What are the issues related to surrogacy in India?

What are the issues related to surrogacy in India?

What are the issues related to surrogacy in India?_ Iichhori.com


 Surrogacy might seem to be an emotionally fulfilling process but it comes with various other complications. A surrogate mother has to go through various trials and complications before she delivers the final results. Moreover, after bringing happiness in somebody else's lap, she is compromising her happiness by risking her life. A surrogate mother is at a higher risk of facing hardships with regards to the Ivf process & legal formalities. 

The article today will help you understand all the possible issues related to surrogacy in India. 

What are the problems associated with surrogacy in India?

Surrogacy in India comes with multiple legal, emotional, and medical issues that are seen in surrogate women once the process starts. 

  1. Legal Complications

Not everybody in India accepts the surrogacy process. Hence, the process involved a lot of paperwork. There are multiple appointments with the lawyer that you need to attend. Moreover, in any case, if you go against the legally documented Claus, you are subject to be arrested straight away. Hence, you need to abide by all the rules and your responsibilities during the surrogacy period. It's not direct verbal communication but lengthy legal work. And, in a country like India getting all things documented is a big headache. Because the entire process is too time-consuming & unclear many times. 


  1. Emotional Issues

Apart from her existing medical complications, a surrogate mother has to go through multiple emotional turmoils as well. She needs to make up her mind that the child she will be having in her belly for nine months isn't her baby and has to give it to some other couple after conceiving. So, doing so much for a baby from attending medical appointments, emotional upheaval to legal complications etc needs to be taken under her consideration. The surrogate mother needs to be mentally strong enough to not get attached to the child as she won't be taking the child to her home. 

According to the researchers, surrogate mothers are at a higher risk of depression and emotional turmoil. This can happen anytime during the pregnancy and after the pregnancy. Although, you will be happy to bless the intended parents with a baby. But, you will still have feelings of sorrow, grief, and pain at the time you give the baby. That's why the doctors recommend surrogacy counseling to these people and you as a surrogate mother need to define all your boundaries and post meetup allowance with the child occasionally. It will help you a lot to keep your mental health in place. It's also recommended to take solid help from a bunch of people including your family, relatives, or close friends. It is so because you can rely on these people for speaking your heart and getting all your emotional waves in place. 

  1. Medical Issues

The end procedure of the Surrogacy pregnancy is quite similar to normal pregnancies. Like them, it also involves various kinds of medical risks. Surrogate mothers are at risk of developing various medical issues. These problems include heart pain, excessive weight gain, backache, morning sickness to swelling. Various other illnesses can happen to surrogate mothers that are more likely to be serious and need immediate treatments. These problems include hypertension, reproductive system problems, gestational diabetes. A lot of risks are associated with IVF treatment as well. You can face allergic reactions or mild needle bruising. 

Above were the basic risks a surrogate woman is likely to go through. The more complicated risks in the embryo transfer process include preterm labor or miscarriage. Also, you can have bleeding or cramp through this entire process. Moreover, surrogate mothers are also at risk of developing an infection that can further be treated with antibiotics. Also, there can be severe risks of having health complications and three times the labor if you have triplets or twins. Apart from this, the placental abruption & Cesarean-section / correction delivery is more forecasted in the twins or triplet cases. Moreover, there will be other complications like excess weight gain and unhealthy emotional hardships after c-section delivery. You will be undergoing a full body checkup or a medical screening to check for all the potential health risks. A surrogate mother can also face the heightened premenstrual syndrome consequences. If this happens to you, you are more likely to have excessive headaches or mood disorders. This will say a lot about how these existing health constraints can affect the surrogacy period. It's best to stay connected with the medical healthcare professional and tell him everything. 

Key Takeaways

Surrogacy seems to be a very fancy concept until & unless you witness the other side of it. You need to consider various parameters on a personal and professional level before committing to carrying somebody else's child for a year. Looking into all the possible consequences of it, make up your mind. Because you can't change your decision once it's in the papers legally. Else, you have to bear the false repercussions for not going by the rules. If you feel that you are mentally not in the right state to dedicate to all such responsibilities, then there isn't any use of it. You will end up harming your health, child health as well as the mental health of the intended parents. So, always consider the fact that with this one decision, there are several parties attached to it. The risk associated with surrogacy can intimate you at the time of making this big decision but with the help of a surrogate counselor throughout your journey of 9 months, a lot can happen. It can allow you to have a smooth journey with emotional support. The background, values, problems, and other statuses are different for everybody. It's best to speak with a counselor, family members, friends, intended parents, and close relatives to understand well if your decision to be a surrogate mother is right. You need to be highly responsible, mentally plus physically stable and on your toes to fulfill such requirements. Henceforth, make your decision wisely. 



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