Top Indian American women entrepreneurs in USA!


Top American Indian women entrepreneurs in USA!

Top American Indian women entrepreneurs in USA!-

Well, hello friends and we are back again with yet another interesting article and today we are going to talk about entrepreneurs and to be specific women entrepreneurs.

ENTREPRENEURS; is the new next thirteen letter word that is taking the world by storm. Entrepreneurs are people who sets up a business, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Well, in short it is nothing but another word for Businessman or woman. And the current era seems to the entrepreneurial time where people right from the young to the old are taking up new challenges and starting their own start-ups thus becoming entrepreneurs.

And today we are going to look at some of the top American Indian women entrepreneurs in USA, but before that let’s have a quick look at who can count as an American Indian.

American Indians are people or citizens of the United States with ancestry from India, although the United States Census Bureau prefers to use the term Asian Indian instead of American Indian in order to avoid confusion with the Native Americans who are known as the Red Indians.

“I want every little girl who’s been told she’s bossy to be told again she has leadership skills.” —Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook


And here we present you the Top 5 American Indian women entrepreneurs in USA, but also are listed on the Forbes 2021 list of America’s richest self-made women.

Fortune loves the brave and the brave. This principle is true of the five Indian American business women who make it to the Forbes 2021 list among the richest American women who make their own. The wealth of the wealthy USA women they have created, including five businessmen from India, has risen to $ 118 billion by 31%. The 26 richest women living in the US have become billionaires, including two American Indians.


1.      Jayshree Ullal, Net Worth: $1.43 billion

The president and CEO of Arista Networks, Jayshree Ullal is the top most name when it comes to richest and most successful Indian origin woman in business in America today.

Ullal has the distinction of being the only Indian origin woman in the US to make it to the Forbes Billionaire Club. Ullal’s story is especially significant because her chart to success is totally self-made.

Ullal’s success story, Arista Networks is a computer networking firm headquartered in Santa Clara. Ullal was appointed the CEO of Arista Networks in 2008. Before that she had worked in Cisco for 15 years.

Ullal was also featured on Forbes 2018 list of billionaires for her net worth $1.43 billion.

The London born and Delhi raised girl, Ullal came to the US at the age of 16 as a student. She graduated in electrical engineering from San Francisco State University and did her master’s in engineering management from Santa Clara University.

Ullal got a big break in her career when Cisco Systems acquired Crescendo Communications and she was made senior vice president of Data Centre & Switching.

Ullal was also the first woman to receive the Entrepreneurial and Leadership award in Silicon Valley in 1999. Ullal owns about 5% of Arista’s stock. She lives in Saratoga, California.

2.      Neerja Sethi, Net Worth: $ 1 billion

Next on the big list is Neerja Sethi. The success story of Seth began when she merged an IT consulting company with an outsourced company Syntel with her husband Bharat Desai back in 1980.

What started out as a small couple's apartment in Troy, Michigan, has turned into a global success story. In 2018 the French IT company Atos SE bought Syntel for $ 3.4 billion. Seth received an estimated $ 510 million for his stake.

Sethi, who has been a senior executive at Syntel since 1980, did not join Atos after his acquisition. Sethi and her husband work for IT company Tata Consulting Services and met at work. Together they tried to build a similar model. They started their career by investing only $ 2,000 in their pockets.

3.      Neha Narkhede, Total price: $ 600 million

Neha Narkhede is the founder and chief technology officer of Confluent, a $ 4.5 billion data distribution company.

Narkhede's first job was at Oracle, where he worked as a chief software engineer. She then joined LinkedIn as a radio infrastructure leader. In 2011, Narkhede and his colleagues Jun Rao and Jay Kreps built the Platform Apache Kafka. In 2014 she founded Confluent, a start-up based in Palo Alto.

She is also the co-author of the book "Kafka: The Definitive Guide."

She and his team at Confluent raised $ 125 million by 2019, bringing their funding to $ 206 million by 2019.And in April 2020, the company raised $ 250 million bringing its total funding to $ 456 million. Pune-born Pune studied at the University of Pune where he obtained his BSc degree in engineering. He did his MSc in technology at Georgia Tech.

4.      Dr. Reshma Shetty, Total Price : $ 750 million

Dr. Reshma Shetty, who has a net worth of $ 750 million, is the founder of Gingko Bioworks, a biotechnology company in the Greater Boston Area. She began her journey as a graduate research assistant at MIT and went on to collaborate with Gingko Bioworks and MIT scientists under the direction of Tom Knight, a former research scientist at the MIT School of Engineering. Gingko Bioworks focuses on using genetic engineering to produce viruses that work in industries and create new living things. Dr. Reshma Shetty believes that the answers to the various challenges of health, diet, energy and love are hidden in the depths of biodiversity. The value of Gingko Bioworks stands at $ 4.2 billion, up from 2019.

5.      Indra Nooyi, Total Price : $ 290 million

For a total of $ 290 million, Indra Nooyi does not need an introduction. Although she retired as the CEO of PepsiCo in 2018, she is still a strong advocate. She has appeared on the Time Magazine and Forbes list of the world's most powerful women in business. A native of India, she has worked hard since the days when she worked in a cemetery as a recipient of a dorm for a living. “When you have a talent that no one else has, you become more valuable” is her message to all emerging professionals. In 2021, she was admitted to the National Women's Hall of Fame in New York. Her achievements include Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters and Honorary Doctorate of Law from several prestigious American universities.

And so here we have the Top 5 American Indian women entrepreneurs in the USA who have managed to create a name for themselves and make our nation proud. And these women show us that how far we have come in our fight for the women independence and education, and this truly marks as a celebratory moment for all the hardworking women out there who are trying hard to make a name for themselves as well as for their nation.

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman, but the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” – Melinda Gates, Cofounder and Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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