How do people perceive women's beauty?


How do people perceive women's beauty?

It is always said that beauty lies in the mind/eyes of the beholder but little do we know that everyone of us once in a lifetime has become conscious of their appearance. This is because people have certain standards or norms of beauty especially for women. When the word 'beauty' is being pronounced, the first thing coming in everyone's mind is facial or exterior appearance but beauty is something beyond face and body. It is in the way people accept themselves and carry themselves. 

What are the beauty expectations of people?

Society has made several beauty norms making young growing women conscious about themselves. Girls from a young age are taught that beauty is important, making them think that all that matters is how they look. The way beauty is present in social media as well makes women think about it. Beauty is different for different places. As some people feel beauty means fair skin, symmetrical face, flawless body , average height, thin waist, etc. People have made this so firm that beauty is skin deep and just the way a person looks. But for some beauty is also the way a person behaves. Beauty comes along with moral values, behaviour and thought process as well. 

Is there any comparison between internal and external beauty? 

Although it looks similar, internal and external beauty are two different things like one is an eye and the other is beyond our imagination. We cannot see internal beauty; it could be felt in behaviour, words, thoughts and ideals of a person. But external beauty is only limited to the face and body. There's no comparison of internal and external beauty. 

People compare themselves with those whom they see in social media and also to their friends and peers. Young women especially compare their bodies with others and also they take the comments in social media as an important factor for their beauty. 

Beauty nowadays is only limited to the exterior of a person but people must realize that beauty is not having a perfect skin or body. It is how a person is as a whole. 

Is there any relationship influence to beauty? 

People with a positive relationship be it with parents, friends or partner do not have compared conception of beauty. For them, beauty is a whole person, his/her entire personality and beauty is a trait that is seen through behavior and words. These people have confidence in them and  have genuine, authentic perception of beauty. They have self assurance and a positive outlook to themselves.

But there are a few growing women who are taught to look upon others for beauty, making them compare themselves with others. They have an ideology that beautiful is the person in social media with more likes and comments. This is a matter of concern among young women that they have a set parameter of beauty presented before them. To obtain that they often starve or overeat as they want to fit in the category placed before them. 

How does culture influence beauty? 

Culture plays a significant role in perception of beauty. As we Indians feel beauty is in women's symmetrical face while for Russian people sexiness is a factor of beauty. In Korea lightweight women are considered beautiful along with glass skin i.e flawless skin. In South African countries fat women with dark complexion are considered beautiful while in Europe fair complexion, thin waist is beautiful. 

Beautiful Vs Pretty

In this era where people are judged by their outer appearance, the meaning of beauty is not known. People and society have different standards of beauty i.e having good face-cut, being fair or having big eyes, etc etc but all these are just appearance. A person could be pretty with makeup and surgeries but to become beautiful they have to work from within. Outer beauty is just the way a person looks but still people see it as a major criteria to treat a person. There are other things more important than surface beauty which people need to realize. Values, thoughts, belief systems, and confidence shapes the personality of a person which is much more important than beauty. 

How does self perception of beauty affect a woman ?

All the so-called standards of beauty around, make women compare themselves with others affecting their self- esteem and encourage feelings of self-hate and criticism. This affects their self confidence and changes their whole personality. 


People can be pretty, attractive and good- shaped however, being beautiful is a whole different thing. You can easily find or get a good looking pretty person but finding a beautiful person is difficult.

There is a need that people see beyond skin color and a flawless face. We can't see what's inside other people but their behavior and thoughts also speak a lot. We need to learn the meaning of inner beauty and stop comparing and distinguishing people on the basis of just appearance. The depth of beauty in a person may never be understood but we all can simply appreciate each other and spread love. Empathy is an emotion which needs to be shown and we as an individual should try to understand the meaning of true beauty. 


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