Has media being able to do justice with the females?

Has Media being able to Provide Justice to Women in 2022?

Women and Journalist Ichhori-Webp

Women are often portrayed in the media as sex objects or as someone to be pitied. We need to start portraying women as strong and independent individuals capable of making their own decisions.

In recent years, we've seen a lot of discussion about how women are portrayed in the media. 

Some people feel that women are objectified and treated as sex objects, while others feel that the media is becoming more progressive in its portrayal of women. So, what is the portrayal of women in the media in 2022?

It's hard to say, but we can make some educated guesses. For one thing, we'll probably see more women in leadership roles in TV shows and movies. We may also see more positive portrayals of women in the media overall, including more women in positions of power and authority.


Of course, there will always be some people who feel that the media is not doing enough to represent women properly. But overall, we think the portrayal of women in the media will continue to improve in the next few years.

When you look at Indian media today, it is difficult not to focus on the negative portrayal of women in both media and advertising. To put it bluntly, it is impossible not to be appalled by the way women are depicted at times on screen, in print and on the street.

Women in media and entertainment 2022 worldwide are portrayed in a largely negative light as the only females in most fields. It is a major concern, especially where writers, readers and watchers are minors or from marginalized social groups (i.e., women, people of color, and LGBTQ persons). For decades, the world has been paying attention to women's underrepresentation in the media, but no change has been made to remedy the situation. 

The cumulative effect of years of negative portrayal has been to make women a topic of conversation rather than a subject and make it seem like women have little to no say in the ways their stories are told. This has led to a culture where it is difficult for women to feel confident and empowered to take up roles in the media and advertising industries.

The biggest problem with how women are portrayed in Indian media is primarily portrayed as victims. They are victimized by men, by society, and by themselves. The most common way women are portrayed in Indian media is as victims. They are victims of men, of society, and themselves.

We all know how women are portrayed in Indian media, but what can we do about it? The answer is simple: keep raising awareness about the issue. The more people who know about the underrepresentation of women in the media, the more likely companies are to change their ways. It all comes down to raising awareness and having the conversation.

Women are always represented as an object to earn huge incomes in advertising but are never allowed to express their thoughts or opinions on the products being sold.

One of the most glaring examples of this is the portrayal of women in Bollywood films. This highly prevalent form of mass media often depicts women in objectified ways, especially in marriage, motherhood, and prostitution. It has increasingly resulted from increased government censorship of the film industry.


In a world where the media is often criticized for its portrayal of women, it's important to highlight the moments when women are shown in a positive light. Here are a few examples of positive portrayals of women in the media:

1. Strong female characters in movies and TV shows: There are more and more strong female characters appearing in movies and TV shows, which is great to see. These characters are usually independent, smart, and capable, which is a refreshing change from the traditional damsel in distress trope.

2. Women in leadership roles: Whether it's in politics, business, or any other field; it's important to see women in leadership roles. This normalizes women as leaders and shows that they are just as capable as men.

3. Portrayals of realistic and positive motherhood: The media often portrays motherhood as this perfect, blissful experience. But the reality is that it can be messy, challenging, and exhausting. It's important to see realistic portrayals of motherhood that show the highs and lows, as this is a more accurate representation of the experience.

The need for more positive portrayals of women in the media:

In a world where the media is increasingly focused on body image and perfection, it's more important than ever to see positive portrayals of women in the media.

Unfortunately, we often see women portrayed as sexual objects or not capable of achieving success. This needs to change.

We need to see more positive portrayals of women in the media so that young girls and women everywhere can see that they are strong and capable. They can be anything they want to be.

We need to see more positive portrayals of women in the media so that we can all start to see women as the strong and capable beings that they are.


Considering the last decades, 2022 is much better in portraying women in the media. But still, the media often portrays women in a negative light, which can have a harmful impact on their self-esteem. We need to work together to change this and create a society where women are valued and respected. The media must start to portray women in a more positive light, as this can help to improve the way that both women and men are treated.

"Women are portrayed in Indian media as being sexual. Often, people are shocked that women can have such agency in portraying and constructing their image," says Maneesh Sharma, a professor in the journalism department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. "And, of course, the ratio is reversed for men. They're often disappointed when they discover just how much women are able to shape their identity."

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