Feminist Notes


Feminist Notes

A key tenant of feminism is equal treatment for men and women. It's fair to say that it has been widely utilised and that many people have participated in meters-long processions in support of the religion, which appears to be a wonderful step towards putting equality in line.

Having said that, the desperate masses frequently wage an offensive against the sacred concept of feminism and eventually get at a stage where many appear wholly unsatisfied with the idea.

In this little essay, we will examine how excellent feminists behave and the traps that terrible feminists frequently fall into, seemingly at the bottom of a virtual abyss from where only the "disordered" screams can be heard.

 What good feminists do:

The feminists who advocate for equality in all areas of life present their arguments in a way that compels the audience to think critically.

What exactly irritates feminists? Why do people participate in protests and processions? Or is inequality still an issue in this era of elevated intellectual property? It's the main goal of a decent feminist.

If a girl is groped, respectable feminists speak out against the perpetrator. or the perpetrators. In line with the circumstances. as to quality. Assuming there is an unfair wage gap between men and women, speaking out against this pay gap is enough to qualify the ideology of feminism as legitimate and beneficial to society as a whole. Good feminists speak out against the authority that forces the Gospels of what to wear and what not to wear on girls if a girl is prevented from wearing whatever she wants to.

The idea of feminism can be disseminated to bring society as a whole into order and stop the injustices that the victim seems to have to put up with for all of time.

Ø What the evil feminists do:

The objective of the bad feminists is to use feminism to polarize society and persuade people that it is obscene. They identify as feminists and are adamant about portraying the somber idea of feminism to the general audience. They ignite the idea of feminism on the inside and forcefully eject flame from their mouths in front of the crowd, reducing everything to ashes.

Consider a scenario in which a victim of domestic abuse is subjected to cruel and harsh treatment by their spouses. The obsessive strategy of blaming everyone who identifies with an abuser's gender is what the terrible feminists seem to embrace in this situation. It prompts a significant reaction from the logical, who express their outrage at such a skewed and superficial viewpoint. Result? The suffering that women endure at the hands of men and the anguish that men endure at the hands of women is the subject of a heated discussion. They both accuse the other.


Good feminists exist. There are also bad feminists.

Moving ahead:

We must be able to discern between terrible and excellent feminists if we desire equality of opportunity for people of both sexes. Supporting the good feminists increases the likelihood that the evil will be stopped in its tracks. Listening to the terrible feminists and outlining the negative effects of their hate speech directed at a certain gender in front of them can be effective.

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