37 Celebrities who are dating non-famous people.


37 Celebrities who are dating non-famous people.


Some celebs have been dating non-celebrities to bring a little balance to life, and for these couples, it's proven successful.

1. Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry met through mutual friends.

We both had mutual friends through Black Keys Miles told Vogue in September 2019 how he met his wife for the first time. While Keleigh did acting and modeling, she now spends her time in humanitarian work.

Keleigh had caught my attention early in the night, and we had talked. I  think it didn’t go well, but after a few more efforts, I got her to dance with me, and then a week later, we went on an official date. After we met, I knew she was The One for me.

2. Jim Toth saved Reese Witherspoon from another drunken man hitting on her.

Jim came over to me and said, Please excuse my friend’s behavior. He has just broken up with someone, Reese told to Elle. Jim is a really good friend, taking him out of that situation. He is a really good person

Jim initially worked in the mailroom but now he is a talent agent at Creative Artists Agency, work he continues to work.

3. Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant met in 2009 at a dinner party.

Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves were friends and they collaborated professionally before they got together, but Alexandra isn't as famous as Keanu. The visual artist partnered with Keanu on many projects before they were together and they even managed to be under the radar for months before being publicly exposed as partners.

4. Jon Stewart and Tracey McShane met through a production assistant on Wishful Thinking.

She had a feeling the two of them would hit it off and it seems like 20+ years of marriage later she was right.

5. Alec Baldwin approached Hilaria Thomas in a restaurant after spotting her.

She told The New York Times that I was standing at the door with my friends when he walked up, took my hand, and said, I must know you. The yoga instructor will now be a mom of 7, including a podcast host, and she still practices yoga.

6. Morris Chestnut spotted Pam Byse, at a club.

We were hanging out in the club and Tiny Lister was telling me about other chicks, whatever. Then I saw Pam, who is now my wife," Morris told Sister 2 Sister Magazine.

And I asked, What's up with her? He said, man, don't waste your time. She doesn’t give anybody any attention. As soon as he said that, I was like, That's the woman I should go holler at.

Pam's a private person, so we don’t know much about her or their relationship other than the fact it's going strong.

7. Vince Vaughn met his wife Kyla Weber at a wedding.

Both were at a mutual friend's wedding and they were introduced by a producer there. The rest as they say is history! Kyla keeps low-key but she has a very successful real estate career.

8. Amal Almuddin met George Clooney AND his parents at his Lake Como home.

Amal is a human rights activist and attorney, who was with a mutual friend on the way to Cannes when they stopped at Lake Como. Months later, they were spotted together and now, they're married with kids. Amal has lowered George's profile, making an appearance in both a meaningful moment.

9. Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa met while on vacation in the Bahamas.

They both lived in New Jersey and exchanged numbers when on holiday they met. Kevin had a little trouble playing it cool before he contacted her.

You know how you're supposed to meet somebody and wait like two or three days to call them? Well, I basically cyberstalked her after we met and see what flight she was going to be on while returning home, and then I called her up the minute she landed.

That might have been overboard, but I just went all out for it.

Danielle is a jewelry designer and has two daughters with Kevin.

 10. Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder met through a friend of Harry Styles.

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction and Eleanor Calder both were present at the Topshop Unique show at the Tate Modern during London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013/14.

The pair is private about their relationship, to the point where numerous breakup rumors have occurred. But behind the scenes, their love is strong as ever.

11. Riz Ahmed met Fatima Farheen Mirza at a coffee shop in NYC.

Their meeting sounds straight out of a rom-com, but it's the reality for this happy couple. They met while they were setting up to write in a neighborhood coffee shop. Fatima is an award-winning author, and the two tied married quietly in 2020.

12. Ken Jeong was a doctor when he met Tran Ho.

The two met at an industry happy hour and two years later, they got married. They stayed together through tough times, as Tran was diagnosed with cancer at the point where Ken's acting career started taking off. The couple is happy and healthy today, with Tran working as a family physician.

13. Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe were friends initially.

They gave it a shot after 15 years of relationship and started dating in 2012 and got married two years later. Hannah is a publicist.

14. Cynthia Nixon was campaigning for a non-profit when she met one of its founders, Christine Marinoni.

Two years after Cynthia's divorce, the two started spending more time together. They started dating in 2004 and were able to get married in 2012. Christine works in the education field and continues LGBTQ advocacy.

15. Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian met at Coachella.

The pair met each other at Coachella 2009 and hit it off from there. They got hitched in 2013. Lauren is co-founder of The Kind Movement and Aaron has a successful acting career.

16. Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn were childhood friends but only got together many years later.

Cherry was a financial advisor when they reconnected in 2015. They were engaged in 2018. She's taken some time off from work since they became parents but she still works in finance.

17. Julianna Margulies met her lawyer husband, Keith Lieberthal, at a dinner party.

I asked him if he was an actor? Because I couldn’t date another actor. And he said No,  he is a lawyer. I asked about his practice and he told me he has been a Wall Street litigator for six years. I asked his name, and he said, 'Keith Lieberthal. I was like, 'You’re JEWISH?

Keith is still working as a lawyer and Juliana is still obsessed with him.

18. Matt Damon met Luciana Barroso during a night out when he was filming Stuck On You.

Luciana was bartending when the actor met her. Today, she has her interior design business. Matt’s story is that when he saw me across the room, there was a light on me. And I was like, Yeah, it was a nightclub, there are lights everywhere!

He had started getting recognized and was asked for pictures and autographs, and then it got aggressive because people were drinking, so he came and hid behind my bar. He says, Oh, I saw you and wanted to talk to you.

19. Patrick Dempsey met his future wife, Jillian Fink, in a hair salon.

He didn't ask her out for another three years after he met her. She's a make-up artist and has added 'businesswoman' to her resume, while he's still doing acting.

20. Julie Yaeger was working at a publicist's office when Paul Rudd ran in with his luggage.

She offered to drop his luggage off for him as he went to an audition he was late for. He agreed and after a few days, he asked her out for a coffee. Today, she's a publicist and an author, and they have been married for 19 years.

21. Julia Stiles met Preston J. Cook (second assistant), on the set of Blackway.

The two got together shortly after meeting and got engaged in 2015, and married in 2017. They still are working in their professions.

22. Similarly, Jessica Alba met Cash Warren, a director's assistant, on the set of fantastic four.

I just knew when I met him that I wanted to know him forever, Jessica told InStyle in 2013.

It was weird; he instantly felt like family to me. It was so easy with him. I’d never felt like that with anyone. I was usually very self-conscious, very aware every time my fork hit the plate when I was having dinner with someone else. With him, I was not that self-conscious. We got each other.

23. Tatyana Ali met Vaughn Rasberry on the dating site eHarmony.

They took things slowly, texting each other before moving on to Skyping. When they met in person, the connection was still there. They dated for two years before they got married in 2016. He continues his work as an Associate Professor of English and African American Studies at Stanford University.

24. Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney met through a mutual friend.

The art gallerist made his way to the actress’s heart and the two got married in 2019. Though they moved to New York City, they're both happy in their respective careers with no changes there.

25. Wanda Sykes spotted Alex Niedbalski on a ferry ride and was attracted.

Wanda didn't make a move when she met her at the time, but shortly after when she was working on a kitchen remodel and she was introduced to Alex, who was selling granite countertops.

26. Meryl Streep was moving out of the apartment she lived with her late husband and asked her brother for help. And he brought Don Gummer, to help.

Don let Meryl stay at his loft when he was traveling, keeping in touch with her by letters. When he got home, they got married after six months of being together in 1978.  Don is a sculptor today and also a pioneering stay-at-home dad.

27. Joseph Gordon-Levitt respects his wife Tasha McCauley’s wishes of not being interested in public life.

JGL has not revealed the details of this relationship, even after the two got married and have two children together. Tasha has many degrees and accolades in science and robotics and is also the CEO of the robotics company, Fellow Robots.

28. Gal Gadot met her husband Yaron Varsano in Isreal at a desert yoga party.

He was10 years her senior, and he knew what he wanted and he moved fast. Two years after being together, they were engaged. They got hitched in 2008. Yaron is in the real estate business he loves, while Gal continues her acting career.

29. Christian Bale met Sibi Blazic, who was working as Winona Ryder's assistant.

They first became friends, then partners, and then got married in 2000, when they eloped in Vegas. She's since has worked as an actress and make-up artist, and they have two kids together.

30. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita met at a gym.

Justin is a lawyer, producer, and head of a bow-tie company, he stopped Jesse to talk about his character on Modern Family after he saw the pilot. Justin was in a relationship at the time but he stayed in touch. When he was single, he met Jesse, and then after that, they are living happily.

31. Dolly Parton met Carl Thomas Dean as a teenager while working at a laundromat.

Dolly became a big star, but Carl had no interest in being famous. He had an asphalt-laying company in Nashville as Dolly went into country music.

32. Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery met at a supermarket in Los Angeles.

The actress and her record-producer husband have a rom-com story, realizing that after meeting that they grew up 10 miles away from each other.

We were six degrees our whole lives, so I feel like we were meant to be, said Ellen.

33. Christina Aguilera was starring in Burlesque alongside CHER and she noticed production assistant, Matt Rutler.

The two have been together for over a decade and now they are engaged. Today, Matt is an investor and a guitarist.

34. Amy Schumer met Chris Fischer on Martha’s Vineyard, where he cooked for her and her assistant.

About a year after meeting, the pair got hitched! Chris and Amy both continue their work.

35. Seth Meyers met Alexi Ashe, at Chris Kattan's wedding.

Alexi's sister brought her as a plus one to the event after as she worked in the set design department of SNL.

I sensed that she was the closest I'd ever meet someone who I could see myself with, right away, he told YourTango.

36. George Lucas met Mellody Hobson in Aspen at a business conference in 2006.

The film star dated the President and CEO of Ariel Investments long-distance for quite some time. They got engaged in 2013, seven years after their relationship, and married the same year.

37. Ariana Grande met Dalton Gomez when she was looking for a getaway house.

When she saw him, she thought he was cute and good-looking, and she asked her team to set up a meeting with him, a source told Us Weekly. Ariana fell very hard for Dalton after they met.

They got engaged at the end of 2020. And, they got married in May 2021.

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