Tinder is a very popular dating app and most probably that is the sole reason you are here reading this article to know more about it. Well, tinder is used by Millions of people around the Globe. The maximum percentage of Tinder users are Youth aged between 18 to 24 and so on. Tinder is a dating app  through which one can swipe right to the profiles they like. What if they want to swipe right on a profile which is not from their area or their country? That is possible too! But as we all know , good things come with a price! You can definitely have a passport to your tinder profile and cross borders in the online digital game for sure! Take a physical passport to the country you are travelling in and upgrade to the digital dating passport and you are good to go.


According to Q4 2020, Match , 6.7 Million users use paid tinder versions. According to Reuters, there are approx 66 Million Tinder users. According to Match the approx revenue of Tinder came to approx 1.4 Billion for 2020 data. Tinder contributed 59 percent of the total revenue of the match group. 

What is a Tinder Passport?

Tinder passport is an exclusive feature available to the users of Tinder’s premium accounts which means it comes with the Tinder Plus and Gold Subscriptions and it does not come for free. Tinder passport helps one swipe right to the local profiles of the area or the country they are travelling in. which means , if you are abroad , you can date the locals there!  Tinder Premium subscriptions come for approx INR 650 per month. Tinder gives huge discounts to the users who take up their 6 month plan or the annual 1 year plan. The Tinder 6 month and 1 month plan starts from INR 2250 and INR 3550 respectively which comes to approx INR 375 and INR 296 per month for the 6month and annual plan respectively. People go for the option, favourable to their pockets, interests and desires. So if you want to date International guys or find a match on an International trip, here's the top pick for you but first things first, subscribe to tinder’s premium versions to unlock the passport feature, before we get started.

Step by step guide to find International guys on Tinder -


Upgrade to paid Tinder subscription - Upgrade your tinder account to get access to the Tinder premium subscription in order to unlock the Tinder passport. Once you get access to the tinder passport, you can easily swipe for profiles outside the vicinity of your place or area you stay. Tinder passport helps people find correct international matches and it is one of the most amazing and cool features which comes with the Tinder premium subscriptions. Free tinder doesn't have the passport option. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your profile and get a digital dating passport to the country or area you like and spice up the whole dating scene out from the local guys of your place. This option will definitely give you access to new profiles. Tinder passports can increase the area of location to be covered, so it is your choice to select the vicinity of the dating grounds. 

Step 2

Frame your profile - well, the truth is, better the profile, better the matches. So if you want to stand out from the rest, better go and frame your profile again and make it as amazing as you can. Make it catchy and memorable such that guys get attracted to swipe right automatically. For this, have the best set of pictures, have an amazing bio. The bio should be good enough to put a smile on that stranger’s face and make him automatically swipe right for you. Who does not like a super like? Super like definitely makes a person feel special. So if you also want a super like on your profile, spend a few minutes or hours to polish your profile and make it the best such that more profiles get attracted towards your profile. What’s next ? A good profile gives you more likes and super likes and thus increases your chance of finding an amazing partner. 

Step 3 

Research on the dating scenario of the country - dating works differently in different locations. The dating technique or the way of approaching people here in India is definitely different from what we see in other countries. Therefore, it is very important that you know how dating works in that particular region. Is it just about chatting? Or hanging out casually ? it can be anything. Different places have different cultures and so does dating. If you are unaware of these differences , you won’t be familiar with their expectations and ways to date and in turn you might end up not liking the person. 

Step 4

Mention the time period of your stay in the country - well if you mention those dates then people would get curious to meet you before you take your flight back home and mentioning dates is very ideal when one is looking for a relatively short term date and not a long term date. Mentioning dates would keep people away from your profile who are looking for long term relationships. Therefore, it is always wise to mention dates on your profile unless you are looking forward to a long term long distance relationship with a foreigner guy. 

Step 5 

Be clear about what you want - from the moment you start a conversation with the guy, make yourself clear about what you want? If you want a physical relationship , be clear, if you want to be friends, friends with benefits or a short term relationship, still be clear. Unclear and unrealistic expectations lead to a mess and misunderstanding in the relationship which nobody o=wants.

Step 6

Language difference - well, dating in a different country means dating in another language. Which has its own shortcomings. Before you start dating , always remember, everybody doesn’t speak english or even if they speak, they might not speak amazing english. So burst out the myth that all foreigners know english!

Step 7 

Get your whatsapp contact ready - always be ready to switch to whatsapp because international calls and chats are both available there. In case you wish to continue your little chatting session which started on Tinder whatsapp would be super handy for you. Get the guy on tinder but talk to him on whatsapp such that you can store his contact, till the moment you want to store it! Also, do not share your contact number with suspicious people , that would noy=t serve the purpose, end it right there. 

Now that we know how to find international guys on Tinder, we can definitely get amazing matches abroad and amp up the dating game upto a different notch for sure. Next time you are bored of the local profiles of your area, grab your tinder passport and try something new. The worst part is, you never get to meet those amazing tinder profiles from Tinder commercials , so search the best for yourself on your own! Happy dating, beautiful!

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