Watched tinder swindler? Here's how to protect yourself against romance scams

Watched tinder swindler? Here's how to protect yourself against romance scams

Watched tinder swindler? Here's how to protect yourself against romance scams_

Don’t hide, rather face the Romance Scam and bury the imposter with An Action.

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing great in their life. Let me ask you a question? How do you feel when anyone flatters your compliments and makes you on top of the world? Isn’t it great? At that moment, they ask you for money by aiding some emotional sentiments? You give them, but as time passes by, you realize what a bad date it was? The feeling of oppression and guilty surrounds your heart. Sometimes, you might have thought for a moment, is this I am so foolish and unlucky? But beautiful people out there, there is one movie that actually resonates with the people and right now that is very trending. Do you know the name of the movie? Yes, you heard right? There is a documentary film called ‘The Tinder Swindler’ that describes the documentary of a notorious Crook who allegedly takes the tinder app to live a luxurious existence while swindling women across Europe. Want to know more about the documentary? Yes, let us explore. The Tinder Swindler is Shimon Hayut, a pronounced fraudster who inhabited Israel. Hayut used dating apps to interact with multiple colleens, their established lines of credit, and loans in their names, ultimately leaving them holding the bills. H followed a pattern; he would match with a woman on tinder, take her on a costly and impressive first date, and slowly build their relationships while flying around the world and secretly dating other women. The statement of the accusers stated they would confide to them he is worried some enemies are around the predicament. He would even create a strategy to plan the groundwork that has been made. He would urgently message each “colleens” to inform them that the credit card has been blocked and cannot be used for collateral reasons. Asked them to open a credit card under her name to open for use. About ten million dollars, Hayut would evade repayment by cajoling, threatening, and otherwise stalling his victims. After doing the same work for a while, he was finally arrested in 2019 and sentenced to fifteen months in prison. After only five months. At the close-up, we could see Hayut enjoying his lavish lifestyle with his new girlfriend. we could see Hayut enjoying his lavish lifestyle with his new girlfriend. This is the story I wanted to share with you. But why? Do you want to go too far and want to get fallen into the ‘cogwheel’ of scandal? No. We need to understand the concept behind the approach? We all the team members of the ’icchori Community’ were thinking about the same. Like, what are the things one should carefully observe while we opt for their online dating platforms? It is really important to understand the terminology called Romantic Scam. This movie resonates with everyone sitting out there and it is a high time we get cautious and prepare ourselves for the right direction. The romantic scam is a fraudulence scam where they make a personal relationship with you for the monetary benefit and lives you while handling bills to you. According to the Pew Research Center, 80% of adults opt for the dating profile and in the age group of 40-50. The system works like this; you post something in a dating profile. The Pop-up notification comes up, and you see a potential match-up and sees a promising match that claims presentable, handsome, and rich. That person would compel to understand each other and start the conversation on WhatsApp or an email chat. Here comes the examination factor. 

After passing of few weeks, you both will create a bond; you will always make some plans to meet. And note it down: every time that person will make an excuse to meet you. However, at the time of emergency, he will compel you to send money via gifts, credit cards, and net banking. This piece of information is nothing new for you, but believes me; we will get so much flattered by love. It won’t come to your mind. This is our human -mind, we tend to get so much attracted to social engineering.They will promise you to pay back, but they won’t pay back unless and until your brain gets active and you realised that it was a scam.

 According to the federal trade commission, the number leaped from 11,345 to 50,650 in 2012. Romance Scams are also getting overlapped with the other forms of fraud. in2015, FTC reported the scams of the sweethearts entrancing their targets to make fraudulent crypt currency investments. Your mind is blowing, please sit back and relax. Walk for 10 minutes and come back with a pen and paper. We are going to discuss some of the warning signs of Fraudulent Scams.

1) The romantic bird will send you a picture and pretend that they are the celebrity of any magazine, rather than looking like a normal human.

2) The person quickly wants to leave the dating website and communicate with you through email or instant messaging.

He or she lavishes you with attention. Swindlers often inundate prospective marks with texts, emails, and phone calls to draw them in.

He or she repeatedly promises to meet you in person, but always seems to come up with an excuse to cancel. 

He or she repeatedly promises to meet you in person, but always seems to come up with an excuse to cancel. 

Now, the next question clicked in your mind: how to identify scammers and to get in the right direction. The whole Icchori team was discussing the fact on how to be aware of people about the frauds, so we got covered to you by some concomitants 

1) Let us take down slowly. You should not ask to pretend that your potential partner is under suspension. Ask your potential partner a lot of questions and observe the equilibrium that might be a charlatan. 

2) It is always advisable to check the profile using the ‘search by image.’ options. And scrutinize if the same profile gets detected on the other website, and this is a profile of a scammer.

3) Don’t get flattered by the over compliments. Some experts suggest that paste the text and check if it has been exposed to the website.

4) Never hand over money via gift card or credit card. If you don’t, know the person physically.

5) If you get the slightest doubt, then you are requested that immediately cut off if it has been suspected that the individual may be a swindler.

o bring to fruition, if you can observe, these are the minute details that everyone should know or should keep in mind. Whenever you feel it is important to cut off, do cut off and don’t think of anything else. So, it is a time to say goodbye, but we will again meet again with some interesting discussions. Have a great day ahead.

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