Do you really think that your partner is cheating?

Do you really think that your partner is cheating? Then read the article 


Do you really think that your partner is cheating? Then read the

Do you think your buddy may be having an affair? 

See if he shows one of the warning signs explained by  private detective and former police officer Raymond B. Green and Marcella Bakur, a professor of psychology  at Marymount Manhattan College. 

Here are  32 emotional signs that your partner may be having an affair: 

What is cheating in the digital age? Expert intervention 

January 18, 201903: 48 

1. Pay more attention to your needs than usual. 

This is due to the guilt that the scammers felt early in the case. Attention will diminish as the incident continues. 

2. Buy you gifts-lots of gifts. 

These are "guilty gifts" purchased to make your partner feel guilty about tricking you into giving you a gift and making him or her feel better. 

3. Behavior that instinctively thinks something is wrong. 

In this case, pay attention to your instinct. Ignoring them means that you want to truly blind yourself. Be suspicious of these changes as you know your partner's habits, habits and attitudes better than anyone else. 

4. I often argue with you. 

This provides a reason to get angry and storm from home, and therefore an opportunity to meet a lover. Scammers may also do this, as they have mixed feelings about deceiving you. 

5. Always talk about ending your relationship if you fight or fight. 

In general, your partner comes across something very negative about your relationship and says something like "What  if our relationship ends?" Or "If something happens to us, I will always love you as a friend." These statements have a lover he or she can count on when your relationship ends. It may be a sign that. If your partner makes such statements frequently, be suspicious. 

6. I'm very grumpy. 

He or she looks very optimistic and excited when leaving you, but is dark and depressed  around you. If your partner has a long-term relationship, he or she will try to keep both relationships going smoothly. The problems that scammers have in one relationship can spread to the other. This is inevitable. The relationship of the dry spell 

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7. Never talk to you. 

They live together, but have not been contacted. He got cold and downplayed your feelings. 

8. Sudden changes in musical taste. 

For example, she always listened to pop music, but suddenly she started listening to country music. Your partner could hear and love this new kind of music as her lover hears it. 

9. Lack of self-esteem. 

This does not necessarily mean going out and having an affair, but anxious people often seek advice from others. If the needs of anxious people are not met, they may find desirable relief and positive feedback in their relationship with someone else. 

10. Always criticize others. 

He or she tries to convince you  that this type of person will never be interested, even though he or she actually has a secret charm. 

11. Criticize you for what he or she once found attractive. 

12. No matter how harmless you are, get angry with your comments. 

13. Stop paying attention to yourself, your children, and general family life. 

14 If he or she had previously left the door open, it will start closing  when you are nearby. 

For example, bathroom door rules: Couples in long-term relationships should keep their bathroom doors open while meeting basic needs, even when their partner is nearby. Is often. As the incident progresses, the cheating companion closes the bathroom door and physically and psychologically distances him from his partner. 

15. Don't praise your appearance. 

16. Stop saying "I love you".

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