How do Women handle Relationships?

How do women handle relationships?

 If not read, you must know John Gray’s popular book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. This book signifies and tells the tale of the relationship between men and women, like how their communication styles and emotional needs are totally contrasting. 

We must agree men and women are biologically and psychologically different, though there may be exceptions and changes, for example -a girl abuse and a boy may be more sensitive still, they are completely from different parents.

Here in this article, we will explore how men and women handle their relationships in terms of communication, appreciation, expressing feelings, support, fights, etc.

Call for communication

Research at the University of Texas, Austin revealed that men and women speak about 16,000 words a day.

As there is a saying, communication is the key, so a relationship needs clear and concise communication, whether it is a problem, feeling, fight, appreciation, or criticism.

 If your relationship is lacking this, then you really need to analyze it, otherwise, your partner will feel it's only one-sided and you are not an open and honest person.

Men, we have seen; don’t communicate freely about their feelings, emotions, expectations, problems and regarding every aspect, and often become non-communicative during difficult situations. 

While women prefer clear communication. For example, Men don’t want to talk or share if they are going through a financial crisis.

 Their way of speaking is also very different as men talk in simple language, more logical terms, limited vocabulary and in a very clear manner while women use very descriptive, colorful and artistic ways. The other thing men don’t like is repetition while women can talk constantly about one topic.

Feel the Feelings 

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”

--Oscar Wilde

Men rarely let feelings overpower their minds compared with women, while it is a dominating part of women’s minds as they felt and show emotions and feelings expressively, whether it is anger, appreciation, empathy, or happiness. 

Men usually have what we call a poker face and they don’t show emotions easily or let them control their minds as they see it as very feminine things.

The age-old toxic masculinity also plays a major part here, as men have been constantly told not to cry, to be vulnerable or to express emotions and feelings. While we stereotype women to be overreacting and melodramatic.

Me & We are in a team

According to Schiff, there are also overlapping neurochemical responses in the same areas of the brain for both substance addiction and love, which can be spotted on brain scans. The reason being new relationships stimulates the reward section of the brain, which results in feeling connected with each other.

 Women like to work as a team while working to solve problems, men like to work alone and the reasons being men see this as unsolicited help and take it on their ego and abilities and women think their help and opinions are not important.

 Hence, men want us to appreciate their solutions while women want their help to be valued.

Somewhere this thing of solution and help and whose opinion is best creates a drift and misunderstanding between couples and they should not forget they are working towards them and not against.

 Ex- habit of drinking or smoking. Hence, both the couples should focus on the solution and not on who is more right or appreciated.

Riding Through Dark Times

Just as a ship needs navigation to go in the right direction, a relationship needs mutual respect and understanding, otherwise it will just turn into a battlefield of mind games where no one knows how to use a weapon and both are losing and their relationship dies.

There will be fights and disagreements, negative feelings, the love can be fading but if given space, support and time, they can bounce back.

It is a common habit we have seen in men to give silent treatment and maintain distance to analyze the best solution for their relationship. It’s the exact opposite of women. They want to discuss all the potential solutions and then reach a conclusion. 

For an Instance- When your partner gets a call or text late at night from a colleague, try to be understanding and think of the reasons he or she has called it may be a work emergency.


Alone and together, a myth 

In this age where we have a pressure to have a partner and become a power couple, one should know that by being in a relationship you can also be alone, so no you can’t find the missing puzzle unless you feel complete in yourself.

Men and women are independent beings and they don’t need to compete or they can’t survive without others. 

So no need to sacrifice your sleep or important events just to be with someone else and make them happy.

 Find someone you can live with or without and the one who respects and understands you and you be yourself and the best version of yourself and feel happy, even the best version of yourself and try to understand you. 


Relationships run from two people, so there should be mutual respect and understanding, avoiding blame games, making an equal effort, and giving time so that you both feel equal.

You should accommodate, adjust or do minor changes without transforming yourself completely for the other and communicate openly and feel respect, care, and love and not constant stress and fights.

Being a man and woman in a relationship is totally different as both have different behaviors, expectations, ways of handling things, and dealing with emotions, so it becomes quite tricky, but it is up to the couple how they sail through it. 

It is unnecessary that every relationship will turn into marriage, but each makes you learn a lesson about the opposite gender.

Now the new generation has become more understanding and learning how to treat the opposite gender and deal with fights, jealousy, breakups maturely.











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