What is skin cancer?

What is skin cancer?

What is skin cancer? _Ichhori.com

The article is going to brief you about skin cancer's in-depth meaning and how it is being caused. 

What is skin cancer?

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and it happens due to the unusual growth of skin cells. Once these skin cells grow abnormally, it starts to reproduce the skin cancer cells and it ultimately leads to skin cancer. These cells only expedite the growth once formed. So, it is extremely important to detect it on time and get the treatment done by the skin specialist at the early stages of cancer. Skin is the largest organ of the body and has two later primaries I.e, dermis & epidermis. The dermis is the lower layer of skin & the epidermis is the upper layer of your skin. Generally, the skin cancer cells start growing in the epidermis I.e the upper layer of skin. The most common types of skin cancers are basal cell skin cancer and squamous cell skin cancers. They're generally curable within some span of months. The most aggressive form of skin cancer happens in Melanoma format. It consists of melanocytes & it's difficult to cure with the normal treatment methods. 

What causes skin cancer?

Skin cancer can be caused due to various reasons and factors. Among everything, sunburn has been researched to be one of the most common factors for skin burn. Well, get some more knowledge into this field and what are the potential factors that can lead to skin cancer. 

  1. Skin pigmentation

Based on your skin color, eyes, hairs, and skin type, you are prone to developing skin cancer cells. It has been said that people who are dark in complexion are at a lower risk of developing skin cancer cells. Although, they can still get melanoma in the worst possible cases. 

  1. Weak Immune System

A person having a weak immune system will face difficulty in fighting against all the odds of skin cancer. Moreover, this can be one of the reasons for the scraped skin leading to the formation of skin cancer cells.  

  1. Age Factor

As you age, your skin cells also start aging with time. Researchers have revealed that with the increasing age, your skin is getting damaged to the roots and core by the UV rays. Adults who are above 50 years are more likely to get non-melanoma skin cancer. You need to take care of your skin from a young age itself. Because as you age, your skin cells stop supporting your skin and become more prone to catching diseases like skin cancer. 

  1. Moles on Body

People with multiple moles on their bodies are at a higher risk of getting skin cancer. Moles are the biggest cause of melanoma skin cancer. You need to be more cautious if you have too many moles on your body. These moles can grow abnormally and change their original shape which can be one of the symptoms of skin cancer. 

  1. Damage caused due to UV Rays

Getting exposed to harmful UV rays is highly dangerous for your skin. These harmful rays can attack your skin to the roots & give birth to skin cancer cells especially melanoma & nonmelanoma skin cancers. It's recommended to apply sunscreen daily regardless of whether you are out for a meeting or you're at home. Taking care of skin is still important even if it's not exposed to the sun's harmful UV rays. 

  1. Residing Location

Location matters a lot while talking about skin cancer. If you stay in warm climatic regions where the exposure to the sun is obvious and out of your control, then yes ultraviolet sun rays can give birth to skin cancer cells by making melanomas rise. 

  1. Skin Cancer History

Family history plays a very crucial role. If your parents or siblings ever have skin cancer, then your chances of developing it increase by 70%. Or, in the case you had skin cancer yourself some years ago, then this is one of the causes of getting it again. 

  1. Vulnerability to Numerous Toxins

If your daily work revolves around chemicals like arsenic or if you are working in a chemical industry then your chances to get the different types of skin cancer increase eventually. 

  1. Gender

Based on your gender, skin cancer can take place. For example, in men, nonmelanoma skin cancer is going to be more common as compared to women. While, for women aged under 50 years, the melanoma skin cancer types are going to be more common than men. 

Key Takeaways 

Skin cancer is a chronic disease. You need not panic about this subject once you realize it. The only smart thing you can do is get the proper knowledge in this subject and reach the specialist at the correct time. Skin cancer is generally curable though it might take years of treatment according to each individual's case. Once the skin cells start growing abnormally, you will see the impact on your outer skin. So, it gets pretty much noticeable. There are various therapies and other kinds of treatments available on the market. These treatments will vary according to the severity of cancer you have. Once you book a counseling session with the doctor, you will get the right answer for it.



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