What does the purple lightning bolt mean on tinder?

 What does the purple lightning bolt mean on tinder?

What does the purple lightning bolt mean on tinder?_ichhori.com

You are new to Tinder and do you want to understand what does the purple lightning bolt means on Tinder? Do not worry, we will answer this question completely during this blog. We will also explain what does the purple lightning bolt mean on Tinder, where are you able to find it and if it is well worth the money to get Tinder Boost or Super Boost.

What Does The Purple Lightning Bolt Mean On Tinder?

The purple lightning bolt on Tinder is the sign of the premium features, Tinder Boost and Tinder SuperBoost. However, you can activate the feature which suggests you “ skip the line” and are available the highest Tinder profile for thirty minutes in your neighbourhood, If you tap on it on your screen.

By using the lightning bolt you can “ skip the line” and gain far more visibility than a mean profile for thirty minutes. Tinder claims that you simply can ten X the typical profile views with a lift and a hundred X your profile impressions by using Tinder Super Boost.
It is recommended to tap on the purple lightning bolt when utmost people are active on Tinder. Then is a videotape that explains when that period is

Where are you able to See The Purple Lightning Bolt on Tinder?

You can find the purple lightning bolt icons on the three main screens on Tinder.

Purple Lightning Bolt-On Tinder Settings Screen
First, you can see the famous lightning bolt on your settings screen at the rock bottom of the screen, next to the blue stars. Then you can see if you have access to Tinder Boost Match immediately otherwise you need to purchase one if you would like to use it to urge further matches.

  • Purple Lightning Bolt on Tinder Discovery Screen

You can also find the purple lightning bolt on your Discovery screen, on the screen where you can swipe other Tinder profiles. If you tap at the bottom of the screen you can activate the Boost.
Still, you can either purchase some Tinder Boost or unlock Tinder Super Boost, If you do not have any Boost or Super Boost immediately.

  • Purple Lightning Bolt on Tinder Matches Screen

Last but not least, you can also see these purple signs in your Tinder match list. However, you can see the purple lightning bolt next to the profile photograph of the match who you matched with while using Boost, If you have matched with someone while using Tinder Boost or Super Boost.
Still, Tinder also will say that you simply matched together with her because of Boost or Super Boost, If you tap on her profile.

Still, do not worry, the purple lightning bolts can only be seen in your account, If you are worried that you simply do not want your new match to ascertain that you used Boost or Super Boost.

Should You Use Tinder Lightning Bolts On Tinder?

Absolutely. However, lightning bolts are probably the simplest investment you could make If you have some money that you simply can spend. We would place tinder Boost before the other premium or free features of Tinder is you can boost your match number significantly with it.
Still, you can also try the feature if you are a Tinder Gold or Plus subscriber If you are doing not want to shop for three or ten or twenty Boosts at formerly. As a Tinder premium package subscriber, you can activate the lightning bolt once per month with no additional charge.

What Are The Tinder Boost Hearts?

When you activate Boost, you will see floating hearts at the bottom of the screen and a variety indicating your increased profile visibility. Unfortunately, this only indicates that you simply Boost is currently active, it does not tell you anything about the success of your Boost. Its main aim is to motivate you to stay swiping while the Boost lasts.
Do you have any questions regarding the famous Tinder purple lightning bolt? have you ever seen it someplace other than we did not include during this post and you do not know what's it mean? allow us to know within the comments below and that we will confirm that you simply get a solution to your question.

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