What is Pocketing in the Dating world? How do you stop Pocketing in a Relationship?


Is your partner participating in the 'pocketing' dating trend?

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You've definitely heard of soft-launching, which is when people share information about their partner on social media without revealing their identity, but have you heard of pocketing?

Both dating strategies are used to keep a connection covert, however, soft-launching is well-intentioned, whereas pocketing is not.

What exactly is pocketing?

Pocketing is when someone keeps their spouse hidden from the rest of the world in a figurative pocket. A person who is pocketing will do everything they can to disguise their relationship status, whether it's not posting their significant other on social media or refusing to let them meet their family.

Soft-launching is a common strategy for young people to keep their relationship off the internet, but they normally won't deny being in a relationship or hide it from friends and family when they're attempting to keep it quiet.

How can I tell if I'm being pocketed?

Consider alternatives to social media.

If your partner refuses to let you meet close friends or family members or introduce you to more personal elements of their lives, you may be sure they're pocketing your money.

Perhaps they don't discuss their childhood or personal interests. Perhaps they won't hang out with you or your friends, and vice versa. Perhaps they refuse to follow you on social media.

These are all symptoms that your partner is attempting to keep you hidden from the outside world.

Why do people pocket?

People may conceal their evil intentions, such as when they are unfaithful. Other times, though, it is done without malice.

If a person is coming out of a poor relationship and is concerned that their new one may fail, they may keep their new one hidden from the world until they feel safe enough to do so. Maybe they're waiting to bring the right person home or to their pals if they're casually dating.

In any case, if you believe you're being pocketed, have an open and honest discussion with your spouse about how or if the matter may be resolved.

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