How would you know if you had cervical cancer?

How would you know if you had cervical cancer?

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Cervical cancer influences the gateway to the womb. Let me describe the cervix to those who aren't aware of it. It is the narrow portion of your downward uterus field. We also call it the "Neck of the womb." 

According to the American Cancer Society, the conclusions were made about the doctors. It said that doctors created the 13,170 modern diagnoses to detect cervical cancer latest by the start of 2021 for the United States. According to the statistics, more than 4,200 women face death due to cervical cancer in 2019. Among all the symptoms, HPV - Human papillomavirus is the most common reason for leading to the maximum cervical cancer cases. 

The qualified doctors recommend taking the HPV vaccine. It is because it without any second doubt staves off the HPV infection risk. According to the CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every individual lying between the age group of 9 to 26 years should take this vaccine for their safety. Although, as per the latest news, the vaccine can also be taken up by those above 26 yet less than 45 years in case they missed it in their earlier days. 

In the article today, you will get an immense amount of knowledge and understanding of cervical cancer and what its symptoms are. This will allow you to diagnose and treat it within the time limit. 

What is cervical cancer? 

Cervical cancer was not so common earlier but nowadays most women are getting under its trap. It usually takes place inside your cervix cells. The cervix here is the measured area of your uterus which is getting connected to your vagina. HPV - human papillomavirus is a sexually transmitted infection and its strains have their bigger hands in leading to the disastrous disease called cervical cancer. Although, it's being said that when you get closer to HPV, then the immune system of your body will stave off this virus from causing you any sort of damage. This virus usually has different survival rates in people based on their current health condition.

 For a very small group, the virus can live for more than 5 years and slowly supports the cervical cells into becoming cancer cells. The best way to deal with it is by curtailing your danger of catching cervical cancer. You can make it happen by undergoing proper screening tests from a recognized hospital. Furthermore, you can also get the vaccine to safeguard yourself from any infection caused due to HPV.

What are cervical cancer symptoms? 

Once the cervical cells start forming into cervical cancer, the patient might not have any symptoms of it at all.  Gradually, with time she develops the signs and symptoms of it. In case you have cervical cancer, you will experience the following signs and symptoms - 

  • Experiencing the discharge from your vagina with the stains of blood
  • Having heavy bleeding during periods
  • Getting vaginal bleeding after doing sexual intercourse with your partner
  • Your vaginal discharge is more of liquid form with the foul odor
  • Having high pelvic pain along with the high pain while doing sexual intercourse 
  • Women experiencing bleeding post menopausal is complete 
  • Facing irritation & itching while doing sexual intercourse
  • Having frequent strong-smelling vaginal discharge  

What are the prevention measures for cervical cancer? 

There are numerous measures available to prevent cervical cancer from the roots. All such measures are mentioned in the section below - 

Say no to smoking -: If you have the habit of smoking day and night due to which you have developed the HPV, then your chances to get cervical cancer are huge as compared to those women who do not smoke at all.

Go for the HPV -Human papillomavirus vaccine -: A woman can reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer by 40% by going for the HPV vaccination. It is so because researchers have found a very strong link between HPV and cervical cancer.

Make sure to have protected sex -: Doctors advise you to have safe sex where you are using a condom while doing the sexual intercourse. It will reduce your chances of transmitting the infection caused due to HPV. Also, you should know that taking in the HPV vaccination is only going to save you from the two strains of HPV, not from the cancer formation. So, ideally, the strains other than this have higher chances of forming cervical cancer. 

Postponing first-ever sexual intercourse -: When a women go for sexual intercourse at a very young age for the first time, her chances of having the infection due to the HPV are at a peak. Doctors say to have sex at a not too early age so that she can avoid the HPV infection risk. 

Go for Cervical Screening -: A woman undergoing a timely checkup & cervical screening helps her to recognize all the possible signs and symptoms of cancer before it's formed. It also tells you about the chances you have of developing it. Screening helps in detecting the cervix changes although it doesn't clearly state if or not you have cancer. So, in case the possibilities of embracing it are detected, the doctor starts the early detection treatment instantly to avoid it scattering further. 

Not getting indulged with too many sexual partners -: If women have numerous sexual partners, then their chances of transferring the HPV virus to others are relatively higher. Once the transmission rate of HPV increases, the risk of developing cervical cancer also heightens. So, it's suggested not to have more than one sexual partner.

Key Takeaways 

To safeguard themselves from this disaster of HPV risk, the doctors advise the women to go for PAP testing or regular cervical smear tests to detect it as soon as possible.  The Pap test is usually preventing that helps in disclosing the potential of cell alterations. These changes might lead to the development of cancer, so the test enables it to get detected early. Also, get all of your symptoms checked as soon as you encounter them. 

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