5 reasons why females are attracted towards K - pop/K - dramas?

 5 reasons why females are attracted towards K - pop/K - dramas?

The world of K-pop music is an ever growing full-fledged industry which was worth $578m as of 2019. And ever since the emergence of the Hallyu (Korean wave) in the 1990s the country’s (South Korea) net worth has been growing through the spread of it’s music and dramas. In the year 2018, the South Korean Music market experienced a 17.9% increase in revenue growth, which is stated as the shift from ‘potential’ to ‘power play’. And BTS is considered to be the biggest and most powerful boy band in the planet followed by BLACKPINK which is considered to be the most powerful girl group in the world. And BTS alone brings in more than 8, 00,000 tourists in South Korea due to their enormous fan following and charisma. 

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Along with the charismatic boy bands like BTS to beautiful girl bands like BLACKPINK, the Hallyu also has brought Korean Drama into the mainstream media and entertainment culture of many countries and India being one of them. Korean drama has gained a lot of popularity because of it’s amazing storyline, beautiful, hot and sizzling cast, and short dramas (that can be finished watching in just one day. According to the reports presented by Rakunten Viki, a US based Korean drama dominated streaming app, Viki saw only a 3% traffic from Indian user from October 2019 to February 2020, while it saw rise with 36% traffic in the month of March 2020, and later it increased to a whopping 46% in the last six months. And these numbers can definitely tell you the immense surge of the Korean wave all over the world.

And as the popularity of the Korean dramas and Korean has increased over the years since the start of the Hallyu wave back in the 1990s, it is also no surprise that the dramas and music more popular among females than men, although it would wrong, if I say that there aren’t any male K – fans but yes there numbers are definitely less than that of the females. But there is a reason as to why the number of female fans is more than the males. So, let’s have a look at those reasons because of which K – pop and K – dramas are so popular among females.

# 5 reasons why females are attracted towards K - pop/K – dramas:

1.The pretty, beautiful, handsome, cute and hot cast (in K dramas) and hot, pretty male or female band members (K – pop bands) – Well, Koreans have always been known for their and perfect body image so when you see a hot sizzling female lead, a hot, handsome male lead along with a cute, pretty second female lead and cute handsome second male lead with other amazingly characters, it is highly impossible for you to miss out their charm and their chemistry. And it is pretty similar when it comes to K – pop bands, they are beautiful and handsome and having an amazing visual image which lure you in into their music.

2.Relatable music (lyrics) and unique and unexpected plotlines -  The lyrics that these K – pop bands write are very relatable (especially BTS), they write about stuff that they themselves have faced as teens or stories that are the realty of the society, thus making it easier for the listeners to connect to the music inspite of the language barrier. And when it comes to K – dramas, well they have amazing out of the world plot lines which are unexpected and presented in various melodramas ranging from historical, sci – fi, action, rom – com, mystery, etc. you name it and they have it.

3.Stylish and fashionable clothing – Yes! This may sound weird but it is true that the amazing clothing style presented in the K – dramas are one of the reasons why women are attracted towards it, looking the actors wearing fashionable clothes perfectly makes you wish to dress just like them. Even the K – pop members have an amazing fashion sense and never disappoint their fans when it comes to clothing, whether it be for their MVs (music videos) or just their casual look, they look top notch in every outfit they wear.

4.The Cinematography – The cinematography adds to the charming and glossy effect of the K-dramas, the settings and locations are well thought off, so even when the characters are not speaking anything at all, the setting justifies the scene and you won’t feel like something is missing. The same goes for the MVs created, the background, and the settings are so perfect that if something is missing from the song, then background setting and amazing scenery makes up for all the missing pieces.

5.The OST (soundtrack of dramas) and the K – pop music itself – Well, the dramas not only have an amazing cast and setting for the audience but also some amazing songs, which will touch your heart and all these songs have well written meaning behind it, full off emotions thus portraying the story’s and the character’s intentions even more beautifully.  And then comes our K – pop music, well I don’t think I have much to say on this as we all have become a fan of  the K – pop is because of their amazing music and lyrics, fully loaded with emotions and heart touching themes. 

These are the top five reasons why women are attracted towards K – dramas and K – pop music but other than this, there are hundred more different reasons why females are attracted towards K – dramas or K – pop music like, 

  • Easy to watch marathon like dramas – Yes, the K – dramas are short and usually don’t consist of more 16 – 20 episodes, which makes it easier for one to finish one drama in a day and satisfy their curiosity about the amazing plotline. 
  • The super cliché yet toe curling romantic moments – The K – dramas do have some super cliché romantic moments like slip – fall- catch – kiss and many more but they never make you bored instead they will make your toe curl every time you watch them.
  • The fresh idea behind every single music video – All the  k - pop idols make sure that every time they produce and create a new song, it has something different and unique to offer to their fans.
  • The idol’s sincerity towards their fans – It is a wonderful trait of all the k – pop idols that they are very sincere and dedicated to their fans, they make sure to spread all the love and positivity through their work and in return their fans also make sure to stay loyal to their idols and support them in all their ups and down.

And all the reasons mentioned above are some of the reasons why females are attracted towards the K – dramas and k – pop music but it would be wrong to say that if these are the reasons because of which females are attracted towards Kdramas or Kmusic but also males are attracted in a smaller number may be but these are definitely some of the things which attract people towards the Korean culture and once you enter the world of K – dramas or K – pop, there is no looking back ever again.

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