signs you will get the job after job interview


Interview pressure feels like board exam pressure and ends up creating a sense of nervousness within us. After the interview is done, we tend to think about things like, “did I answer everything perfectly?” “I dressed properly, right?” “I was polite and professional as well?” “I guess I will get the job!” “Will I get the job?” These thoughts aren’t wrong. It is all about the human psyche. We tend to think about things till the moment we hear something from them. People tend to think when they will hear something from the organisation. They tend to do various follow ups from the organisation and ruin their image in turn of these random follow ups with the company. Spamming the mailbox would not help! Sending thank you notes definitely helps. There are some signals for you to predict the chances of you getting a job offer or not.


Statistics -


 Study says that around 22 percent of the professionals in the hiring department do not hire someone who does not send thank you notes after the interview as a part of following up for the interview. 86 percent of hiring managers say that there is always a lack of follow through. 56 percent of the hiring managers think that if the job candidates do not send followup mails , that means they are not interested or serious about the job position and that is why they are not following up for the job position. On an average count, these corporate companies receive around 250 resumes , out of those 250 resumes, only 4 or 6 people get called for an interview and 1 or 2 people get hired. Recruiters take 6 seconds to scan the resume. 50 percent of candidates tend to not work with an organisation who has a bad reputation.



Signs you will get job after the interview-



     Mention the interviewer’s body language - if the interviewers are agreeing with what you say and they listen to you very attentively , signs are that you might be hired for the job because they are interested in whatever you say. Therefore , you can conclude that you had put up the right points during the interview and impressed the interviewers with your answers.

     Their choice of words - if the interviewers use words like , “if you take up this role, will you be able to do it?” or “ when you take up this role , will you be able to prove yourself?” the words if and when adds flavour to the whole hiring process and it means that they are imagining you taking up that position in their company. This is a very good sign. So if you have come across this situation with your interviewer , chances are there for you to get hired.

     Casual conversation - when the serious interview turns into a casual conversation, it means that they are comfortable working with you and they like your qualifications and other qualities. The conversation is still professional but at the same time it has a casual tone to it. Interviews are generally about a list of questions but after a typical kind of interview if there is some kind of casual conversation, then it is a sign that they want to know you better out of your qualifications. It is a good sign.

     They let you meet other members - if the interviewers introduce you to other team members and strike a conversation with you , that is a very strong sign that yes, you are going to be hired by them. It is that great. They want you to know their other team members because they want you to know them well to work with them.

     Notice their responses - in certain situations, they give hints like, we want someone like you to fill in the position of our company. We want a candidate with a similar mindset and skills as yours. These lines simply indicate that they want you for the job. That is it! These are some kind of indirect hints they give. So make sure to notice them well during the interview and listen carefully to whatever they say.

     Some compliments - okay, so if the interviewers appreciate you for something and says things like I am impressed with your gesture or I really want to learn this skill from you , these are real positive signs that they are totally impressed with you and they want you to be a part of the organisation.

     Mentioning about perks - they also tend to discuss the perks that the job has to offer. These perks involve everything that the company has to offer out of salary. So if they are spending their time discussing the perks the company has to offer, then the organisation is surely interested in you.

     Salary - when the interviewers are impressed by the total possession of the interview , they tend to discuss the salary expectations and what they offer for the position you might be hired for. Discussing salary expectations instead of saying other things means that they might want you for filling up the job position.

     What’s next - they discuss how to follow up after the interview process and who to connect with. So if they are discussing these things on their own without you asking for contact details to follow up, is the biggest sign that they want you to join the organisation.

     They hand over contact details - yes, they will give you business cards and other contact details for the rest of the interview process.

     Office tour - if they offer you an office  tour after the interview process , show you the department you interviewed for or introduce you to others. It is not a simple gesture. They have other work as well. If they take out time out of their busy schedules then it means that they really want you to join the department.

     They connect with your references - if they connect with your references , it means that they are impressed with your performance and they want to know more about the work ethic you possess and other past performances. Therefore they connect with your reference contacts.



Therefore, the next time you appear for an interview, make sure to look for these signs the interviewer gives, this will help you predict whether you are selected for the interview or not. Whether you will be called for a second appointment or you will be hired directly! All the best!










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