How to say no to Arrange Marriage durinh Meeting?

Learn the Art of expressing No to Arranged marriages in a Courteous manner

Learn the Art of expressing No to Arranged marriages in a Courteous

Warm Greeting to all the marvellous colleens presents out there. The entire 'Ichhori-community' gets delighted every time you reinforce and coherently interconnect with us. We did run a day campaign entitled “Courage to say no." We all were astounded by the fact that the majority of the women always feel miserable in forceful marriage proposals. It appears as psychological trauma and a terror strike in their bosom while digesting the news over a marriage proposal. 

It generally happens when one of your maiden-aunt and uncle sets a marriage proposal even though you are preferential or not, this is not the concern. We communicated to all the women nowhere who get propelled by the passion and enthusiasm in their career opportunities. 

Ironically, nowhere out of a dream, your parents will straightforwardly hand over the photos and the bio-data of a guy. And we all know the suffocation and huge ideation and quick strategy you will play in your minds to get out of the  crisis. The situation here is quite different as giving the valid reason for marriage meeting  is a mammoth task.

Nevertheless, a few approaches will help you decline an unforeseen clutter in your head.

1) Confront him with the reality:

Overall, a quick-witted and helpful approach would be to communicate that you are not ready for the big moment in your way. Your distant relatives will send you a message and will entertain all the activities even though you are comfortable or not in this whole aspect. When you meet up with the guy, at the rudimentary level, you should start the conversation by saying that -You are grateful to meet with the person nonetheless you do not want to take a big step right now. Now, If you are dealing with relatives, it is perfect to say that start with a polite note - saying Thank You for consideration your son, but I want to focus on my career moreover I hope you get a perfect match for your son.

2) Tell them that you are not compatible:

Repeatedly parents fix a meeting with the person who isn't exactly what you want. Both of you might not have the same views. When you meet the guy and you don't have strong assertions about the vibe matching and compatibility. It is better to be straightforward, plain, and simple in such situations.

3) Saying No in Forced Marriages:

Everyone presumes that the terminology of 'arranged -marriages' is equivalent to 'forced marriages which is a misconception. People tend to choose arranged marriages out of their personal preferences and not a suspect. If you are under pressure and overburdened in the marriage concept. Then conventionally stand out for yourself and ask divulged for the emotional support you want in your life or stay connected to the social agencies or the Ichhor-community for any concerned matter.

4) Saying No in the professional matrimonial sites:

Every person thinks that it is a piece of cake to say no on social media or email rather than face-to-face. However, we all advised you to keep a careful consideration while you are responding to emails. However, things may escalate when some people plump to give silent treatment rather than acknowledge. However, there is an option in the matrimonial site, if you are not fully engrossed then follow the basic etiquettes and clearly click on the 'not interested' button and move ahead.


All in all, it is you to choose your ultimate future with someone or with no one. Every time being honest about your feelings and assertions is absolutely necessary for arranged marriages. It is always about the right approach to convey the things or rejection.

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