What is Tinder Secret Admirer?

What is Tinder Secret Admirer?

What is Tinder Secret Admirer?_ ichhori.com


Did you get this strange notification mentioning some Secret Admirer on Tinder, or did you come across a screen showing these four empty cards on Tinder while swiping profiles, and are you confused about how all this Tinder Secret Admirer stuff works

We're here to help, and we'll go over everything you need to know about Tinder Secret Admirer. What is it and how does it work? How frequently do the Secret Admirers appear? Is it a useful feature or a ruse?


We'll also go over some of the bugs and issues that can arise when using Tinder Secret Admirer, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about this new Tinder feature.


What is Tinder Secret Admirer? 

Tinder Secret Admirer is a new free Tinder feature that shows you four cards, one of which reveals a Tinder profile. All of these four secret Admirers are profiles that have already liked you, so if you like your Secret Admirer, you will be matched with them on Tinder right away.


How Does Tinder Secret Admirer Work?

If you are eligible for selecting a Secret Admirer, you will receive a Tinder notification with the following notification text: "Your secret admirer is no longer so secret..."


You may also come across the Secret Admirer screen while swiping profiles in your Discovery.


You can only reveal one profile per card, and you can swipe left or right or Super Like the profile you've revealed.


When you swipe right or super like the revealed profile, you will be matched instantly and can begin a conversation with your new Tinder match. Her profile will appear in your match list, with a Tinder Gold heart next to her name. This means you matched with her through the Secret Admirer feature.


If you want, you can also Skip the Secret Admirer by tapping on the Skip button at the bottom of the screen.


How Often Do You Get a Secret Admirer on Tinder?

There is no official information on how often you can get a Secret Admirer Card Deck.

You must have at least four Tinder profiles who have already liked you in order for them to show you the four cards. According to my personal experience, you can see the Secret Admirer card every couple of days, or even once a day if you are very active on Tinder.


Is Tinder Secret Admirer Free?

Tinder Secret Admirer is, indeed, a free feature. Actually, we believe Tinder only shows these Tinder Secret Admirer cards to free and Tinder Plus users, as Tinder Gold subscribers see the profiles who liked them anyway thanks to the Likes You feature.


So, if you want to see all of your Secret Admirers, you can either pay for a Tinder Gold subscription (which is quite expensive) or use the Tinder Blur hack to see all of the people who liked you on Tinder, but you haven't swiped them yet.


Is Tinder Secret Admirer A Scam?

Well, we wouldn’t say that Secret Admirer is a scamIt's a clever ad for Tinder Gold membership.


Because to be honest, this feature is nothing more than a fun way for Tinder to promote Tinder Gold for you. When you reveal one of the Secret Admirer's cards, you can see a profile who liked you for free, so it is not a scam. However, we believe that the primary goal of this feature was to promote their Tinder Gold subscription rather than to improve the user experience of non-gold users.


Tinder sets revenue records for almost every financial quarter, owing primarily to the premium subscriptions sold within the app. They make a lot of money selling Tinder Gold, so their goal is to sell the gold package to as many users as possible.


You can read a review of Tinder Gold here, as well as an article that explains everything you need to know about Tinder's See Who Likes You feature.


Tinder Secret Admirer Not Working

Because this is a new Tinder feature, there have been numerous issues or bugs reported by users since the launch of the Secret Admirer feature. We will briefly mention the most common issues and bugs, and where possible, we will explain what the issue is.


Swiped Right on A Secret Admirer but Failed to Match

This can happen if the admirer you revealed and then swiped right has already deleted their account or Tinder has banned their account for violating their terms of service. Tinder will display a message that says something like "error, failed to match." You have no control over this; it is simply bad luck.


I Already Swiped Left a Profile Shown Up as The Secret Admirer

It's a downer, but this isn't a bug; it happens all the time. Because you swiped her left, but she liked you, she can still appear as a Secret Admirer. You can also change your mind and swipe her right to get a match.


Tinder Secret Admirer Card Bugs

There are quite a few bugs with this feature, such as the card freezing and not allowing you to swipe right. Other users have reported that Tinder will continue to show the same profile to each Secret Admirer.


We don't really have a solution for these bugs other than logging out and back into Tinder, which can sometimes help you solve them. We can only hope that Tinder's developers will address these issues as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions
1. What Is This Tinder Secret Admirer Notification?

Tinder Secret Admirer notification is a push notification sent by Tinder to free users informing them that they can reveal one of four Secret Admirer cards. Each card represents a Tinder profile that has already liked you. You can swipe right on these profiles to get an instant match.


2. When Does Tinder Secret Admirer Pop Up Show Up?

There is no set time for Secret Admirers to appear in your Tinder Swiping Deck. They can appear at any time, and they mostly appear for free and Tinder Plus users.


3. I Didn’t Match with My Tinder Secret Admirer, why?

There are two possible explanations for why you haven't matched with your Secret Admirer on Tinder. You obviously can't match with someone who has deleted their account. The same is true if Tinder has banned his account.


4. Can I See All Four of My Secret Admirers?

Yes, you can see every single one of them. To see all Tinder profiles who have liked you, you must first purchase a Tinder Gold subscription. If you want to see all profiles without paying for Tinder Gold, you can use the Tinder Blur hack.




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