Meet the youngest female influencer in India.

               Meet the youngest female influencer in India

Meet the youngest female influencer in

eethika Dwivedi who is only 16 years has carved a niche for herself in the social media world. She has 2 million followers on Instagram. Some of them include big celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Anurag Kashyap, Aparshakti Khurana and Arbaaz khan. She is fairly new to the game and started posting only in 2020 when she was 15 years old.

In such a short timeamassing 2 million followers is a big featWhat led to her success is her raw talent which you do not expect in a 16-year-old. Her content is different from typical teenagers who lip-sync to the songs or dole out the fashion hacks and adviceHer official Instagram handle is ‘the_sound_ablaze’.
Some Personal information about Mithila Dwivedi
Why is her content different from her peers?
Most girls and boys of Meethika’s age have achieved success by making dance reels, following the trends, singing along to the lyrics of the song, giving fashion tips, or health tips. Not to say that their content is bad, but all of their accounts look the same. There is nothing new that we have not seen before.
On the other hand, Meethika, despite being a dancer and singer, chose to make content by commenting on the social and daily goings-on in life in general. Her content is layered with humour and sarcasm. Most of her reels are satirical takes on all the silly things and patriarchal ways of society. 
You may think that she only makes videos about gen-z and their problems, but that is far from the truth. She has a hilarious take on every generation, from boomers to millennials to gen-z. And what people relate to most is her way of talking in U.P.'s rugged style. The accent, the vernacular language is rife with all the slangs and gaalis
What is her content?
She showcases her range of creativity in the reels where she has hilarious takes on everything under the sun. From light topics like gym, teenage love, selfies, exam problems, to heavy topics like patriarchy.
In one video she roasts the gym culture that has plagued India. She starts the video by saying ‘Aaj kal ke ladke do din gym chale jayenge fir murti or selfie aise dalte hai kia aisa lagta hai puri Lanka mai akele aag lgaio ho’. Meaning boys nowadays go to gyms mostly for gym selfies. Her take is that people mostly do everything in the gym except work out. 
In another video, she responds to the sexist comment of ‘taus’(elder uncles) by relaying the message that a woman’s place is not just in the kitchen. And on creeps who asks their girls for ‘ul jalool pictures’
Her content never feels repetitive. It does not feel like she is rehashing the same video. Whatever she says on her videos feels authentic and from the heart. She subverted everyone’s expectations when she spoke in her U.P. vernacular which is mostly used by males
Why is her content relatable?
Meethika’s lingo is something many have grown up listening to. So many were drawn to it. She seamlessly switches between English and Hindi and never takes herself seriously. In fact, in many videos, she does not hesitate in making herself the but of jokes. 
The common thing in many young people’s life is love. And Meethika’s take on love among teenagers or as they are referred to Nibba Nibbi is hilarious. From commenting on how irritating it is when they ask ‘Mere baby m ne khana khaya’ and how they fall for the toxic people. 
She says what is on everyone’s mind. She has not spared the content creators whose content are just one thing. She says Didi, aap har gaane mein same kam karti hai (you do the same thing in every reel)”, which is the ‘glow up’
How tiring those Instagram trends become after a while we know. Meethika does not spare them also. She has blasted some of these trends with her usual humorous style. 
Meethika Dwivedi’s achievements.
Meethika is a powerhouse of talent. And her achievements are its proof.
Meethika has collaborated with many known celebrities and many big organisations have collaborated with her. Her collaborations include:
Her growth as a content creator in such a short time is remarkable. Her creativity has only improved with time. Even today being funny is related to boys only. How many times have you heard this phrase women are not funnyBut Meethika has successfully proved that women do have funny bone and are equally capable as their male counterparts. 
Meethika enters this male-dominated space with confidence and crushes it. Her content is fresh and does not feel contained at all. She has just started with already so many achievementsunder her belt. In the coming years, she will grow by leaps and bounds. 
• This young influencer is 16 years old
• She was born and brought up in Lucknow 
• She studies at Loyola International School
• Along with being social media influencer, she is also a singer
• Mithika is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer 
• She is recipient of many awards like Bal Ratan Samman, Eminent Singer Award, Uttarakhand Mahotsav Award, National Iconic Personality Award, Lucknow Icon Award, and Super Kid Danmus Award.
• She has 2 million followers on Instagram
• She also has a YouTube page where she has 35k followers
• She has won more than 100 medals and trophies
• Her name is listed in UP Yuva awards and Guinnessworld record.
• On 7 March 2021, she appeared on Radio City 91.1 FM.
• In 2021 Meethika also tried her hand in stand-up comedy, hinting at maybe a standup career.
• She has shot one or two videos with Arbaaz Khan
• Meethika also has done live with the Bollywood actor Aparshakti Khurana
• Amazon has signed a contract with her in 2021 to promote her videos on their platform
• Swiggy also collaborated with her to promote their 7thanniversary
• Huge gaming platform PUBG has recently collaborated with her.
• Giants in the entertainment industry like Zee tv collaborated with her to promote their show. 
• She also promoted the web series Adulting on her Instagram.
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