Who are Top oncologist of India?

Cancer is the second largest illness found today than ever. Millions of people have come under the trap of this illness without their prior knowledge. It is generally built when multiple cells and tissues grow into your body abnormally. It disturbs the various parts of your body and puts them in a halting stage at some time in the future. 

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Cancer survivors can live for 5 years to 30 years but not make more than that. In contrast, there are rare cases where the cancer situation can be controlled thoroughly if you are at the beginning stages and then start working normally like other people. 

Knowing about the oncologist is an important aspect of life. The article beneath will help you get a fair idea of the top oncologists of India to help you get treated as soon as possible with the best facilities. 

Who is an Oncologist? 

Oncologists are highly educated doctors who are specialized in the field of cancer treatment. They can treat all kinds of patients suffering from differing kinds of cancers. They are specialized in studying the field of oncology. It deals with the diagnosis, therapy, and complete usage of treatment tools to stave off this illness. Once you start seeing the symptoms of cancer, you will be called off to various checkups that will help you to determine the major cause of it. India has developed a lot in having useful cancer treatment machines and qualified doctors. Our doctors have more than 10 to 30 plus years of expertise all over India to help you cure this illness.

Top oncologist of India 

The top list of oncologists is decided based on years of experience, degrees, and live successful treatments. Below is the list of top-rated oncologists of India. 

  1. Dr. Harit Chaturvedi

He is the most determined cancer doctor in India. Completing the MS in General Surgery has made him achieve more success and exposure in life. In India, he is known to work as the Consultant of the Oncologist department. 


  • He holds more than 33 years of experience in the field of oncology
  • He did his MBBS graduation from the G.S.V.M Medical College of Kanpur city
  • Widely known as the president of the Indian Association of Surgical Oncologists.
  • He is currently operating at the Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket

  1. Dr. Bellarmine Vincent Lawrence

He is a prominent and promising oncologist in India. He has reportedly provided multiple instances where he performed the best pre and post-breast cancer treatment. 


  • He overall holds 35+ years of experience as the cancer specialist 
  • Apart from completing his MBBS, he has also done FACP and MD in oncology
  • He is best to treat cancers related to Palliative, breast, Biopsy, and hematology
  • He is currently working as the Senior Consultant of the Oncologist field
  • He has a respectable place in the multiple medical associations 
  • He operates in the Gleneagles Global Hospitals located at Perumbakkam in the Chennai city

  1. Dr. PP Bapsy

She is one of the highly experienced oncologists in India. She is also the first woman to pursue their DM in oncology.


  • He holds 44 years of total experience
  • Working as the head of the department of Oncologist
  • Specialized in treating Colo-Rectal Cancer, myeloma, and breast cancer
  • Board member of multiple Pharmaceutical companies
  • She operates from the Apollo Hospitals which is located in the Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore

  1. Dr. Vinod Raina

With achieving the supreme level degrees in the field of oncology as MD, MBBS, and DM in the Medical Oncology, - he is widely popular. It makes him one of the most outstanding cancer doctors in India.


  • Holds more than 35 years of experience in the field of oncology
  • He is working as the director of oncologists in the Department of Medical Oncology 
  • He is a well-known expert to deal with cancers hailing at breast, blood, Gastrointestinal, and lungs
  • He is a well-known member of the Royal College of Physicians in the UK. Apart from this, he is also a member of Honorary Research Fellow at Oxford University
  • He is operating at the  Fortis Hospital in Gurgaon

  1. Dr. Sandeep Nayak

Widely known to be the best oncologist in India, he has proved himself by winning multiple awards at the reported conferences. 


  • He holds experience working in the field of oncology for more than 20 years to date
  • He is currently working as the Director of Surgical Oncologist
  • With regards to his education, he has completed MBBS from Calicut Medical College and further pursued the MD in General Surgery
  • Holds a membership for the Association of Surgeons of India as well as for the Indian Association of Surgical Oncology. It is for a lifetime. 
  • He is currently operating at the Fortis Hospital in Bangalore

  1. Dr. Ashok Vaid

He is a renowned chairman of medical & pediatric oncology and is widely known for being the best oncologist in India.


  • Holds approximately 31 years of experience in this industry
  • Pursued MBBS from Jammu in 1989
  • He operates from the Gurgaon location in the Medanta - the Medicity
  • Gained popularity for writing multiple research papers
  • He is popularly known as a member of the IMA - Indian Medical Association and AOP Association of Physicians - India.
  • Also a founding member of ICON - Indian Cooperative Oncology Network

Key Takeaways

Knowing that you have cancer all of a sudden can be mind-shaking and devastating. But, understand one thing that if you are in the initial stages of cancer, then there are chances of getting rid of this disease with the proper treatment. Consult the doctors listed above as soon as you find that something is not working in your favor. Undoubtedly many others can be added to the list. Just make sure to check the profile and customer reviews of the doctor before approaching him for the treatment. Then take the appointment and start your treatment as soon as possible. Waiting for the right time can bring your entire case to the disruption. 



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