Millie bobby brown-the most followed teenage girl on Instagram

Millie bobby brown-the most followed teenage girl on Instagram 

Millie bobby brown-the most followed teenage girl on

It is the year 2016, ‘Game of Thrones’ is what anyone can talk about. It has amassed a large cult following all over the world. Currently, there is no other show that has left the audiencecompletely enamouredPodcasts are being made in which they discuss their possible theories about what might happen in the next season. It looks like no other show can come close to it. Right? But lo and beholdthe streaming giant Netflixreleases brand-new series, ‘Stanger Things.’ In a short time,it has gained immense popularity. It has become the most-streamed show on the platform. Now everyone is talking about a show with bunch of kids, set in the 80s, with a sci-fi mystery, and a monster at its centre.

All the five kids in the show have given a stellar performance. They have become an audience favourite. But among them,there is this one girl who has impressed everyone with her strong emotional range. She has a strong screen presence and her acting talent is at par with the likes of big actors. With just one show this 12-year-old has gained a huge following all over the world. And this powerhouse of talent we have been talking about is Millie Bobby Brown.

Millie bobby brown shot to fame with her role as Eleven in Netflix’s Stranger Things. She was praised for her performance by the audience and critics alike and she also earned a prime-time Emmy nomination in the best supportingactress category. At only the age of 18, she is the most followed teenage girl on Instagram with 48 million followers. 

Her early life

Millie Bobby Brown is a British born actress. She along with her family moved to Los Angeles to start an acting career. Millie debuted in acting at the age of 9 in a minor role in the series ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ in 2013. After this,she starred in many prominent TV series like NCIS, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy. But she had minor roles in these shows. 

Her career trajectory changed in the year 2016 when she was casted for the new Netflix sci-fi thriller drama series Stranger Things as Eleven. Following this, she became immensely popular and was critically praised for her performance. Many big brands and labels started signing her. In 2017 she made her modelling debut with Calvin Klein. She made an appearance for the Italian brand Moncier in 2018. Along with this, she appeared in a music video Sigma and Birdy’s single‘Find Me’ in 2016. 

The reason behind her Massive Popularity

Many actors start acting at a young age and impress the audience with their talent. Some have gone on to become huge successes in the industry. So, what is it about Millie Bobby Brown that has attracted so much attention from the audience? Let us see the answer:

• Well for starters she is a very talented actress. She plays her role with panache and grit and determination. First and foremost, she sees herself as an actress and she acts because it is her job and not to be famous. You can look at all the roles she has played and you can see the sincerity and hard work she puts into them. 
• The most obvious reason is of course web series Stranger Things. The show catapulted her to international fame.Overnight she became a star. Her portrayal of Eleven a vulnerable, traumatised child earned her two PrimetimeEmmy nominations. She wowed the audience with her tight emotional performance. And the show’s massive popularity also contributed to her success.
• Stranger things is a show with an ensemble cast. The fact that Millie Bobby Brown has emerged as the most famous one among them shows her strong screen presence. Her character Eleven is strongly written. If you watch Stranger Things, she stands out in every scene she is in. In season one she has the least number of lines, but what she wants to convey she does that beautifully with her emotions. 
• Though she is loved all over the world but in the past, she attracted a lot of hate from people. It is obvious that with all the fame and positive attention, negative attention follows suit. As she started gaining more followers, she started to post more on her Instagram account. But it seems people were miffed with her outfit choices. They thought she dressed as someone bigger than her age. For this reason, many people started posting negative things about her. It looked like people could not digest that she is not that little girl anymore, they saw on Stranger Things. This negative hate lasted for a while and it sure made more people notice her.
• After her successful stint on Stranger Things, she got many big Hollywood projects where she had a prominent role. Even if the Netflix series was not airing, people could see her in different movies. She grabbed the role in the famous franchise Godzilla. Not only this she also produced and starred in Netflix’s Enola Holmes at just 16 years of age. 

Other achievements of Millie Bobby Brown

• In 2018, Millie Bobby Brown was named in the Time’s 100 most influential people of the year.
• In the same year, she was appointed as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, becoming the youngest person to do so.
• She was also appointed the ambassador of #WePlayStrong campaign launched by UEFA and Nike.
• She has a production company under the banner of PCMA
• She has a successful business of her skincare line Florence by Millie.
• Winner of the Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding performance by a young person
• She has an Instagram following of 48 million.
• She also has been in many music videos like Sigma and Birdy's 'Find You', The xx's 'I Dare You' and Maroon 5's 'Girls Like You'

Millie Bobby Brown’s filmography

Owing to her massive following and talent Millie was able to bag many big Hollywood movies like:

1. Spheres: Songs of Spacetime
2. Godzilla: King of the monsters
3. Enola Holmes
4. Godzilla vs Kong

She is all set to star in the sequel of Enola Holmes titled Enola Holmes 2. 

At only the age of 18Millie has achieved what most people achieve in their lifetime. Her passion for acting has made her one of the most famous actors today. Generally, if people achieve so much at such a young age, they become cocky. But she has managed to be grounded and with her activism for child’s rights is an inspiration for many young people. She has achieved massive success in such a short time and all this can be credited to her acting talent. 

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