How to send pictures on Tinder? (3 methods that work)

How to send pictures on Tinder? (3 methods that work)

How to send pictures on Tinder? (3 methods that work)-


1. Can You Send Pictures On Tinder? 

Tinder used to allow you to send pictures, but that is no longer the case. We believe that too many NSFW photos were sent through Tinder, prompting Tinder to disable this feature.


However, if you are a little bit creative, you can still use some workaround tactics to send pictures messages via Tinder. We've gathered three tricks here, which are described in the sections that follow.


1.1. How To Send Pictures On Tinder Via A Link

This might be the easiest way but also the riskiest one. You can't actually send links in Tinder messages. The algorithm can easily detect a link, or you can be reported for them and instantly banned.


However, if sending a picture messages on Tinder is absolutely necessary for you, there is a workaround. This is the safest method, but using it may result in your Tinder account being banned.


So, here's how to send photos on Tinder by inserting a link into your messages:

• Upload the image you want to send to your Tinder match to a popular image sharing website like
• Copy and paste the image URL link into the message.
• However, before sending the message, insert a space after the dots in the URL (the Tinder algorithm will not catch it this way).
• Inform your match to copy the text you sent and remove the spaces from the link.
• Now he or she can see the Tinder photo you wanted to send.
• This is the closest thing to sending a picture directly via Tinder message, but be warned. This method works, but if you are not cautious, it may result in the suspension of your account.



1.2. Upload A Picture To Your Tinder Profile

Uploading the picture to your profile as the last position is a nice workaround, but it is a little time consuming.


Tinder has increased the number of profile photos you can upload to your profile, so you'll have one more place to upload a photo.


So you can upload the image you want to send as a profile photo and then tell your match to look at your most recent photo in your Tinder profile.


We wouldn't call it a smooth method, but it does the job and does not violate Tinder's terms of service.


1.3. Get Her Off Tinder To Be Able To Send Photos

As you can see, both of the methods we described above can be used to send funny pictures, but they are far from ideal.


As a result, our preferred method to send photos to your Tinder match is to request her contact information and send the picture not through Tinder but through any other social or messaging app that allows you to send pictures.


This is an excellent Tinder hack for obtaining someone's contact information. Tell her that you'd like to send her a picture but that you won't be able to do so through Tinder and ask for her phone number. This works perfectly.


2. How To Send Gifs On Tinder

Although you cannot send pictures on Tinder officially, you can send gifs without using any sort of trick. Gifs, which are more dynamic, may be even better. There are many memes and funny pictures available in gif format.


On Tinder, here's how to send a GIF:

• Open Tinder and navigate to one of your matches' chat conversation.
• A blue circle with the GIF text displayed on it can be found in the bottom left corner, next to the chat bar.
• Tap it and look for your GIF.
• When you've found the GIF you want to send, simply tap on it to send it, and you've just sent a GIF message.


Tinder has partnered with Giphy gifs, giving you access to millions of gifs. You can search their gif database by clicking here.


3. Frequently Asked Questions

3.1. Can You Send Photos On Tinder?

Officially, no, but there are three workarounds you can use to continue sending photos to your Tinder match. This blog post explains them.


3.2. Can You Send Gifs On Tinder?

Yes, you most certainly can. All you have to do is go to your match's chat conversation and tap on "GIF" in the bottom left corner. You can search for gifs here and then tap on the one you want to send.


3.3. Can You Take Screenshots On Tinder?

Tinder does allow you to take screenshots. 











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