dating apps have taken a step ahead and today literally lots of extra marital dating apps are available to find a perfect extra marital match according to interests. Gleeden is the most used app by people who seek extra marital relationships but yeah it comes with a price, nothing is free. Free features are very limited.another India based extramarital dating app is Amoure. Trust the play store and search for such apps and you will get a lot of options. 

Statistics -

According to the extra marital dating app, Gleeden, it crossed the benchmark of 1.3 Million subscribers during the ongoing pandemic of Covid 19 in India. This phase gave lots of interest to download the extra marital dating apps in india. With the increase in the number of the subscribers, the subscription rates also touched great heights during the last three months in India. 

September , October and November saw an increase in Indian subscriptions over 24.6 percent than in June, July and August. In the last 4 months , the app saw almost 4 Lakh subscriptions.

 Out of that 2.5 Lakh users joined in the last two months. The time spent on Gleeden by the couples, tripled since 2019. The tier 1 cities in India have most of the Gleeden subscriptions.

 Bengaluru bags the first position at 16.2 percent of the total Gleeden community.India and the city also showed a 17 percent growth in subscriptions since 2020. 

Bengaluru is followed by  Mumbai and Delhi with the second and third positions. Mumbai has 15.6 percent of the Gleeden users which comes with a growth rate of over 14 percent. Delhi has 15.4 percent connections and has a growth rate of a whooping 25 percent! Gleeden app confirmed that Indians chat longer than the Europeans on the app. 

Indians spend almost 3.5 hours on the app whereas the Europeans are stuck to 3 hours a day. The peak hours of engagement are throughout the week and mostly around 10pm to 12 am. Men are spending more by 45 percent due to an increase in their expenditure.

What causes extra marital affairs?

Marrying early - people who marry early tend to lose the spark very soon. Young souls are very lively and they might not be mature enough. The initial days of marriage might be very successful but gradually the spark tends to decrease and fades away slowly. These couples have the tendency to fall out of love easily.
Marrying for the marriage sake - people who marry under pressure of their family or people who have arranged marriages without their own desires just for the sake of marriage are most likely to have such affairs because they can’t accept their partner anyway.
Changes suck - marriage changes everything. A tag of extra responsibility, loyalty and credibility comes with it along with social pressure of a stable marriage. Things also change in terms of freedom. Married life is different from the maiden life. One can’t just do whatever they like to because they share their life with the other person. There is a lack of personal space for sure! These changes suck and people move towards extra marital dating!
Lost emotions - people tend to lose emotional connection over time due to lack of spending time together or just a lack of communication. People tend to lose connection over time and gradually they fall out of love and look for other people to fill the void of their life and light the spark of love again.
Disagreements and fights - couples may disagree on certain things and it is natural because they both are individuals and it is natural to have different opinions on something but sadly these disagreements turn into fights and couples think that maybe they are not good for each other and start sharing these things with other married person and gradually develop soft corner for these people and start an affair.
Difference in priorities - for one person something as simple as getting a pet may be a priority of desire but the other person might think that getting a pet would for example increase the finances of the family. The couple might think that their choices are not common and they are not meant for each other.
Lack of passionate love making - yeah, a healthy and passionate physical relationship is also a core component of a marriage but some couples do not have it. It is at this point when they think that they are not satisfied at all and they turn towards other people to fulfil their physical needs and stay happy from within.

There can be many other reasons people go for extramarital relationships. No single list can define everything. Reasons vary from couple to couple. Think and decide what is very good for you. Look for options but do not ruin the relationship you already have. Also remember ladies, these affairs are very short term just for the sake of fun or fling. Make sure not to get involved in emotional terms such that it is easy for you to move on.


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