Is Traditional Dating Becoming Obsolete?


Is Traditional Dating Becoming Obsolete?


Traditional dating has now become nontraditional i.e., a thing of the past.

It used to be that a man asked a woman out and also paid for the date, they also made the first move — but that no longer is the case.

A new study has found that with changes in times dating has also changed.

More than 20,000 straight college students were surveyed and they were asked about their most recent date with someone they are not in a relationship with, who initiated the date, who paid during the date and who started sexual contact.

Researchers analyzed the data from the University of Kansas analyzed found that only about one-third of the dates that is 36% involved a man where they asked a woman out, paid, and then initiated sex.

That means more than 64% of those surveyed dates put aside those old-school traditional dating ways.

The researchers also found that women have a high chance of having sex on the first date if they are the ones to ask the man out, which is the main reason why 88% of people agreed that it is pretty OK for a woman to ask a man out.

Dating has evolved to be equal between the sexes, where women are more likely to pay on the date and initiate sexual contact.

A study author Sam Kendrick has said that hookup culture is where casual sex encounters start the courtship process.

“In a hookup culture, you are not liable to go on a date or enter a committed relationship to have sex,”

This classic idea of dating as part of courtship before any physical contact takes place started in the 1920s. So, it is quite understandable that 100 years later, dating has evolved to be an equal endeavor.

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