Why does BTS end up getting trolled or become a part of unwanted controversies always?

 Why does BTS end up getting trolled or become a part of unwanted controversies always?

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Bangtan Sonyeondan or as popularly known as BTS, is one of the biggest boy band in the world now. Formed in 2010 and debuted in the year 2013, this band has achieved numerous feats in a very short amount of time with their incredible and continuous hard work. BTS is a seven member band consisting of members RM, Jin, Suga, J – Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, formed under Big Hit Entertainment. It is band that co -  writes and co – produces their own music, although originally a hip – hop group, their musical style has evolved over years and has now included wide range of genres. Their lyrics focus on various themes like coming of age, social commentary, mental health, troubles at school and many more. 

Titled as ‘Princes of the Pop’ and ‘Next Generation Leaders’, BTS is literally dominating the world right now, with their sensational choreography and soothing music. And BTS is so huge that it alone brings in more than 8, 00,000 tourists in South Korea every year due to their enormous fan following and charisma. BTS also enjoys a huge fan base/fandom popularly known as A.R.M.Y (which stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth). And one of the interesting facts about A.R.M.Y is that it is one of the world’s largest fandom ever. 

BTS’s A.R.M.Y is not just the world’s largest fandom ever but also one of the strongest fan base ever. It is so strong that in the year 2020 it helped BTS break their own world records with the release of their new and first ever English single ‘Dynamite’, which also helped the band create an additional 7 more Guinness world records. And as of 27th April 2021, this boy band holds 23 Guinness world records, thus making them one of the most successful music groups in Guinness World records history, alongside other chart toppers like Ariane Grande, the Beatles, and many more. 

Now looking at how huge BTS is and how popular they are, one can only expect that they will also have haters ready to attack them, at every comment they make and every achievement they have. And what can be the possible reasons as why people hate BTS and wrap them up in unwanted and useless controversies?

  • JEALOUS, yes it’s that simple. They are jealous of their success and about the fact that they are dominating the world with their music and amazing thoughts.

  • People had never expected to have someone dominate the global music industry from the east; Asia.

  • BTS being popular even when they sing in Korean and not English; the global language. (although they have recently created some of their English songs as well)

  • Some Asian group bagging all the awards and even getting a Grammy nomination.

The above mentioned reasons can stand as some of the important reasons why people hate BTS but there are also people who dare call themselves as A.R.M.Ys but hate BTS for all the wrong and literally senseless reasons like;

  • BTS is Girlish – Yes! This is like the most popular useless reason why people hate BTS. Well, that’s definitely not true because BTS members have bagged some amazing awards like ‘The sexiest man alive on earth’ and ‘The most handsome man and face of the world’, which has been possible only when people from all the world voted for them.

  • The name Bangtan Sonyeondan – According to some the name Bangtan Sonyeondan was an ill fit in K – pop industry when they had groups named as EXO because the name translates to ‘Bulletproof Boy scouts who protect the young from social pressure.’ And also that this very name would never bring them name and fame, although it has already been proven wrong.

  • BTS’s music – Like this can be one of the stupidest reasons why people hate BTS because as much as I or any K – pop fan or a sane person knows, it is a very simple known fact that BTS is famous because of their music first, while their dance and handsome faces come only secondary. 

  • BTS wants to become like Big Bang – Another popular band like BTS is Big Bang and many people think that these seven boys are trying to imitate Big Bang, which clearly shows the fact that these blamers haven’t seen the difference between the two bands. 

  • BTS’s Rap – BTS has three main rappers RM, Suga and J – Hope, according some people RM doesn’t know how to rap, irrespective of the fact that not only RM but also Suga are one of best rappers in the world. And there are many who just love the band for their rap.  

The above mentioned reasons answer to the question that why BTS ends up getting trolled or become a part of unwanted controversies. Over the time BTS has been trolled for various reasons like for the fact that they look girlish, they have copied songs and can’t write their own, they can’t rap and have used various tools to cover up for it and many more but what is shocking is that BTS never shouts but instead they just prove all the allegations false very quietly without making much noise unlike the haters.

They have producing music for the last eight years and over this time they have been pulled into various controversies like,

  • Being trolled by Chinese fans over their comment on Korean War, when they received an award at the Van Fleet awards 2020 for strengthening the US and Korea relationship through the wide spread of Korean culture and for achieving enormous feats at Billboard Music Hot 100 on the day of the 70th Anniversary of the  Korean War.

  • Chart Manipulation – BTS started blowing up the charts since the release of their song ‘I Need U’, and since then they have stood at the number one position for various songs of theirs, which also led them to create many world and Guinness World records, and as a result they have been accused of chart manipulation only to find out that their success is because of their hard work and the love from their fans (A.R.M.Ys). 

  • Plagiarism Scandal – members like RM have been accused of plagiarism thus spreading hate against him and the band only for them to shut up when the idol came out clean that he did take inspiration from other artists although it was his fault for not letting the sources out right at first. This shows that even if they might have taken inspiration from others they never fail to give them their due credit.

  • Death threats to members RM and Jimin – This is the saddest part because people to such an extent with their disliking for the group that they even go ahead with death threats.

Although after reading this article many people might think that this is a very biased article where BTS is been shown right and not thought about the other perspective but being a human being the only the thing I can say is that hate against anyone is bad whether be it BTS or any other K – pop group or celebrity, thus if we can’t appreciate or respect someone then we should atleast keep our mouths shut.

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