When is world cancer day celebrated?

 Cancer has become ordinary and gives birth to turmoil like never before. Almost 17 deaths are witnessed every minute globally, as revealed by the WHO - World Health Organization. Its wide-spreading nature has made it necessary to look into it for an hour. WHO has done enough on its part to help cancer people. It mainly has designed a full-fledged guide that will benefit people in knowing the early symptoms that can cause cancer further. This way people will get more alert and go for early treatments. It indeed will reduce the total number of health taking place for it. 

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Celebration of world cancer Day is done via a particular theme each year. All of the arrangements to ensure its success are made by the UICC - Union for International Cancer Control. 

The article presented below will give you enough awareness on the subject of World Cancer Day.

When is world cancer day celebrated? 

World cancer day is celebrated on 4th February. UICC supports this cause by making the decoration. The celebration of World Cancer day is done with all the preparation and all the joining parties in this celebration are well educated and trained about cancer and its causes. These people are the helping hands that further educate other common folks. On 7th November, cancer awareness day is celebrated. All it does is create awareness and provide enough education to people with such an understanding about various cancers, what food or other factors lead to cancer, its symptoms, and what step is to be taken next after it is first diagnosed. 

World Cancer Day History

The origin of world cancer day started in 2000. Its origin happens from the world summit against cancer which took place in Paris. 

Established in 1993, UICC is headquartered in Geneva. Its prior role is to do world-class medical research in this field and help a lot of the victims of cancer worldwide. The Charter of Paris Against Cancer was signed by the organizations of cancer presented worldwide and the various booming leaders and higher officials of the government departmental authorities. 

The pledge was taken to ensure that all of these parties will work hand in hand for enhancing the overall welfare of the cancer survivors and saving the common people from getting affected by it by creating awareness programs free of cost. The entire article or document consists of 10 pages in total. They all also promised to do timely investments for the welfare of common people saving them from cancer. Their main focus will also be on bringing forth the best medical research, medical departmental team, and treatment tools along with the best medications. Officially after all of this, Article X declared the 4th of February, as the official day to celebrate world cancer day. 

World Cancer Day Theme

The website of World Cancer day states that the primary reason for putting across the theme each year is to create a unique message for all. It was that positive actions taken by every individual can manifest positive outcomes. They also aim to diminish non-communicable illnesses by ⅓ by 2030. The events supporting the vital cause of World Cancer day take place every year. It includes particular themes for every tear to reduce the demise ratio per year. The themes for the last five years has been started below -

  • Best Theme for World Cancer Day in 2015 - "Not beyond us"
  • 2016 to 2018 Theme for World Cancer Day - "We can, I can"
  • 2019 to 2021 Theme for World Cancer Day - "I Am and I Will"

The role of these multi-year campaigns is completely based on the communities and for the individuals, how they can take small steps to reduce the effect of cancer upon themselves. 

Reasons for Celebrating World Cancer Day

Celebrating World Cancer day is all aimed at curtailing its effect on the world. It's like a supportive hand to the cancer survivors telling them that they aren't alone in their struggle and the world stands by them. It gives the upper hand to the common people so that they can save themselves if they ever cross this disease.  

Cancer can take place in multiple forms like on the breast, lungs, stomach, oral, etc. So, here, to get the right information about all of this cancer and take action accordingly becomes of prior importance - one of the biggest reasons to celebrate World Cancer day. In addition to this, it also calls the International communities to act in support of all cancer-affected individuals. 

With the right information, comes the right knowledge, with this comes the right treatment & saving a life indeed! 

World Cancer day is also aimed to clarify all the misperceptions & misinformation related to cancer disease formed.  

How does the celebration of World Cancer Day happen? 

Celebration of World Cancer Day happens throughout the world via governmental and non-governmental authorities. To celebrate this day, a lot of awareness creating rallies, campaigns, lectures, seminars takes place. It helps the common people to grasp the familiarity of such issues who aren't mature enough to understand the depth of such problems, who have the least access to news, books, who are illiterate. All the necessary tools to be in while creating these campaigns and other events are provided by the UICC. This toolkit consists of leaflets, firm directions, and templates. 

Key Takeaways

World Cancer Day is a very big day to support all the victims of cancer survivors. It after all creates awareness among the people about the ill causes of cancer and shows to get treated on time. Once people have awareness, they will be able to move forward and seek help. Such events are always helpful to reach people who are out of reach of social media. It's fair enough that awareness is the biggest weapon to stop cancer from the world as ¼ of the people die from cancer each year due to no awareness or knowledge on such topics which delays their treatment. 



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