How‌ ‌do‌ ‌you‌ ‌know‌ ‌if‌ ‌someone‌ ‌is‌ ‌active‌ ‌on‌ ‌Tinder?‌ ‌

 How do you know if someone is active on Tinder?

Tinder active status

Even though the tinder app shows several details like age, biography and even the location of the users, there is no such indication to tell you if a person is active and is using the tinder while being actually online. However, there are some ways by which you can determine if a person is using tinder. Like, through the changes in location or by noticing the messages that person sends to you. But even though there is no such direct way for identifying if a person is active on tinder, there are some apps like, Plenty Of Fish, which actually identify the profiles which are actively using this tinder.

Unfortunately there are no such features on tinder app which allows their users to identify if a profile is online or when was the last active that is it does not give you the records or tracks the status of the person. Back in the year 2019, there was a feature named as last active. It was the same year in which this feature was being released from tinder. The reason that they removed the last active feature was to prevent any kind of online stalking. 

But you can try the following ways to identify if someone is active on tinder.

  1. Identify the location of the person has changed or not:

This is one of the best ways to identify if the person is active by noticing if the location has changed in their account or not. Actually tinder provides you with the information that how far is the user located after you have matched with the person and this distance is being presented in the number form.

So, for example while you you had last talk to them so that the person was 30 miles away from you and suddenly you see that that person is 10 miles or 15 miles away from you means that they were actually active on tinder. As soon as the user opens the app on their phone then immediately the location gets updated and it is being displayed to the other users.

Basically this is done to improve quality of tinder dating and to help their users to find matches within nearby. Also tinder tries to make the user experience to be the best for their users so that the distance gets updated on the app as soon as there is a successful connection over the GPS signal.

  1. Minutely see in the chat box that if the reply box is showing that user is typing:

By noticing that if the person has entered any text or is entering any text in the chat box is another way to identify if the tinder profile is active. As the iPhone shows that the thinking bubbles while someone types a message, similar to that tinder have adopted this particular feature.

While the other user is typing his or her message on tinder then you can see it as three dots in the chat box. This is one of the best ways for identifying if the other person whom you are talking to is active and online or not and it is especially so when you are waiting to get a message, you are expecting a message or a reply back from the user.

  1. Keep a close eye for identifying the biography updates: 

Actually many users try to update their profile by editing the bio for gaining some new matches or views or to provide some more information regarding themselves. If you want to really see that a user is active or not then just keep on checking if the person has updated their bio or have changed it somehow or not.

If you find any changes between their last bio and the current one then obviously they have been online for or some time recently.

  1. Look for picture updates:

If a person is active on tinder app then more likely they update their pictures from the profile. Do check if the profile picture of the person gets changed or there any updated pictures like any recent pictures or not. Another way through which you can determine if there are any types of holiday pictures.

Like if they have uploaded any type of Christmas pictures then there is a pretty good chance of predicting that that particular picture was being captured during December. By now it is known that uploading our current pictures helps to gain attention which helps in tinder dating and it also helps the other connection to know more about the personal life of the user.

So, if there is any new picture then it is as clear as water that they have been online recently.

  1. Activity status:

However for the tinder gold and tinder platinum subscribers there is good news as tinder has introduced a simple way to identify if one of their connections has been online or not.

Through tinder plus or platinum you can see if your connection was recently active on tinder. Actually a green dot appears beside the name of the potential connections with whom you have matched and who have been active on tinder within the last 24 hours. These green dots can be noticed beside the Likes You portion.

But even if you do not subscribe to tinder gold or platinum then you can also see the green dot but the profile photos of the accounts that have been active in the Likes You portion are blurred. Which means that it is of no use to you if you haven't subscribed.

But there is a catch. Some people like to create an air of mystery and they can even change the active status in their apps setting from the recently active status and then toggling the show activity status to Off. So if they have turned off their activity status then even if you are a tinder gold or platinum subscriber you don't have the chances to see if they were active in the last 24 hours or not.

But there is nothing to get disheartened because the other ways which we have mentioned earlier are a lot helpful and it's definitely going to assist you in noticing if your connection was online or active recently. 

Also just don't end up looking like a stalker. All these tips and tricks that we have discussed over here are definitely helpful to find out if someone is active or not but that doesn't mean that you should turn into a stalker and keep on stalking the particular connection.

Try to get the hands if someone is active but not replying to you as it means that they are not interested in you anymore or doesn't want to continue the connection forward.

Ladies even though you have your own doubts regarding whether your loved one is using tinder for staying active on tinder behind your back by not replying to you. Then just think logically before starting to point fingers over them as tinder dating is highly responsible for several breakups as well as divorces.

It makes it a lot easier for people for dating each other by having no strings attached. That is why, it is always better to understand the boundaries and act accordingly.





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