The world's oldest mother gave birth at the age of 73


The world's oldest mother gave birth at the age of 73

A 73-year-old Indian woman gave birth to twin girls in 2019 to become the oldest woman in the world to give birth.

Yaramati Mangayamma, pictured here, used IVF to get pregnant and underwent a Caesarean surgery to deliver her twins.

At the time, Yaramati's husband was 82 years old, and they had never become parents. Before she became pregnant, she had already gone through menopause 25 years earlier.

IVF was the only method of conception, according to what doctors had told her. They used her husband's sperm to fertilise an egg from a separate donor.

The birth was declared successful because there were no significant difficulties and the babies were healthy. Nevertheless, it was stated that Yaramati and her husband had to be admitted to an intensive care unit immediately following the delivery of their children.

Sadly, Yaramati's husband passed away a year later at the age of 84, leaving her a single mother.

Yaramati's pregnancy, which was the oldest geriatric pregnancy ever documented, was not without dispute. Some medical professionals opposed a woman in her 70s using IVF to conceive. Even implanting embryos into women over the age of 50 was discouraged.

The problem was that a couple could have IVF therapy in India at any age, as long as it was legal.

Because Yaramati's age and the date on her birth certificate are still disputed, neither her pregnancy nor the delivery of her twins are listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

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