Top 10 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Any Responses To Your Tinder Opener

Top 10 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Any Responses To Your Tinder Opener

Top 10 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Any Responses To Your Tinder Opener_


In this article, we'll go over the top ten reasons why you're not getting responses to Tinder openers. Although we wrote this article with Tinder in mind, the majority of the reasons apply to Bumble or any other dating app or site that works in a similar manner to Tinder.


Without further ado, here are the top ten reasons why your match did not respond to your conversation starter.


1. Your Tinder Opener Is Not Good Enough

This is the most likely explanation. With a great Tinder opener, you should get more than 75% Tinder responses. If you're not getting close to 75 percent, read our post on how to have the best opener and follow the advice we provided to get over 75 percent.


Even if you have the best opener, you must accept that some girls simply do not respond to Tinder messages for a variety of reasons. In this brief post, we have compiled a list of the most common causes, some of which are obviously overlapping.


2. She Is Using Tinder For An Ego Boost.

Let’s be honest, everyone gets a little dopamine rush from getting matches, so it's something you can understand. She is very proud of her over 1000 matches; she can brag about it to her friends and feels valued as a result of it.


Actually, it's better if these girls don't strike up a conversation with you because they probably won't want to meet up with you anyway, so the conversation would be a waste of your time.


3. They Are Using Tinder To Get Instagram/Snapchat Followers.

Based on the motivation stated in the preceding point. Tinder has recently made it more difficult for girls to use Tinder to increase the number of followers on their Instagram account by not displaying the name of the Instagram profile privately. (It was also hidden for privacy reasons.)


Girls can still say in their bio that they follow them on Instagram, add their profile names, and state that they are no longer using Tinder.


4. They Are Superhot

Because they are attractive, there are simply too many messages they receive on Tinder, and they do not have the time to respond. You can start sending messages again here; you have nothing to lose and, in fact, you can increase your chances of receiving a response.


Fixing Point #1 can also help, but there is no magic pill; you can only improve your chances with these types of girls.


5. She Might Have Just Entered Something Long-Term Thanks To Tinder

She believes it would be inappropriate to flirt with someone else at this time. It could be a one-time thing, so you can try to re-engage her later. See the previous point. 


6. She Deleted Tinder, The App, But Not Her Account

So you can still see her profiles and everything, but she can't see any of your messages. It is a common reason, as most people believe that deleting their profile also deletes their account.


7. It Is A Fake Tinder Account

There was a time when almost every second Tinder profile was a bot. Although Tinder has recently been quite successful in detecting bot and fake accounts, there are still some accounts with no real people behind them; they may want to promote something, collect data, or whatever.


Because they are bots, they will obviously not respond to any of your messages, and if they do, it will be an out of context message.


8.  It Was An Accident, She Wanted To Swipe You Left

The girl intended to swipe you left, but she accidentally swiped you right. They didn't bother to delete you, or they don't know how to delete Tinder profiles, so they just ignore you.



9. In Your First Tinder Profile Picture You Looked Attractive, But Is It Way Over-Photoshopped

She swiped you right based on your first photo, but when she saw your other photos after the match, she was disappointed. You photoshopped out all of your acne or something, but only on the first picture.


Photoshop is fantastic, but don't go overboard with it. She may not mind your acne, but the way you overdid it with Photoshop highlights the physical feature you want to conceal.


10. Creepy Tinder Bio Description

Being overly sexual or writing some crazy stuff on your bio is never a good idea. The situation is similar to the one described in the previous point, in that she did not see when she liked your profile. Most people don't read the bio when they're swiping, but they do when they get a message.


Avoid this and instead write a fantastic bio.


Aside from the first point, points 9 and 10 are easily fixed; the others are also something you can influence by having a great opener, but keep in mind that you can never guarantee a 100 percent response ratio.


Final Tip: Don’t Take It Tinder Personally

If you follow all of the advice on this blog and are crushing on online dating, you should have far too many matches to deal with.


Don't send a butthurt message after two days; it's common for a girl to respond after a week; perhaps she's just extremely busy. Second, if you do not send an offensive message, you will be able to reopen her account after about 2 weeks. Here's how you can do it.


So there you have it, the top ten reasons why you aren't receiving responses to your Tinder opener. Is there anything we missed? How have you found your opening response ratio to be? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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