What effect does Ukraine Russia War has on females?

What effect does Ukraine Russia War has on females?
What effect does Ukraine Russia War has on females?_ichhori.com

The war between Ukraine and Russia has been very shocking and unexpected for all of us. It has caused a bunch of disasters among countries and their neighborhoods leading to various catastrophe events taking place. Nobody has been able to save themselves from this ongoing war. Especially women and girls have been seen to get majorly affected by this war. The social cohesion has been affected and the overall safety of the community has been put under question. The worst thing is that people lose their loved ones and have to vacate the big house to try to save themselves. Imagining such scenarios seems to be so scary, I'm literally worried about the people who are actually living there and facing it. It's a painful time for all of us and we all should do our best to ensure stopping the war and making the people reach their respective places with ease. 
In this article, you will get well versed in what effect Ukraine and the Russian war has on females. 
What effect does Ukraine Russia War has on females?
The heightened war seen between Ukraine and Russia has led to the increased risk of violence and safety issues for women and girls. The war has led the majority of people to leave the country and go back to their hometowns. Furthermore, it has heightened the risk of sexual harassment as well as the exploitation of people. The war is taking a toll upon the mental health of everybody, especially women and girls. This fight between Russia and Ukraine has led to an increased fire in every place whether it's residential, schools, hospitals, public gardens, or something else. Also, women have been severely affected in terms of having an extra burden on their head happening due to a lack of access to social services. It's especially upon those women who are responsible to take care of elderly people, children, and the disabled ones. 
According to the current investigation, almost 54% of women are badly suffering and need assistance as well as support. The report also states that to date more than 2.3 million Ukraine residents have been sent back to their native town or some other nation for their safety. Among these, the majority of the people are either children or women. Such numbers of displaced people to the safest neighboring countries are expected to increase with time and with the increase of offense. It's also been said that since women are widely getting affected due to this war, it should be made a significant point here to include the majority of the women staff members in the region making progress for preventing the war, strategy planning for mitigation and help bring peace with the upcoming time. 
The recent investigation also states that almost 80,000 women are going to give birth to a child in the upcoming three months. Due to a lack of services from hospitals, the unborn child is at a higher risk of causing a life threatening situation to the mother. It's going to be even more dangerous if women start to lose their lives due to no maternal care from the hospitals. Apart from this, girls living there are at a higher threat of gender based violence. The other worst part to consider here is the education for children. Young children including girls and boys have to face a lot of compromises in their studies. Small girls are seeing so much trauma in such a childhood, due to this they are at a higher risk of developing depression once they reach their teenage years. And, let me tell you that depression is no joke. Children facing this turn out to have the suicidal tendencies, anger, anxiety, and bad habits. They get themselves into drugs, alcohol, and smoking to lighten the weight of pain they are having upon their shoulders. Moreover, they are also compromising on getting the right parenting. It might lead to aggressive child behavior. As it's been said that what children grasp at a young age is how they develop their nature once they grow up. Seeing all such traumatic events will create an inner urge in them to participate in more of such violent activities and destroy others. 
As per one of the studies conducted by UNFPA in 2019, more than 75% of the women revealed about how they were threatened when they were at their 15 years of age. Almost one girl out of every three disclosed that she was abused at such a small age. Henceforth, the point here to note is that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine will increase the conflict and sexual abuse even more in the upcoming time. It's a serious matter of concern for all the women and girls living there. 
Key Takeaways 
The country is bleeding badly affecting women and girls especially. All the officials there should strengthen all the mandatory strategies and alternatives to stop the war and bring the people out of the danger zone living there. It won't be wrong to say that people have lost their trust in humanity. Our ego matters more than the lives of innocent people today. From the women's giving birth under the ground of metro stations and living in the place in haste to save the life of her child after Russia invaded Ukraine to the sexual harassment that they are having currently, our world is leading toward disaster. Something serious needs to be done by designing effective remedies to sort out the grudges rather than killing each other and putting the nation on fire. If this doesn't stop within time, then, believe me, we are no longer away from living the life of hell on earth. You need to be very active nowadays before shifting to other countries to study or do a job. It's better to vacate the country as soon as possible to save yourself face the unseen disasters ahead. 

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