How to choose your neighbourhood to stay in a new city?

 How to choose your neighborhood to stay in a new city?

hoose your neighbourhood to stay in a new city

Moving to a new city? Want to choose a perfect neighbourhood for you? But we get to know the answer for these questions let’s list out the points because of which you might have to move to a new city and find a new neighbourhood. And some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Admission in new college or University.
  • New job offer.
  • Transfer of job.
  • Whole family shifts to a new city because of some sad incident.
  • Getting married.
  • To have a fresh start.
  • To become self-reliant, independent and learn how to live alone.
  • To start a new career and make new connections.

These are some of the reasons why you might have to move a totally new city and neighbourhood but moving to a new city and neighbourhood is not easy you have to keep in mind and check a lot of things before permanently or temporarily moving in. As exciting as relocating to a new city may sound, pinpointing exactly where in that city you’ll be living is not the easiest decision. It is natural to be attracted to the idea of living downtown, in the centre of the city, close to all the stores, coffee shops, and work. But unfortunately, that isn’t always the most viable option.

So what are those things that you need to keep in your mind and check before moving to stay in a new city and neighbourhood. For that, let’s list down a few important things that one needs to check before shifting cities.

#9 important things that you need to check before moving to a new city and neighbourhood.

i. Choose a budget friendly place – When you move to a new city, there are hundred different expenses that you need to take care of, so when choosing a neighbourhood to stay, go for an affordable and budget friendly place that will provide you with not only good housing but also other amenities like hospital, school, college, market area, park, etc. at a pricing healthy for your pocket.

ii. Choose an area near to your work place – If you are moving in to new city because of a new job offer, then make sure to find a house in a neighbourhood near to your office, so that you don’t have waste long hours stuck in traffic or travel using trains, metros, buses or cabs. Also having a place close to your workplace will save your energy and also your hard earned money, as you can easily or ride a bicycle to your office.

iii. Choose a place near to your school/ college/ university – Renting a place near to your college or university will save you time to work more on your assignments and study more. Also a place close to you school or university will prevent you from travelling using public transport even private in that case, thus saving money eventually. A place nearby will also help you be on time for your classes and also places near schools usually have a lot of student friendly facilities which will come in use to you whenever needed.

iv. Choose a safe neighbourhood – Whether a girl or a boy, it doesn’t matter, a safe neighbourhood is something one should always choose because always remember that ‘SAFETY FIRST’. A safe neighbourhood will guarantee your safety and you can move around freely without any worries, even can come home late or leave early from home and if you are living alone then your family members will also be at ease. 

v. Look for amenities nearby your place - When you select a neighbourhood make sure that around your house you have a hospital, a 24-hrs pharmacy, a General store, an ATM, a bank and also a joggers park or garden if possible so that you can go out for a walk whenever stressed and can spend some time out in the nature. And having a hospital and pharmacy nearby will assure you and your family that if anytime any medical assistance is needed then you can get it very easily rather than going faraway to find some help.

vi. Choose a place which is not too far away from the railway/ metro station, bus stop or airport – Buying or renting a place nearby to these travel check ins will ensure you that your is always accessible and within reach for new people when they want to visit you, also it will make your travel easier and save you a lot of time.

vii. Choose a place which is well developed - A well-developed place with all the amenities like school, college, university, office, hospital, pharmacy, general store, stationery store, restaurants, park, and aa place near the railway/ metro station or airport etc. will help you to live a stress free life and you can get your things done easily rather than you travelling miles just to get one simple done. 

viii. Choose place with good community – A neighbourhood with good atmosphere and community will help you settle in faster and also having good, helpful neighbours will make you feel less homesick, also will make you miss your old house and neighbourhood less. And good neighbours can also become your good friends with whom you can hangout on weekends or even on daily basis, and when you have helpful people in the neighbourhood, it lessens your worry about how settle and fit in a new city and neighbourhood. 

ix. Social culture – Moving to a new city will bring in a lot of changes along with the culture. The social culture of the place that you might be moving in may be very different from that of the place where you were staying till now and this difference in the social culture can be disturbing if you are unable to adjust yourself to these changes, thus make sure to select a neighbourhood which similar to the earlier place of yours.

Although, the above mentioned things are what one must definitely check or pay attention to before moving in to a new city and neighbourhood, there are also certain things that one would like to check like affordability and accessibility, somethings like the number of restaurants, pubs, beaches, hiking places, worship places like Temples, Mosques, Churches, etc. or libraries. These things are personal and may vary person to person as to what they are looking for near their neighbourhood or housing. 

Moving to a new city and a new neighbourhood can be pretty tiring with all the packing and stuff, it can be tiring physically and mentally as well when you are moving to a new city all alone leaving behind your families and friends, you can feel home sick and also will have to adjust to new environment, new college, new office, new home, and living alone. Other than keeping in check factors like a good crime free neighbourhood, affordable place and so on one must also make sure to check out that you manage your finances well because moving in to a new city and neighbourhood can prove costly, also make sure to check your rental (property documents) before moving in, go for a police verification, ask your would neighbours as well that how is the society and neighbourhood, etc. 

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