Cancer treatment in aiims ,Delhi, India

The unparallel facilities and positive aura of the cancer treatment center in AIIMS, Delhi is one of its kind. With huge adoption of the new advances - the hospital is expectedly rising with each passing day in terms of providing the best service to its clients. Dr. Randeep Guleria is the director at Aiims working in Delhi. He spoke about the need for having a well-equipped, hygiene maintained and why an institute like state-of-the-art is required today. While giving an interview to Sanchita Sharma he spoke about all the available treatments of cancer in India. 

cancer treatment at AIIMS Delhi

Cancer treatment should not be taken lightly. It's one of the chronic diseases and multimodality treatments. It takes a lot of follow-ups, radiotherapists, oncologists, surgeons, experts, etc. The experts for Cancer treatment in aiims Delhi is the need of the hour because, for every cancer case, the doctors need to individually analyze the situation.

Based on this analysis, they provide the proper suggestion of which treatment might be of benefit to the patient. It's a bit of a mind-shaking & lengthy process. Talking particularly about the infrastructure, it's enough for treating other chronic diseases like diabetes, thyroid issues, and heart-related problems. But, on the other hand, coming to cancer, we lag behind a lot in having the right infrastructure to successfully treat our cancer survivors. Our focus should be expanding the units for the quick treatments of cancer. 

Everything has been compiled from multiple sources and has been put across on this article regarding the Cancer treatment in aiims Delhi. 

How is the Cancer treatment in aiims Delhi different from other AIIMS centers?

The cancer treatment in aiims, Delhi is said to be different from other 22 present centers of Aiims all over India. Aims center in Delhi is a state of the art center. In this entire government set up, the core lab is being made which is its most unique feature. Although there exist some private hospitals that have the mini version of it. One of the struggles faced by hospitals nowadays is to have the right number of experts. One of the officials at Aiims, Delhi claims that the hospital today struggles a lot with not having a sufficient number of ots. It further leads to somewhat delay in treatment because of which patients are expected and required to wait for months. 

Here, with the help of the special focus on the high number of OTs at the National Cancer Institute, we have the upper hand to reduce this waiting time and perform the maximum number of surgeries in the minimum possible time. Another pro element that this hospital has is the good number of molecules - it further leads to overall cutting down of the operation time. The entire time is taken in for the daycare and the overall treatment will eventually come down here. More than expected number of surgeries and chemotherapy sessions can be done daily taking care of full hygienic environments. It is how the hospital officials are planning on creating a heightened level of satisfaction to the customers. 

New modifications & challenges in the cancer treatment 

Molecular diagnosis has become more common than ever. The advancements made in the overall treatment of cancer are reaching heights today. The biggest challenge faced by Indians cancer survivors isn't only to treat cancer with top-notch quality technologies but also to create awareness amongst the common people. Many people get ill due to cancer because they aren't aware of this disease or its symptoms. So a major look should also be made into this particular subject. 

Moreover, the overall cost of the treatment is also expected to go up by a high amount. It is because the acceptance of newer molecules will come into the picture. The therapy time completion and intake of the dose have been eased today like never before. 

For example, in the case of lung cancer, cancer specialists look up the mutations. In case the mutations come positive then the targeted therapy is being provided to the Patient. The best part of this therapy adoption is that it is not like chemotherapy where heavy doses of medications and physical doctor visits are required. Here, you just need to take one medicine daily and you'll see the changes in your current situation. 

The overall cost of such oral tablets can go up to 6000/- per tablet to 2 lakhs per tablet. The more the better molecules, the lesser the time it will take to get cure faster, and accordingly higher will be the price. 

From where the hiring be done at the Cancer treatment in aiims Delhi?

The initial preference of the people that will be hired at the Cancer treatment center in aiims Delhi will be its old employees. Proper training, learning, and development programs have been organized for them so that they can cope up with the new tools. and technologies soon. Apart from that, the hospital officials are also planning on hiring people from outside. 

They are also discussing calling the staff to work from the outer countries who are well-experienced in their domain. The center is willing to spend extra money on their training and salaries if they are capable enough to handle their roles well. Moreover, with the thought process of the ongoing pandemic, the aims officials said that Indians staying in the trouble are coming back, they want to utilize this manpower in India for the Cancer treatment in aiims Delhi. 

Key Takeaways

The Cancer treatment center in aiims Delhi is most probably going to be a big success in Delhi. It is being anticipated looking at the ongoing tough planning and execution process. Moreover, the calling of the new methodology is on the plate. It will create huge demand and generate enough audience in the hospital. What cancer patients struggle with the most is getting the right treatment with the right set of doctors and top technologies. If both are included here, the success is going to take a boom. 


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