I am in three-way marriage with myTinder match and her college crush!


Woman Open up about Being in a Relationship with her Tinder Match and College Flame.


A woman has opened up about being in a three-way marriage with her Tinder match and her college flame – and how things can get messy from time to time.

Angel Bailey who is 26, and Tyler Hays who is 29, started dating in June 2018 after matching on Tinder and invited Sam Vick who is 23, into their relationship in April 2021.  

Bailey knew Vick from college and had shared a kiss with her – reignited their spark when they met at a festival and they ended up having a threesome with Hays in May 2019.

The trio developed feelings for each other and decided to be a throuple, thus, entering a romantic relationship between the three of them.

The polyamorous trio tried dating two times first after their threesome but couldn’t make it past two weeks.

Unable to let each other go, they decided to give their relationship a second chance in April 2021 and invited Vick to move in. 

Bailey and Hays are getting married in May 2022 but are hoping that Sam marry them both in the future. 

Bailey who is a banking mortgage warehouse operations specialist from Arkansas explained: “All three of us went to the festival, and under music influence and maybe a little bit of alcohol Sam and I just started kissing.”

“And Tyler’s reaction was like: ‘Well, that’s pretty cool.’ 

“It just kind of advanced from there.” 

“At first we were scared to open up to each other and it can be intimidating to add another person into your life that you can depend upon.” 

“I was being selfish at first but now I have worked through my jealousy.”

“Now the three of us go on dates together.”   


Bailey and Vick were friends when they were in college– the friendship started when Bailey invited Vick to a party and the girls ended up kissing but remained platonic.

Vick who is a bank clerk from Arkansas, explained: “We both were exploring our sexuality at that point and were starting to learn we didn’t just like kissing girls after being drunk.” 

After Bailey met Hays on tinder they had always spoken about trying new things in their relationship. 

In May 2019, Bailey, Hays, and Vick went to Hangout Festival with a big group of friends. 

The three of them split from the group to watch a different band. 

Drunk they reignited their old flame, and Bailey and Vick started kissing – Hays joined in and things progressed when they went back to the Airbnb.   

Hays who is a ramp agent from Tennessee, said: “We thought it to be a one-time thing.” 

Bailey added: “But we all developed feelings.” 

Bailey said: “I had never dated girls. So, it was difficult for me to distinguish friendship feelings from relationship feelings.   

“I knew it was different when it didn’t feel right when we were not together, and I missed her like I missed Hay.” 

“For Sam, it was difficult to be with Tyler and Bailey together who had already been going out for a whole year.” 


In April 2021, the trio decided to give the relationship a proper shot together. 

In the beginning, Hays struggled with his two girlfriends and his work schedule and Bailey didn’t like to see Vick with her boyfriend.

Bailey said: “I thought I get to be in two relationships, one with Tyler, and other with Sam,’ but I never thought of Tyler and Sam also being together or three of us as a whole big relationship.”

“I was getting selfish at first but now have worked through my jealousy. 

“And now we all go on dates.   

“Sam and Tyler visit the zoo while I’m at work.” 

Vick currently lives a little away from Hays and Bailey, so is only with them three days a week.   

But in April 2022, Vick moved into the couple’s two-bedroom home in Memphis.

The three have never lived together for more than three days at a time but they can’t wait to be together. 

Bailey said: “Sam and I share the bed Monday to Friday, when Tyler is at work, he sleeps in another room.” 

“It is a rare occurrence that all three of us share the queen size.”

“There’s always someone with you when you need something and that isn’t possible in a regular couple.” 


In the bedroom, usually, they don’t all have sex together (threesome), but they take it in turns. 

“It’s not always three of us together and it’s absolutely not a lifestyle for everyone,” Hays said. 

Vick said: “ Most of the time it’s only two of us having sex – either it is Bailey and me or Tyler and me or Tyler and Bailey.”

“We all three do get together sometimes, but it’s not as frequent as when it’s just two of us.” 

Bailey said: Setting boundaries early on and communication is key.201D

“Our parents know about our relationship, but don’t like to talk about it. And, all our friends know too.”

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